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Marisa Miller in Vegas Magazine of the Day

Marisa Miller is a model with a great body, she was in Vegas Magazine and she looked alright for a model with a great body. I would have preferred to see her spread eagled on a bed fisting her pussy like the whore that she is, but won’t admit that she is, because she’s masked that bullshit with an actual profession and has an ego that limits her vaginal fisting to the privacy of her own home.

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Kardashian Birthday Upskirt Pictures from a Cheesy Club Appearance of the Day

They say what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas, but unfortunately that wasn’t the case the other night when Kim Kardashian got paid to let 100s of people look up her skirt while having her 29th birthday party at some bullshit cheesy club I’d rather be dead than inside. I guess it’s got to do with Vegas being the only place in the world that wants Kim Kardashian to endorse their nightclubs enough to pay the bitch, you know since Vegas is the trashiest fucking place on earth with a whole lot of fucking money to spend on useless cunts, kinda like when one of your friends from the gutter wins 5,000 dollars in the lottery and shows up to the park the next day with gold teeth because he fuckin’ can, kind of thing.

The only good thing about these pictures is that it reminds me of a local chachi bar that is probably getting Ed Hardy and bottles of Grey Goose with sparklers swept from the fucking floor from last night’s festivities, where I got stuck partying with Nicole Richie 4 years ago because the promoter thought I was DJ AM’s friend, resulting in free booze all night and great conversation with that useless cunt, like whether I could have Lohan’s phone number or not, but giving me a perfect vantage point of the balcony, designed just like this balcony, where mini skirt wearing girls lined the clear glass raining and I saw at least 20 pantyless chachi pussies and it was far more amazing than these pics…

Pics via INFphoto

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Aubrey O’Day and Holly Madison Go Topless in Vegas for Peepshow of the Day


Everyone get excited, 2 whores with fake tits you have probably already seen topless before, because they are whores with fake tits, who you only know because they are whores with fake tits, are staring in some bullshit called Peepshow that other whores with fake tits have been a part of in the past few months like Mel B and got knows who else because tracking Vegas shows isn’t a hobby of mine, are topless and these are the pics….

But you’d still fuck the two of them even if it involved just fucking yourself to pics of them, so enjoy.

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Holly Madison at Rehab in Vegas of the Day

Holly Madison was out in a bikini with her fake tits, rockin’ her Ed Hardy hat because she’s a cheesy Playboy cunt. I figured Ed Hardy was dead by now but for some reason, these bitches can’t let go and move on, because I guess they have no idea what the fucks up, don’t move onto new trends too quickly, maybe because their lives are so fucking awesome, that paying 200 dollars for a shitty hat makes sense as does rockin’ the bottle service with jacked up gym-bo boyfriends dancing on bars to Bob Sinclair. I hate them, but I’d love to hate fuck them.

Some Other Model was there, I have no idea who she is, but you probably do, because you are weird or use Google. Her name is Sarah Ashley Barker.

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Kim Kardashian Behind the Scene at a Vegas Magazine Shoot of the Day

Watch Kim Kardashian Behind the Scenes Footage on RawVegas.tv

So Kim Kardashian considers herself a Vegas girl and I am not surprised, because she is a tacky whore, who likes tacky expensive shit and Vegas is a hot bed for half naked girls lookin’ for their big break, or a high roller to buy them champagne and designer clothes….

Kardashian was booked to do the cover of some Vegas Magazine and shit’s not very hot, but I am posting it anyway because I figure no one else is. If you ever wondered what music innovators like this cunt are into, now you’re chance. I think it’s funny to see the unphotoshopped version of her, because it pretty much proves she’s not hot and hopefully this will help other people blinded by her fat ass realize that…

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