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Selena Gomez Getting Fucked Proper Nipple of the Day

Selena Gomez got out of Rehab all refreshed, linked up with her boyfriend The Weeknd, who she was probably with before being crazy, something I believe because his Photographer, someone who shot for stepGIRLS…TRUE STORY…CANADA!! has been traveling with her for the last 6 months of the tour before the breakdown…that probably wasn’t even a breakdown…but had to be packaged as a break down to get insurance to cover the shows she cancelled…who cares…

She’s thinner, her face looks fixed up and filled up, she looks refreshed, and all it too was a big dick slamming the fuck out of her while singing love songs….and her nipple hard and ready to be sucked by her man….

My favorite thing about these celebrity relationships is that they all cheat on each other – because there is just too much pussy available for you to fuck…and it’s hard to turn down hot pussy that’s less annoying than broken Selena Gomez, who’s really just good for marketing, so you gotta keep her around….all these psychos…

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Selena Gomez Tits Make an Appearance of the Day

Selena Gomez looks well rested, with her new face, after her stint at rehab where she lost her mind and cancelled her tour because of Beiber…..or maybe she was just being an entitled rich kid who has been coddled forever because the family had to make money and live their dream – that ended up putting the pressure on her and fucked her up mentally – lots of pressure to keep up the bullshit…

Or maybe she’s just well fucked, vaginally destroyed…by the Weeknd who apparently has a massive penis I write about a lot – thanks to girls I know who have sucked it…and it makes looking at Selena Gomez, the naughty little pig…a little more wonderful…

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Selena Gomez Thong of the Day

Screen Shot 2017-01-12 at 11.12.18 AM

The world is falling apart, people are getting sucked into the selfie vortex, everyone is a narcissistic weirdo who thinks they are more important than they are, children are dying…yet I’m here posting on Selena Gomez’s ass. An ass that has recently been reported as being fucked by The Weeknd, SEE MY POST HERE ……something most people already knew and didn’t care about, it’s all marketing nonsense and half of her pre-breakdown pictures are taken by his photographer….even her last pic is taken by his photographer…and the reason I know it is his photographer…is because there are 10 people in Canada, we all know each other…and I’m just eager to hang out with her and her cute Disney chipmunk face…at the next Polar Bear igloo Pow Wow we do to celebrate the one hour of daylight we get..

I have no idea why she’s going hood, she’s a coddled rich kid from LA…and according to girls I know who have banged him, he’s hood….but maybe it’s because he’s the number one singer and she likes status…record sales make her squirt…breaking streaming records make her squirt….attach herself to talent…squirt….all these people, celebs included are groupies…

I know exactly why he’s banging her….and that’s because she’s Selena Gomez…a wonderful little package….here in a thong for some shoot…probably pre-breakdown – but who knows…or cares..

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Selena Gomez Kisses the Weekend OMG of the Day


While Trump is being accused of having Russian hookers pee on him, something that is totally normal to have as a fetish, especially when you’re in a high stress position running a big business with an image to uphold…it’s hard to find things to get you off…

I know hookers who fuck high power dudes, and they do way more extreme things to them, often times when they wife is out at a function, or the museum or visiting her sick mom at the expensive hime….whether it’s being shit on, being sodomized by household objects…peeing, a sterile thing is not so extreme…

Selena Gomez, the mentally handicapped, incapable of surviving a tour, a break up with beiber, the stress of being a coddled Disney girl with too much money and lots of pain, not just because of the Lupus, but because she’s a whiner…is banging The Weekend like she was Bella Hadid and at least 3 girls I know who have confirmed he has a massive penis for her little gomez in her panties…that may not be that little…because Disney kids are fucked up and put all kinds of things in them….just to fill the void…in their soul…plus girls like big dicks…sucks to be you….

Well, I guess it’s a good thing to see she hasn’t died or killed herself yet…she’s bene too busy getting fucked and I guess I’m keeping track of it..like it matters…


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Rehab Surviving Whiney Entitled Selena Gomez Appearance of the Day


Dying of LUPUS but also self destructing because she’s a sensitive narcissist who was sold to entertainment at a young age – because the industry needed a young Mexican to play Dora the Explorer….Selena Gomez…has survived rehab, because she’s a survivor, it’s all part of her whining, self involved, entitled, rich person problems – like her public fights with Bieber, that lead to her cancelling a tour, because she went of the rails and just needed to work through things….to catch up on sleep…to avoid the medication…the pills…the drugs…to stop the tears…because she’s a tormented artist…or really just a puppet…and sometimes, as Pinochio, the foundation of her Disney Training, a puppet wants to feel human….

But alas, they aren’t human…they are just shit…and so are these public appearance pics of her, I’d expect more scandal…nudity….bi polar episodes…you know good shit…not empty soul shit…we already know she’ got no soul…we want to see the pussy.


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Selena Gomez – Leather Pants of the Day


I guess Selena Gomez lost her ass in Rehab…drugs…they do that to people as they crack the fuck out – or maybe it’s just LUPUS weakness destroying her….either way – this is a total misuse of leather pants….that probably aren’t leather because she’s a celebrity and vegans are fucking ruthless…..so still alive, but like a typical homosexual man dressed like a heterosexual, glammed out girl on her way out to a rager in the gay bar filled with cocaine and designer drugs…before getting butt fucked in the gay sauna….SELENA Gomez brings the fetish gear…..

Now I don’t hate leather pants, I think they can be erotic, depending how hot it is out and how many hours the girl has been wearing them…you know making them panties a little swampy…unbreathable fabrics are EVERYTHING..

I just don’t like leather pants as much as dudes I know with Leather / PVC / LAtex pant fetishes, they are so into the shit that they fucking spend tons of money on it to get girls to wear them as they jerk off to them…up on some weird superhero fetish…

And I don’t think Selena the Rehab girl with a terminal chronic illness is that exciting…she’s just a victim whiner and I expect more out of her…


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Taylor Swift is way Too Pumped On Selena Gomez at the AMAs of the Day

Taylor Swift creeps me the fuck out, this is a video she live instagram streamed that I accidentally clicked on and had to download, because her little crew creep me the fuck out. Not just because of KENDALL JENNER’S REACTION WHEN ASKED ABOUT THE TAYLOR SWIFT CREW ….but because I know anyone who makes that much money off bullshit music – is fucking corrupt, evil, and a monster…

That said, drug rehab, addict and entitled whiner who will pretend it’s all a disease rather than being accountable for her own issues of being an entitled whiner – Selena Gomez – Lupus survivor so far – and self destructive little monkey…won an award and Taylor Swift, her theoretical enemy, but rather he BFF because they are all in this scamming TOGETHER….make that fucking money, strength in numbers, who fucking knows…but a competitor should never publicly celebrate like this…there’s something going on…don’t trust the rich puppets…

That said, Selena Won an AMA and she crawled out of Rehab to get it….incredible, but not at all…FINGERS crossed for Overdose…

That said, the AMAs mean nothing…and not just because I hate the American Music awards with a passion and I always have….It isn’t because I have something officially against Dick Clark or his Host Body Ryan Seacrest….it is that I have something against a poorly produced….bar mitvah caliber produced….pile of shit award show for the sake of having an award show…featuring top selling artists that aren’t actually artists…but instead just puppets making the industry richer….because they can afford to shove the garbage down your retard throat….and make you think it is good…..and make you think they are more important than they are – because they give out trophies to each other – despite already winning….

…But because these self hating puppets already won….

The AMAs are the only award show I’ve ever been invited to attend, yes make this about me, it was years ago, but still, that should show you how low grade they are – when they come to DrunkenStepfather with press passes, sure the site was big and more relevant and read, but still that’s fucking ghetto…and you’d think I’d be drawn to all things ghetto based on the girls I fuck…especially when they include me in their fun…but no, that just means they fucking suck…

Pile of shit, not an actual award, just a marketing platform. Fuck you AMAs.

Here’s Selena Gomez out of rehab winning nonsense…

Here are some sluts in attendeance….

Julianne Hough, looking like a crackwhore, which is exactly how Ryan Seacrest, Dick Clark’s Host body treated her when they dated – so it all comes full circle…

Behati Prinsloo – Adam Levine from Maroon 5’s baby momma and her mom tits are so Music Industry thanks to his very annoying music…so obviously they’d be there…

Sports Illustrated model Hannah Davis, who may be the one married to Derek Jeter’s Herpes, but that could be another SI Model, I can’t keep track of these whores – but she wore a see through dress….and it was so classy – like a Disney Princess….


Hailee Steinfeld is looking skinny – because she realizes fat is gross – and as a popstar in training – who proves how easy it is to get into the music scene from the acting scene – you can’t be gross….

Nina Dobrev – Cornrows Because She’s into cultural appropriation and mocking slavary….right?

Olivia Munn – Weird fucking face counter balanced by tits – for the nerds…she exploited to get famous in the first place – BUT SHE IS SHOWING NIPPLES – BECAUSE THAT’S HOW YOU GET NOTICED


Bella Thorne – Brought it in a bra top looking like a Child Star about to collapse and I fucking love it.

Kat Graham in a See Through Outfit – Less Fat than she’s been at her fattest…oh wait that’s Ashley Graham…same shit….chubby sluts trying to get famous…maintain famous…etc…

Chrissy Teigen’s Pussy – Not Worthy of a Post of its Own because she’s shameless, disgusting and this pug faced wallet fucking cunt – haggard and vile – has used her attention seeking so aggressively that she’s got on TV like Tila Tequila…when she should just fucking kill herself…


Manly Muppet faced – overrated rich kid model with a man voice – was the host, god knows why, oh right trying to get young people to watch as they sink into the depths of AMAs don’t matter…GIGI HADID impersonated Melania Trump….

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Broken Selena Gomez Rehab Smoke Break of the Day


Selena Gomez is broken, not just cuz of dying of LUPUS, but emotionally, so they sent her to rehab to get herself together, sure she’s saying she’s just depressed, burnt out, has anxiety… but you don’t go to rehab for that…you go to rehab because you’re huffing lines of coke and drinking a bottle of whiskey…and you can’t get over it…but luckily you have resources and a team and as you spiral out of control…the handlers who deal with her, manager her, make money off her…move in and deal with it….

So whether she’s fucking tyrant, fiend, over achiever, spoiled brat, cunt..who gets what she wants..except Justin Bieber…who sex sex offended when he was 17 cuz she liked him so much…or not..doesn’t matter…what matters is that they collectively threw her in the tank to save her…

I was laughing about her rehab with a young 20 year old girl…who went onto say “rehab is good, and she should be encouraged because no one deserves to struggle”….and I was like “Struggle?…she pays 30k a month or more for this, it won’t fix her, and it’s just a way for her to coddle her already coddled self more than she’s already coddled…when she’s got nothing to worry about…except for that terminal disease she will likely die of”….

Maybe I’m heartless…but here she is smoking…something recommended for LUPUS…and I guess for rehab for actual addicts…replacing their substance of choice..that we’ll just pretend is depression and anxiety and not prescription pills and heroin….cuz that wouldn’t be very Disney of her….

All these child stars are fucked…and I love it…

Thank god the paparazzi are there to rob her of her privacy….in this painful time…like the scumbags they are…


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Selena Gomez in Rehab Officially and of the Day


Here’s some Selena Gomez on a group outting in Tennesee where her rehab is….

Yesterday, I wrote this very important post ABOUT HOW SELENA GOMEZ LOST HER MIND IN AUGUST THANKS TO LUPUS AND NOW MENTAL HEALTH / DRUGS …and I said she was in some rehab facility…because I am a fucking clairvoyant…call me MISS CLEO since she’s dead and I’m here…motherfuckers…I know…a genius…

I am just aware that when a “celebrity” goes missing from social media after saying she’s quitting her 34 remaining dates of her world tour, after having some freakout on Justin Beiber and his fans, for whatever reason..a reason I call spoiled brat, robbed of her childhood, too rich to understand the struggle, entitled, dramatic, annoying, a whiner, coddled and sucked up to…having a tantrum she’ll degrade and laugh at people with actual mental health issues and struggles…because mental health is all relative…you can be sad and suicidal from your mansion and empire when you have everything other people are sucidal because they don’t have…because life is about being unhappy…stop trying so hard…with no expectactions comes apathy and with apathy comes little stress…it’s when you start up with goals, and dreams and life plans…you are setting yourself up for unhappiness…depression…anxiety…feeling pressure…even your anxiety is all based on you being an immature spoiled brat…in a 30-50k a month facility…hilarious…I can save her for less.

That said, she is also dying of LUPUS so when you’re young and with terminal disease she’ll likely die of, I am almost tempted to give her a pass…But then again, she can retire and live a good remaining life without stress…thanks to piles of money…So she’s really her own enemy..and should stop complaining…and let me save her…

Here’s a SELENA GOMEZ SLUTTY ROUND-UP….from when she was losing her mind but hadn’t quite lost her mind yet…I can Save Her

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Selena Gomez – No Bra See Through Tits of the Day


Selena Gomez is not dead….I thought she had some mental breakdown because of Bieber, or drugs, that she blamed on Lupus, because that’s her angle…if you have a potentially terminal disease…milk it as hard as you can, angle it as hard as you can, and push it as hard as you can so that everyone who would otherwise hate you for being a vapid little spoiled cunt…who mistreats everyone in her way…because spoiled and gets what she wants thanks to being coddled by everyone…this way they can blame it on Lupus..

Well apparently, these are pictures of her braless with a fan….that could be old…from before she went offline in her rehab stint…or maybe she walks amongst us hoping to not be noticed since she looks like all other Mexicans to all your racists…or maybe that’s the reason for the no-bra…do it so they don’t see your face…who cares..

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Selena Gomez is the Most Followed Person on Instagram of the Day

A photo posted by Selena Gomez (@selenagomez) on

100 million followers isn’t bad for someone who hasn’t posted a picture on her instagram in 6 weeks…

The instagram whores have someone to look up to and hopefully they follow her lead…because I am tired of all these assholes posing bullshit photos every two hours…even if they are usually half naked which I generally like on a woman….but it gets the point of annoying when we have to see how fucking lame, desperate and annoying the half naked bitch..

I think if everyone just posted their damn photoshopped bullshit photoshoot pics once every 6 weeks, the world would be a better place.

There’s just too much noise, too much content, and the whole thing is fucking irritating…but not as irritating as Selena Gomez’s LUPUS which we can assume is the cause of her “media blackout” the last 6 weeks…as she lays dead, dying, or suicidal somewhere, because I guess that’s good for business….premature death…look what it did for the other Selena’s record sales…

Either way, social media doesn’t matter, proven in the fact that 100,000,000 people may be a lot of people, but there are a few billion in the world….who don’t give a fuck and those are the people who give me hope…I’m talking to you weird tribal man in the Jungle…

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Selena Gomez Fucks on Stage of the Day

Screen Shot 2016-08-15 at 12.27.46 PM


She’s doing the Taylor Swift – pandering to loser chicks who can’t keep dudes because they aren’t hot enough – and don’t suck dick enough – because there’s always another hot chick around the corner out to use you for your money, celebrity, cock, etc…down to suck your dick because you pay her – or because her dad didn’t love her enough…making putting up with a whiney Selena Gomez, spoiled Disney Kid Selena Gomez…something not worth doing, unless you are an opportunist trying to get your own level of fame and fortune on her back…see cuz it’s hard to go viral on social media these days…..

So her song is called “Feel Me”…but people call it the “I dated a fuck boy anthem”…
So her lyrics are like :

“No one loves you like I love you
I never cheated, never lied
I never put no one above you
I gave you space and time
And now you’re telling me you miss me
And I’m still on your mind”

Shut the fuck up you broken, emotional needy caricature we know is making all that up…trying to connect with other girls who don’t look in the mirror and take responsibility for getting cheated on or dumped…

Her lyrics go onto:

“Every time your lips touch another
I want you to feel me, I want you to feel me
Every time you dance with somebody
I want you to feel me, I want you to feel me”

I mean…by feel me does she mean “jerk off to the sex videos we shot when you’re bored and revisiting the past”…or does she mean “I’ll still fuck you – proven in the fact that I write songs about you”….

There’s more…remember she didn’t even right this song…so it’s all vapid meaningless words that are based on her bullshit relationship – but that have nothing to do with her actual feelings, since she’s a puppet with no feelings – trying to cash in at the expense of dumb girls…


“When she ain’t giving you enough to get you through the night
I won’t be caught up in the middle
Through your highs and your lows
Baby, long as you’re not with me, you’ll always be alone.”

Pretty much what I already said, go to the ex girl when you don’t want to throw off the new girl, or when you’re in the mood to get off to old pussy, it usually happens on Sunday nights…

I love that people are writing about this – like it’s news, like it matters, like it’s real, like it’s not vapid smut – without the close up penetration pictures…garbage..

I love that I just read Selena Gomez song lyrics she didn’t write..like they fucking matter…to prove a point that doesn’t matter…like that Rage Against the Machine was owned by Sony Music which was the Machine…if you know what I mean…

Here’s a recap of her instagram fight with bieber – people – not us – but people – care about…


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Selena Gomez Takes Her Tits in a Crop Top Salsa Dancing of the Day

Selena Gomez, dying of LUPUS, has partnered up with Make a Wish Foundation and created this whole “I am not a low level actor with a huge fan base, I am a pop star”….and even after her Chemotherapy, a treatment that destroys little kids, makes them deaf, not just tone deaf, and a treatment she exploits to get sympathy for her “weight gain”…which is code for breast implants…just makes me hate her – not that I care enough to hate her – but you know what I mean – when I see her dancing around – I see a well trained puppet, dancing money, pile of garbage that has scammed the world thanks to Disney…and know she’s likely one of the worst humans, scamming the world with her lies, making money doing it….and that’s not what should be leading the kids who follow her…that’s what helps the kids become bigger pieces of shit than they’ve ever been.

Thanks Selena…maybe she’ll have a similar fate to the other Selena…maybe she will follow her lead already…as she has been…or maybe she’ll keep on fucking winning – and dancing about it…with her tits in a crop top….


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Selena Gomez’s Braless Tits Get the X-Ray Nerd Treatment of the Day


Selena Gomez is another one of these Disney Trained whores who is in bed with Taylor Swift, both leveraging each other as BFFs because it makes a good storyline, cashing in and making stupid amounts of money, rumored as the most followed girl on social media in the world, while she’s not milking her lupus like it was her breast implants for the dudes she fucks…

I am not against Selena Gomez, she’s fine in her chipmunk face way, it’s a hustle, manipulative, nothing is real, 100 percent fake and not authentic…it’s just too bad she’s not aggressive in her whoring so that I could jerk off to her..

Instead I’m given weird photoshop jobs – by weird dudes who sit around doing this – drawing on nipples to make it seem like that’s what her tit looks like or something…and that makes me uncomfortable, especially since I know anyone who comes to this site would come to this, or at least sit around doing the work on photoshop to get this, if they weren’t so half retard..

NONE OF THIS MATTERS…I wonder if people realize how far off humanity and living life we actually are…and if they believe their own bullshit they are spewing..for greed…it’s weird…

Here she is at a club in Australia…braless because implants are like a bra…

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Selena Gomez in a Bathing Suit Attention Seeking of the Day

selena-revival (4)

Selena Gomez is on tour, I’ve posted some of these pictures of her self promoting half naked in a bathing suit – but I don’t think I posted the ass shot and I’m too lazy to look at the shit I posted – I don’t need to be reminded of how repetitive I am about these whores – like Selena Gomez – who has decided to get some face fillers, some tits, maybe some LIPOSUCTION while pretending her hospital visits were for her LUPUS CHEMO treatments she milked, as any manipulative money making pop star who has no talent – but is well trained by Disney…and can pull off the bullshit…

She’s garbage, but rich and that alone makes me like her, it’s what makes most of the world like her, but it makes me really like her because of the K-Fed fantasy of tricking one of these broken retards into funding the rest of my life – you know to get me to stop blogging – and making the world a better place…

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