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Selena Gomez – No Bra See Through Tits of the Day


Selena Gomez is not dead….I thought she had some mental breakdown because of Bieber, or drugs, that she blamed on Lupus, because that’s her angle…if you have a potentially terminal disease…milk it as hard as you can, angle it as hard as you can, and push it as hard as you can so that everyone who would otherwise hate you for being a vapid little spoiled cunt…who mistreats everyone in her way…because spoiled and gets what she wants thanks to being coddled by everyone…this way they can blame it on Lupus..

Well apparently, these are pictures of her braless with a fan….that could be old…from before she went offline in her rehab stint…or maybe she walks amongst us hoping to not be noticed since she looks like all other Mexicans to all your racists…or maybe that’s the reason for the no-bra…do it so they don’t see your face…who cares..

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Selena Gomez is the Most Followed Person on Instagram of the Day

A photo posted by Selena Gomez (@selenagomez) on

100 million followers isn’t bad for someone who hasn’t posted a picture on her instagram in 6 weeks…

The instagram whores have someone to look up to and hopefully they follow her lead…because I am tired of all these assholes posing bullshit photos every two hours…even if they are usually half naked which I generally like on a woman….but it gets the point of annoying when we have to see how fucking lame, desperate and annoying the half naked bitch..

I think if everyone just posted their damn photoshopped bullshit photoshoot pics once every 6 weeks, the world would be a better place.

There’s just too much noise, too much content, and the whole thing is fucking irritating…but not as irritating as Selena Gomez’s LUPUS which we can assume is the cause of her “media blackout” the last 6 weeks…as she lays dead, dying, or suicidal somewhere, because I guess that’s good for business….premature death…look what it did for the other Selena’s record sales…

Either way, social media doesn’t matter, proven in the fact that 100,000,000 people may be a lot of people, but there are a few billion in the world….who don’t give a fuck and those are the people who give me hope…I’m talking to you weird tribal man in the Jungle…

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Selena Gomez Fucks on Stage of the Day

Screen Shot 2016-08-15 at 12.27.46 PM


She’s doing the Taylor Swift – pandering to loser chicks who can’t keep dudes because they aren’t hot enough – and don’t suck dick enough – because there’s always another hot chick around the corner out to use you for your money, celebrity, cock, etc…down to suck your dick because you pay her – or because her dad didn’t love her enough…making putting up with a whiney Selena Gomez, spoiled Disney Kid Selena Gomez…something not worth doing, unless you are an opportunist trying to get your own level of fame and fortune on her back…see cuz it’s hard to go viral on social media these days…..

So her song is called “Feel Me”…but people call it the “I dated a fuck boy anthem”…
So her lyrics are like :

“No one loves you like I love you
I never cheated, never lied
I never put no one above you
I gave you space and time
And now you’re telling me you miss me
And I’m still on your mind”

Shut the fuck up you broken, emotional needy caricature we know is making all that up…trying to connect with other girls who don’t look in the mirror and take responsibility for getting cheated on or dumped…

Her lyrics go onto:

“Every time your lips touch another
I want you to feel me, I want you to feel me
Every time you dance with somebody
I want you to feel me, I want you to feel me”

I mean…by feel me does she mean “jerk off to the sex videos we shot when you’re bored and revisiting the past”…or does she mean “I’ll still fuck you – proven in the fact that I write songs about you”….

There’s more…remember she didn’t even right this song…so it’s all vapid meaningless words that are based on her bullshit relationship – but that have nothing to do with her actual feelings, since she’s a puppet with no feelings – trying to cash in at the expense of dumb girls…


“When she ain’t giving you enough to get you through the night
I won’t be caught up in the middle
Through your highs and your lows
Baby, long as you’re not with me, you’ll always be alone.”

Pretty much what I already said, go to the ex girl when you don’t want to throw off the new girl, or when you’re in the mood to get off to old pussy, it usually happens on Sunday nights…

I love that people are writing about this – like it’s news, like it matters, like it’s real, like it’s not vapid smut – without the close up penetration pictures…garbage..

I love that I just read Selena Gomez song lyrics she didn’t write..like they fucking matter…to prove a point that doesn’t matter…like that Rage Against the Machine was owned by Sony Music which was the Machine…if you know what I mean…

Here’s a recap of her instagram fight with bieber – people – not us – but people – care about…


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Selena Gomez Takes Her Tits in a Crop Top Salsa Dancing of the Day

Selena Gomez, dying of LUPUS, has partnered up with Make a Wish Foundation and created this whole “I am not a low level actor with a huge fan base, I am a pop star”….and even after her Chemotherapy, a treatment that destroys little kids, makes them deaf, not just tone deaf, and a treatment she exploits to get sympathy for her “weight gain”…which is code for breast implants…just makes me hate her – not that I care enough to hate her – but you know what I mean – when I see her dancing around – I see a well trained puppet, dancing money, pile of garbage that has scammed the world thanks to Disney…and know she’s likely one of the worst humans, scamming the world with her lies, making money doing it….and that’s not what should be leading the kids who follow her…that’s what helps the kids become bigger pieces of shit than they’ve ever been.

Thanks Selena…maybe she’ll have a similar fate to the other Selena…maybe she will follow her lead already…as she has been…or maybe she’ll keep on fucking winning – and dancing about it…with her tits in a crop top….


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Selena Gomez’s Braless Tits Get the X-Ray Nerd Treatment of the Day


Selena Gomez is another one of these Disney Trained whores who is in bed with Taylor Swift, both leveraging each other as BFFs because it makes a good storyline, cashing in and making stupid amounts of money, rumored as the most followed girl on social media in the world, while she’s not milking her lupus like it was her breast implants for the dudes she fucks…

I am not against Selena Gomez, she’s fine in her chipmunk face way, it’s a hustle, manipulative, nothing is real, 100 percent fake and not authentic…it’s just too bad she’s not aggressive in her whoring so that I could jerk off to her..

Instead I’m given weird photoshop jobs – by weird dudes who sit around doing this – drawing on nipples to make it seem like that’s what her tit looks like or something…and that makes me uncomfortable, especially since I know anyone who comes to this site would come to this, or at least sit around doing the work on photoshop to get this, if they weren’t so half retard..

NONE OF THIS MATTERS…I wonder if people realize how far off humanity and living life we actually are…and if they believe their own bullshit they are spewing..for greed…it’s weird…

Here she is at a club in Australia…braless because implants are like a bra…

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Selena Gomez in a Bathing Suit Attention Seeking of the Day

selena-revival (4)

Selena Gomez is on tour, I’ve posted some of these pictures of her self promoting half naked in a bathing suit – but I don’t think I posted the ass shot and I’m too lazy to look at the shit I posted – I don’t need to be reminded of how repetitive I am about these whores – like Selena Gomez – who has decided to get some face fillers, some tits, maybe some LIPOSUCTION while pretending her hospital visits were for her LUPUS CHEMO treatments she milked, as any manipulative money making pop star who has no talent – but is well trained by Disney…and can pull off the bullshit…

She’s garbage, but rich and that alone makes me like her, it’s what makes most of the world like her, but it makes me really like her because of the K-Fed fantasy of tricking one of these broken retards into funding the rest of my life – you know to get me to stop blogging – and making the world a better place…

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Selena Gomez in on Stage of the Day

Screen Shot 2016-07-28 at 11.57.23 AM

Selena Gomez trying to be some dramatic, theatrical, stage performing popstar….who is actually a real fucking artist…with something to say or a message to convey – is a fucking joke to me.

She’s a poptart Disney trained earner, and everything she does – from her relationships, to her friendships, to her acting career, to any of the campaign she promotes and gets paid heavy to promote to her groupie-ing hard on that cunt Taylor Swift, when they are supposed to be in competition with each other, not holding hands collectively fucking over the youth by brainwashing them with their lies.

I don’t find her hot, exciting, interesting, and I don’t even know why I am posting this, maybe it’s to see how a person who pretended to have Chemo therapy for the sympathy vote when releasing the shitty album she’s touring – or what I call proving you don’t need musical talent to be an over produced popstar…manipulating all you idiots to line her pockets.

Devil woman…maybe because she’s a mexican and thus a rapist that you probably wish raped you with a strap on instead of with shitty music that we’re forced to listen to thanks to radio play….garbage…

Screen Shot 2016-07-28 at 11.57.43 AM

If you’re more into her handler, these girls who were raised by Disney need handlers, here’s Taylor Swift the Manipulator’s Shitty Ass of the Day, probably at the gym where she’s trying to make it a less shitty ass – as she envy’s Victoria’s Secret models and wants to be hot like models, yet is Taylor Swift, quirky and annoying, manipulative and full of shit, and more importantly awkward as fuck but at least she can get as many men as humanly possible to fuck her -it’s good for her ego or feeling like she’s got it going on….while it gives guys who fuck her hope she’ll write songs about them to make them famous…

TS (1)


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Selena Gomez in Bikini of the Day


Selena Gomez is in a bikini….sucking on a popsicle…like a little slut form her Springbreaker movie that she produced under a fake name….like she was Taylor Swift writing shitty dance songs for Rihanna and her boyfriend of the minute Calvin Harris…because Selena Gomez at the time was committed to her vanilla image and is now following her idols Miley Cyrus and Taylor Swift and embracing the slut….the edginess…that makes the idiot youth think she’s more legit than she actually is…when we all know she’s just a well trained puppet.

I guess what it comes down to is that this really looks like every kid I’ve seen dying off his chemotherapy treatments she was so quick to say she was getting – while partying everyday – to get the sympathy vote and that was the day I decided that Selena Gomez is fucking dog shit, garbage, manipulative and even her bikini pics are garbage…bieber fucking garbage…

But people still want to fuck her, I mean you don’t have to think about all that is wrong ith her when sitting in her penthouse hotel room in a squat pissing on her assistants face while you watch…or whatever it is the kids are into these days…I just know they are the fucking worst.

Here she is in some magazine

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Selena Gomez Camel Toe of the Day


Selena Gomez cameltoe only reminds me of the glory days when the Disney Execs were sticking things in her before using their brainwashing tactics learned after years of Hollywood pedophilia…something she signed off on in exchange for fame and fortune…because Hollywood pedophiles never get in trouble..or rarely get in trouble…it is the most disgusting industry – with the biggest weirdo perverts – with a lot of money – surrounded by a lot of bad things – created by the mob – with paid off cops…and the victims all people desperate to make it – and the real victims the ones who do make it – so that they don’t want to expose anything that would make them look bad…not that Selena was ever molested, but I wouldn’t be surprised if at least one producer or director had cameras set up in her trailer..or gave her a bath…but this was before she became a pop star, proving popstardom is a joke, because music makes more money than acting – and you get that direct feedback where you feel like a hero from your fans….I guess her cameltoe also reminds me of Bieber…but that’s probably just a Canadian thing…


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Selena Gomez Butt Shot of the DAy

Selena Gomez is really into sexualizing herself. She has been since she put together a movie called Springbreakers that was sent to her and her mom when her mom was her manager – where she waned to play the more racy character – but instead opted for the virgin – in order to maintain her image – you see because all these girls are whores – they just don’t want to be overly public whores – that’s the first lesson taught at the Disney school of child star…

But as the art scene, the music scene, the movie scene get more and more like the porn scene as a generation of people who were exposed to porn realize what I’ve always been saying and that is that sex is great, porn is not, but sex is great and looking at vagina, ass and tits is fun…

The funny thing about doing this site for 15 years is that I’ve seen the whole world do a total fucking shift into accepting penetrative sex as part of who we are and what we do – in a society that used to prefer letting kids see people shot and killed to seeing a set of tits…which is so fucking twisted…

So I guess with all the social media whore pressure, comes a pressure to stay relevant, aand what better way than to sexualize yourself as you cash the fuck in, some male attention is a nice year end bonus or some shit…

It’s not that good…

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Selena Gomez is Living the American Dream of the Dya

Screen Shot 2016-07-01 at 4.50.21 PM

Only in America, while I guess in Mexico can a Mexican be the number one followed person on Instagram – after sucking some Zuckerberg dick and playing around with the “related picture” algorithm – because nerds have been succumbing to babes since the beginning of time, manipulated by babes, given false promises by babes of a better tomorrow, only for the babe to turn their back on them and squash them out like a cigarette butt on the way out…

But not only does Mexican Selena Gomez, who I am sure had some illegals who with hard work, helped create the life that she’s created for herself. We call it doing the jobs the white people don’t want so that your grand daughter can do the jobs the while people who sign the checks want…

She is America, whether America wants to accept the Mexican or not….but Coca Cola sponsors her – so they must think she represents America too..

Point being, only in America can a Mexican be exploited by a huge company like Disney, only to turn it around and exploit all of you….

Here are some recent pics…slutty recent pics…we like em. Viva Mexico…and her little lucha libre midget in a monkey suit body….

Here are some of her best pics…

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Selena Gomez Nipple Slip of the Day


Apparently this is a Selena Gomez nipple slip.

I don’t see it but nerds have the ability to see nipples in everything and there is something fleshy that looks like it is stabled to her shirt, and it would make sense because this girl does anything and everything to get noticed, whether milking her disease, or her breakup or her CHEMO – it’s just all about getting as much buzz about her, around her, to make her money so she can cash in over and over again like she was Taylor Swift, everyone is winning, upside for everyone, keep the industry under their control, while idiots feed into them…

I don’t care about her tits, her new face, the way she’s trying to sexualize herself, even if this was a nip slit, I’d rather it it was a slit slip – because I love slit..on slut…even if it is tainted…SLIT…

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Selena Gomez in her Best Picture Ever of the Day

Screen Shot 2016-06-22 at 3.16.26 PM

Apparently this is – Selena Gomez – in her best picture in the history of any picture she’s ever done. I’m actually starting to understand the hype that is Selena Gomez…all it took was hitting her from the right angle and not in a Chris Brown kind of way, or even a Bieber’s ejaculate against her cervix kind of way, but in a hip, modern, one piece bathing suit that stages her puffy steroid from lupus cheeks in a way that doesn’t make her look like a cartoon character…

I rarely think that Selena Gomez is hot, I usually am blinded by knowing she’s media manipulator, highly trained by the Disney school of entertainers, and that alone made her irritating about Bieber sex offending, about her LUPUS and her CHEMO to treat her LUPUS and the fact that she’s gone into pop star world…when she’s an actor as a fucking cash grab…

But her implants are cool right…

Screen Shot 2016-06-22 at 3.16.39 PM

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Selena Gomez Slutting Out her Over Produced Music of the Day

Screen Shot 2016-06-07 at 10.56.19 AM

She released a video called “Kill Em With Kindness”…which I guess is a good strategy, since she’s not killing us with good quality songs – with natural and amazing singing talent…with lyrics like an autotuned “put down your weapons and kill em with kindness” that she repeats over and over again…as she poses for a photoshoot – because that’s the depth of this cunt…

Let her have her fun and make her money with such low grade garbage, because she’ll be killed by LUPUS…not kindness…

Obviously she’s in underwear, making dramatic facial expressions, while her over produced anthem seems more like a rich person’s attempt to rebrand herself, from Disney to “artist” with new tits and everything, even though she’s just commercial shit…but at least she’s trying…even though I’m sure after listening to her music, music no one has ever celebrated, or complimented because it’s known it’s just garbage, you wish she hadn’t tried…

This isn’t music, this is cheating, but in 2016…nothing is real…


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Selena Gomez Posing Hard in a Red Dress of the DAy

It looks like Selena Gomez has had some work done on her face and by face I mean face, we already know about her tits and the attempt to rebuild Mexican genetics…because she’s in this red dress walking around trying to get as much attention as she can – which is what all these cunts who play all of us do…

She doesn’t look human, maybe this is her AI in her image, while the real Selena Gomez is locked in the basememnt at her mom’s house dying of LUPUS….the machine cost 10 million dollars – but is a better version than the real Selena – because it doesn’t have LUPUS and doesn’t complain all the fucking time – like some kind of unappreciative princess..

Unless this is the real Selena Gomez..just modifying herself / finding herself…after she left herself all over Bieber’s cock…there’s no much else to her…I’ve never heard anyone say anything about her ever…she’s never come up in conversation, she’s never been praised for anything yet for some reason…she’s fucking everywhere..something’s up..I know it!


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