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Talula Wilde’s Gone Wild in New York of the Day

Our most famous and amazing stepGIRL TALULA WILDE …who is only going to continue to get more and more famous from here…until one day being far too famous to ever answer my calls or emails…but who may one day send me a letter from her lawyer asking me to remove any association with DrunkenStepfather.com and the #stepGIRLS..but who supports and encourages and loves our little movement right now…did this exclusive #stepGIRL shoot with our friend and famed photographer ALI HUSSAIN from GIVE ME A MILK …and it is amazing…

I mean this is one substantial and beautifully talented girl. The kind of girl I should leave my house to just stare at, which would be against my reclusive hermit existence, and really why bother when I have these amazingly shot, nude and pretty photos I can stare at instead…and now so do you.

So FOLLOW HER ON INSTAGRAM and FOLLOW ME ON INSTAGRAM and FOLLOW #stepGIRLS ON INSTAGRAM and FOLLOW ALI HUSSAIN ON INSTAGRAM …it will heal the world and make it a better place…just like these pics of Talula…

Amazing…I am in love…the kind of love that is forever and not just because I see her in all her glory.

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X-Men XXX Porn Parody Exclusive of the Day

My friends and celebrity sex tape industry experts at VIVID.COM – are also Parody Experts were nice enough to give me an EXCLUSIVE CLIP OF X-MEN XXX

I figure that if you’re visiting this site, you have got to be some kind of nerdy, weirdo with aspergers, who is way too into celebrity babes to really leave the house and meet a fucking girl of your own, so porn is what it is, and what you’re left with…porn and fucking comics…sci/fi fantasy…never getting laid…

It’s the season of COMIC CON, but you don’t need me to tell you that, so this should fit in nicely with your social life…and virgin loser needs…


Here are some pics


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Amy Marietta By Andi Elloway Exclusive of the Day

Friend and babe, ANDI ELLOWAY , who I officially fell in love with this time last year, because along with taking hot pics of babes, she looked amazing in a bikini…it’s like talent from every angle…seriously…sent in these pics of Amy Marietta has a fashion blog called VIVIEREBELLA…and they are pretty fucking awesome…

If every fashion blog was made like this, with pictures like this, starring girls like this, the fashion world would be a far better place to masturbate…It’d be the fans and followers of these brands and babes doing the masturbating, instead of the designers as they stroke their egos, like any good narcissist who has his name across store windows around the world…

Enough of that, here’s the amazing Amy, but the Amazing Andi…the kind of AA I can fuck with…

See More of Andi’s Work HERE

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Happy July 4th, From #stepGIRL Talula Wilde and Chris Vongsawat of the Day

Video genius Chris Vongsawat who you can find on INSTAGRAM put together this little Fourth of July, Independence Day, July 4th, Firework show starring the lovely and talented #stepGIRL TALULA WILDE …topless and in her lingerie in New York City’s Times Square…because sometimes all you need is a Canadian to show you just how free you really are..

It’s our own take on FREE THE NIPPLE

I am sure you’re celebrating it your own way somewhere, probably a trailer park filled with canned corned and discount hot dogs, maybe fireworks that will kill at least one of you because you made it out of dynamite to impress everyone, but I hope it is just as naked, but definitely not as hot.

I think this is probably the best Independence day video of all time. Take that Will Smith.

See it on Vimeo

One more time…

Model Film: Talula Wilde @ stepGIRLS from Chris Vongsawat on Vimeo.

Show your grandmother and other friends how patriotic you are by sharing it

See it on Vimeo

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Drunkenstepfather EDC Exclusive of the Day

Unless you’re the DJ who pulled off the greatest scam in the history of life by becoming a DJ right around the time DJs started getting paid stupid fucking money thanks to EDM going mainstream and all the lame suburban college kids decided they were ravers….

Or unless you’re the DJ who pulled off the greatest scam in the history of life’s groupie girlfriend, who when I used to go to raves we’d call the “DJ HO” or “record bitch”…back when DJs used records…

Or unless you’re the sponsor, the VIP, or the dude making stupid money after organizing this event…

Music festivals seem like a fucking nightmare…and I wouldn’t be caught dead at them, no matter how hot everyday girls giving the party life one last shot before turning 30, coupled with half naked 20 year olds, are…

But I would convince my black friend to go take pics from drunkenstepfather, because half naked 20 year olds to 30 year olds raving..as stupid as it looks or sounds…are fun to stare at…

So here’s our EDC exclusive…shot on a point and shoot by a black man…probably dressed like a muppet…named kaveriis photos

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stepGIRL in a Kiddie Pool wearing Masks for TheHeadHuntr of the Day

We were sent a few masks from MASKMANIAC, because the wrestling mask is kind of my thing, because I don’t need you assholes judging my mangled face, it takes away from me making fun of models and actresses…

So we decided to partner our good friends over at THEHEADHUNTR with our new #stepGIRL recruit JENNIE GUNS HOT and her make up artist babe LEEZA …to come up with something amazing…

So with the help of a kiddie pool, some bubbles and some dolls to wrestle this fucking magic happened….

I don’t think a wrestling mask ever looked so good…except on me…but that’s just because of my doughy physique…


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stepGIRL in Wood by Julien Archembault of the Day

For those of you who don’t know…

We have a creative side project we call the step girls , where we collaborate with various photographers, artists, models, personalities, babes, and really anyone who wants to shoot or be shot in hot, sexy, interesting, compelling, high concept, fashion nudity, that is sometimes pretty grimy kind of ways…

It’s our way of producing what we think is good content, while showcasing talent and sending our message to the world in a fun, playful way…all while building a solid army of amazing people…it’s a lot of fun…and it gives me an excuse to make hot girls sit on my lap between pictures..

This week’s shoot was done by our friend and collaborator JULIEN ARCHAMBEAULT we call it GIRL DOESN’T JUST GIVE WOOD, SHE CLIMBS INSIDE IT… and by we I mean we, because that’s what I just called it…

Cool stuff to come…while you come…no homo…

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stepGIRLS X Paislee Hats by Visionelie of the Day

Our friends at Paislee NYC …one of the most innovative hat companies in the history of hats…I’m talking more innovative than the motherfucker who invented the hat back in the 1200s…who you can follow on instagram HERE ….

Made some hats for our stepGIRLS , who don’t have sex with me, but who I still want to marry, and ask everyday…because stepGIRLS have that effect on people, not just those who who make hats…and I’m not just saying that because they belong to DrunkenStepfather.com….I am saying it because it is true….

And…the moment was documented by our talented friend with a camera VISIONELIE

I think the moral of the story is that glorious things happen, when everyone works together as a team…at least that’s what it’d be if this shit was on TV in the 90s starring the Olsen twins…

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DrunkenStepfather Presents On Set with Asa Akira of the Day

Her name is Asa Akira, who is primarily known as a writer who has just released her first book called “Insatiable” that you can buy her book HERE

More importantly, she’s a pornstar….one of the best there is and I am not just saying that because we have been friends for as long as she’s been in porn, or because she says that I inspired her to get into porn, something I assume she tells all the websites she cheats on me with…but something that makes me feel proud because porn has been good for her…

Well I finally got off my ass, went to see her fuck on set, because why the fuck wouldn’t I go watch my porn friend fuck on set when I am invited to, and the fact it took my 6 years to make happen is ridiculous.

We did a little interview, it’s probably the best stepTV has ever been, and she was shooting some Asa Akira title WICKED PICTURES

All this to say, she’s the best and you can listen to her DVDA podcast I’ve never been invited on that she does with Facebook Billionaire David Choe HERE

GOOD times….

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