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Ivanka Trump’s Cleavage for Fashion Week of the DAy

Ivanka Trump is a rich kid and a celebrity in her own right and more importantly busty…but not just any kind of busty..the kind of busty she shows off….them rockin’ rich chick mom tits…despite having converted to orthodox judaism, a religion I can’t imagine endorses this kind of apparel….unless I am basing my Orthodox jewish knowledge on all the jewish people dressed like pilgrims I see walking the streets with their kids at 3 am for whatever fucking reason I don’t understand….

Either way, she’s promoting some clothing company her dad financed or at least her last name has financed…the right way….and it turns me on.


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Ivanka Trump Pregnancy Fetish Pics of the Day

I don’t know about you, but ready to drop porn has always been disgusting to me. The whole idea of pregnancy was never beautiful, except for a drunken one night stand when you know you’re not that dad and can’t ever be the dad thanks to the fetus already in a bitch…I had the way their belly buttons stick out, and I hate the way their nipples get big and weird, and most importantly I hate how shit rapes a body…the only thing hot about ready to drop porn is how tight the asshole gets when the baby is crowning, but usually the bitch is too far gone at that point to let you inside her….

So here’s Ivanka Trump, too far gone as far as I’m concerned to ever bounce back, unless that bouncing takes place on her new fat ass and ravaged pussy lips…

She’s the socialite gone to waste…she coulda been Paris Hilton, but instead she went respectable…Sucks.

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Ivanka Trump is a Big, Lumpy Bitch of the Day

I think Ivanka Trump has been spending too much time sitting behind the desk her daddy bought her, working the job her daddy gave her, because she’s got that whole “I sit at a desk working for a billion dollar company, so I don’t have much time to work out, but I do have a lot of time to order in food, or get my assistant to order in food, because I’m just a lazy rich girl, riding the family wave”…and that doesn’t bother me…I mean I almost respect the fact that she wants to make something of herself, but she would have been better off just spending her dad’s money, spending the day hanging out at the spa, experimenting with expensive diets, until her very rich Jewish husband she converted for knocks her up, and she’s forced to spend 9 months waiting to pawn it off to the nanny, so that she can go back to shopping, spa days and sitting…what the fuck is she trying to prove?!

She is fucking dumpy, lumpy and big. Sure she has a hired fat ass to stand next to and have hold her umbrella to make her look skinnier, but the spanx aren’t holding up and her ass is one a retired farmer may be impressed by becuase it reminds him of those erotic days he spent inseminating cows, but for me it’s too sloppy for a set of big tits to distract me from….I’m picky when it comes to commenting on pictures…but not so picky when it comes to real life….

Pics via Bauer

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Ivanka Trump and Her TIts of the Day

Recently Jewish Ivanka Trump annoys me. I remember seeing her in an interview and she was asked her if she was converting to Jew and she said something along the lines of wanting to keep her personal life and decisions private.
I guess taking your ass to an interview on TV would make us think that you don’t want to keep your personal life and decisions private, but that you want the world to listen to what your ass has to say, making me realize that she and by default the book she wrote is just a whole lot of boring. I figure if you want to be on TV and in the limelight, you need to give up your fucking private life, it’s the tradeoff but she is boring….

The truth is that she is so boring, her idea of dirt or too much information about her private life is telling us about how she fell in love with an orthodox jew and his family’s real estate empire that puts her dad’s real estate empire to shame which isn’t saying much because he’s just flash and lights and not an actual success, so she converted to judaism. In her boring world, that is so scandalous and private cuz she’s fucking boring. I want to hear about cocaine parties with daddy’s money, orgies and the first time she took dick in her ass. I don’t care about her fuckin square bullshit….
Here is Ivanka keeping shit boring at her boring book signing and if you don’t believe me when I say she’s boring, just look at the way she treats her fat tits by choking them out with a turtleneck because she’s boring….

Pics via Fame

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Ivanka Trump and her Rich Girl Tits of the Day

I like rich girls. They are usually carefree, don’t give a fuck and less interested in looking for acceptance and more interested in being bad by fucking, getting drunk and doing drugs. You know, going against the grain because their entire life they’ve had to stay classy in front of people, so the second no one is watching they lose their shit.

I saw a relative of the Prime Minister of Canada out dancing on a pole this weekend, wasted, making out with random dudes and it was amazing. It’s the kind of behavior that you’d want from a rich girl. I am not saying that someone like Paris Hilton is of value to society or something I want to see other rich girls copying , since its embarrassing and takes away from the whole allure of fucking a rich girl’s face, when everyone in the world has already seen her get her face fucked, what I am saying is that behind closed doors, when no one is watching, rich girls are amazing.

Ivanka Trump defies all that because she looks fucking boring. She’s not acting crazy or ripping huge trust fund funded lines of cocaine naked in one of her dad’s luxury apartment developments, she looks like she goes home to read up on not sweating the small stuff and investing, and it’s a serious waste of the opportunities she has being who she is, but more importantly, it’s a waste of tit because she is stacked….

On a side note, I read on Perez Hilton that her mom’s 20 year old husband was on the Italian version of Survivor, and was caught fucking one of the contestants on Camera, maybe he could take Ivanka aside and teach her how to throw out her collection of designer turtle necks and pull that gold plated dildo out of her ass, and take advantage of the meal ticket God gave her to take advantage of….but he’ll probably be out of the picture as soon as that video hits the internet, so I guess there’s just no hope for her.

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Christina Aguilera Sluts It Up in Dubai of the Day

Donald Trump opened a building in Dubai because it’s a booming city and dude knows that he might as will cash in on the Arabs and their money, while America is falling to shit. He kept the event classy by bringing Aguilera in to perform because I guess he’s really trying to gently enter the arab market by discreetly polluting it with American trash.

I know all you patriotic fucks are convinced to hate Arabs because you believe they are trying to take down your country and shit, but the way I see it, they are a progressive nation who put a lot of energy in letting women know their place in the world all while the men go out and make mountains of oil money to bring home to their 4 wives who are dressed like ninjas.

They are a force to seriously be reckoned with and if things go their way, your wives and daughters will be coverin’ up which isn’t so bad considering the kind of perverts our culture breeds. I know that if I had my way, I’d be the only one allowed to see my stepdaughter naked.

Either way, here’s Aguilera slutting out in dessert luxury…..

Ivanka Trump Also Showed Up to the Event Because It is Her Inheritance and Retirement Plan…

Hayden Panettiere was also there, wearing an animal print stripper outfit because she’s wild and dangerous and pretty inappropriate considering it is an Arab city that doesn’t really care to see her midget freakshow body and have reason when they throw a sheet at her to cover that boxy body up…..

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Ivanka Trump May Have Nipples of the Day

I am not sure if these are actually Ivanka Trumps nipples or if she’s just faking us out with the way her conservative mormon lookin’ dress is made, but I am all about pretending. Just last night I told myself that I had morals and refused to acknowledge the future sex offender in a sweater vest I met at the bar I was drinking at. As he twitched and awkwardly rubbed his hand and stroked his beer like it was a woman he so desperately yearned to be with while talking about all the hot girls that were at the bar next door that he was too shy to go into because hot girls don’t like him and how if he had his way he’d take them all in the back alley and have his way with them but he’s scared of getting caught. I just told him he was a creep and had to respect girls when I would have normally joined in on the rape talk and given him tips how to not get caught. I know that story may not make sense and I guess you had to be there but here are some Trump nipples and they are richer than me.

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