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Carolyn Murphy, Guinevere van Seenus & Malgosia Bela for Fashion of the DAy

Carolyn Murphy is the star of a model sex tape that got removed from the internet – and it wasn’t even that good – but I figure if you’re out there getting paid to model – you might as well release videos of you getting fucked – or taking loads or any of that good stuff as a way of giving back or having some level of purpose – since clearly..what they do for a living is ripping everyone off…it’s a scam..

So I like seeing them show tit in weird shoots for a VICE owned fashion magazine, even if she’s old…because I don’t know which one is which…I just know it’s worth looking at…cuz of tit.

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Guinevere Van Seenus Naked for VOGUE of the Day


Vogue understand fashion….it comes in the form of getting bitches like this Guinevere Van Seenus and naked like they were some kind of predator man, promising her the good life, the stamp of approval, access to all things she hopes and dreams, so long as she pulls out them tits…

It’s the basic – girl wants a good life, opportunity, money, success….the approval and praise of the masses, and the magazine, is the man who can give it to her…and her willingness to get naked is there, especially under the pretence of it being art, when it’s really just advertising…is key…

Good job Van Seenus…the penis…pleaser…even when the penis is a magazine…the figurative man…in this patriarchy…that can make a life out of sluts…for sluts…because the man / magazine is the one making all the money from this…silly models…and their silly hard faces…rockin’ some tit…

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Irina Shayk and Guinevere van Seenus and Others for W Magazine Military of the Day


W Magazine put out this photoshoot – that includes a bunch of models, most importantly Irina Shayk and in a distant second place Guinevre van Seenus, because Irina Shayk is everything and based on all my low level research – I’ve concluded this Russian knows how to fuck…but we’ll never find out, she’ll just get married, pregnant and taken care of with a great pre-nup, but one thing these girls don’t fuck with is their retirement plan from the rich man they fuck…

So these tits are considered porn on my site, because they are set in an orgy setting, and their are tits…

But big brands love it on W Magazine because it’s mainstream media, this is edgy, it’s pushing the boundary, it’s relevant, it’s social commentary…based on the military…make love not war…or maybe play dead and the enemy won’t kill you…or who the fuck cares how they spin this…all these idiots are sitting at the right table…and I’m sitting in the kitchen jerking off in their Entrees…

Via W Magazines

Via W Magazines

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Guinevere Van Seenus Nipples By Drew Jarrett of the Day


This Model is Named… Guinevere Van Seenus , who I assumed was just some Immigrant named bitch trying to get aheard with her nipples..

I guess I do not very good memory, or maybe she’s not memorable…because all these tricks blend into each other…and I can’t bother keeping track of each one of them…I am the opposite of a fan boy…I am a guy who sees tits and forgets while looking for more tits…

I just assumed she was using her immigrant name and willingness to get naked in shoots for marketing…because she was born in Boston…and her obscure name tells a very different story…

It turns out she’s 40 years old…has peaked…so these tits are more a “I don’t give a fuck it’s over”…and not a “I hope they like me for my tits and cast me in important things”….two very different things one that starts a career and the other that closes it out…while post have the same effect…I just wish the nudes were more aggressive…these are safe…boring..but still tits.. #stilltits.

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Guinevere Van Seenus and Carolyn Murphy for Muse Magazine of the Day

I don’t know how old these pics of Guinevere Van Seenus and Carolyn Murphy are…

But I do know that they are naked….like fully naked…like I can almost see into their souls via their clits naked…only they aren’t pornography….they are fashion…making the whole thing artisitic, luxurious and just as easy to jerk off to…

I love this shit…because of it…everyday feels like Christmas…

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Guinevere Van Seenus Creepy Nudity for FAT Magazine of the Day

According to my very extensive, high quality, 30,000 posts of nonsense, archives, this Guinevere Van Seenus , the girl you may know as having one of those stupid immigrant model names because it is marketable…has been naked for fashion a lot over the last 4 years that you would think maybe she was doing it to advance her career, like a stripper or a hooker, and I don’t mean a high class hooker or pornstar hooker, but rather an actual street hooker…only in a “fashion” setting so it is art and considered celebrating the woman form – you say potato and say potato…an expression that doesn’t translate so well when written, but you get what I’m saying…

These are her creepier nudes and they are shot by Henrik Bulow

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Guinevere Van Seenus for “Natural Beauties” of the Day

Last week, I posted a couple of sets from this James Houston “Natural Beauties” campaign that I think is tied into some charity, because when you attach your softcore erotica photoshoot to a cause, it seems less perverted….

These girls, think they are showing their ass and titties for the better of man. Without realizing that the end result, that titty picture is the exact same as if she was posing like this for a cup of soup cuz she’s down on her luck and willng to do anything to live another day….

Her name is Guinevere and I assume she’s a model…but more importantly, I’ve seen her titties…

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Guinevere Van Seenus Titties in Vogue Germany of the Day

This is nothing exciting….you know a model trying to get more exposure, or to just take any job she can get cuz she’s 35 years old, a seasoned fucking veteren in he modeling world….who has already been totally naked in many photoshoots that I’ve already posted…..because getting naked for fashion is what these whores do….

I mean other than the fact that the bitch is showing her tits, cuz anyone showing tits, deserves to be noticed or looked at, a life lesson I try to spread around the world to make it a happier place for at least myself…but unfortunately no one is listening…story of my life….

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Love Mag’s Got Some High Concept Artistic Titties for Fashion In It of the Day

Here are a bunch of models who I can’t really differentiate from each other, but who are apparently Lara Stone, Mariacarla Boscono, Saksia de Brauw, Kristen McMenamy, Anais Pouliot, Guinevere van Seenus and Xiao Wen Ju topless for fashion in a high concept, artistic, and obnoxious looking photo shoot for Love Mag, a magazine that produces more nudity and softcore porn than me, but who packaged it in a clever way, that makes it appear high end and fashionable, making them millions, while I just get slated as a bottom feeding spamming porn site that can’t pay for the fucking server….my life is a fucking joke…and here are those pics…with some tit, nipple, panties and bondage…pretty winning formula if you ask me….which you didn’t….

Here’s a bunch of jailbait starlets I’m sure you’re a fan of, gracing multiple covers for the issue and I’m posting it now, because I know in 3 years, I’ll probably be posting their bikini pics, their addiction, their sex tapes, etc…so I’m doing the background research, documented their rise, starting today instead of in the future when really we have no idea whether I’ll be alive or not…. if you know what I mean….

So here’s Hailee Steinfeld, Elle Fanning and Chloe Moretz

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Guinevere Van Seenus Naked for MUSE Magazine of the Day

Here’s some model name Guinevere Van Seenus naked in MUSE magazine and shit should make you want to play with your semen. You know fill up an empty peanut butter jar over the course of a year and make carve shit like an ice sculpture or some shit. No time like today to start being creative.

She’s naked. She’s got hipster fashionista bush. I am hungover. But right now, at this moment in time, this is genius….

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