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Heidi Klum Bra of the Day

Heidi Klum See Through Bra

Heidi Klum may be 100 years old…but she still shows off her tits, because you can’t teach an old cow new tricks, especially if that old cow is still worth jerking off to…despite being 100 years old…for reasons I can’t quite explain..

Maybe it’s Hitler’s Eugenics program the third generation…you know experiments conducted on her family that have resulted in something good, something good at earning all with her tits…

Maybe it’s because Seal cast some tribal spell on her with his arm sized cock and some voodoo ritual in their sex dungeon that resulted in multiple kids.

I don’t have the answers…just the pics…

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Heidi Klum Tight Eugenics Ass of the Day

Heidi Klum grabbing her ass in a tight silver dress

I think it’s safe to say that there’s something up with Heidi Klum, and that something is pretty fucking amazing, unless you ask the families of all the Jewish people who were genetically tested on in the WWII by HITLER and his people to make this happen.

There is no way that she’s aged like this without either genetic modification that comes from Nazi scientists….I mean other than all the cosmetic surgery these people get….

Looking this good, while being this old, whether lighting or photoshop is involved or not, is unnatural and weird….even creepy…but not as creepy as Heidi Klum having become some TV host, from whore half naked model to TV star because America likes the same people, even immigrants if they are hot and white, and on repeat in their half retard minds….

More from social:

She needs a lot of handlers, work, beauty team to make this happen…

She Spins….despite having a broken pussy Seal broken by Seal…

Despite her NAZI Heritage – She likes the Blacks…

The Pussy Damage from Seal can’t bring her dancing down…spinning

More Fucking spins….


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Heidi Klum’s Eugenics Nipples for Harpers Bazaar

Heidi Klum Nipples out For Harpers Bazaar

Heidi Klum pulled out her tits in some Fashion Magazine for what we can assume is feminism, or disguised as feminism, because why else would a woman in her 50s be showing other women in a women’s magazine her tits, other than to say “pull out your tits it is empowering”….

I mean otherwise it’s just clickbait, tits get hits, I mean she could have very easily had her shirt on…but for whatever reason, she’s pulling her tit out…

I am going to assume that since it’s a women’s magazine, it’s actually designed to show off to other women who are in their 50s, that they aren’t as hot as Heidi Klum, this is her bragging, giving other women her age and younger a complex, while re-affirming to herself that she’s hot, and capable of fucking other dudes, all thanks to German Genetic programs that Hitler instilled in the 40s, creating her genetic line…because ultimately…she makes no sense…

I think it’s safe to say that this is women, objectifying women, to fuck with the minds of other women, in hopes of getting them to buy into bullshit products they don’t need….because that keeps the system working…

But blame it on men and their raping…BLAME it on that…..

Thanks for the tits.

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Eugenics Heidi Klum Naked For Some Book of the Day

Eugenics Heidi Klum Naked For Some Book

This is some bootleg, spy photo, that may remind you of World War II espionage, because it is some pictures of a book, spy styles..

It reminds me of WWII because Heidi Klum is clearly a product of some Eugenics program that Hitler was running because genetic modification is the only thing that makes sense for why a 50 year old Mom of 1000 shouldn’t look like this…but it does, so stare at her hardcore fashion erotica that is really just softcore porn…nipples through the fishnets if you will…and I will..

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Heidi Klum Still Brings it in a Bikini of the Day

As someone who spends his day around girls in bikinis….you know, a real expert on the subject, despite never being on the beach, never quite leaving my house, but still an really good judge of how girls look in bikinis, because I stare at bikini pics all day, and because I’ve been around at least one girl or group of girls who clearly photoshop / facetune the fuck out of themselves for social media, with confidence, despite having to go out in person to be busted for the bullshit….

I can say with confidence that at 50 years old, this Heidi Klum mom of 6, who has been banged out from every angle, is pretty fucking good….a ROBOT maybe….or just a product of Nazi Germany genetic modification…

I like it.


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Heidi Klum on a Yacht in Europe of the Day

Heidi Klum is rich as fuck, famous as fuck, old as fuck, breeder with 100 kids as fuck, model as fuck, tv host as fuck, who I’d be into watching fuck, knowing she’s a German and Germans are weird at fuck, especially after all the kids and SEAL who has a rumored dick that is bigger than an aneorexic girl’s leg as fuck…

There is no way that she’s not part or a result of Nazi Germany’s attempt to create the master race through breeding and genetic modification because at 100…this isn’t normal…maybe good work done..but I prefer NAZI conspiracy theories…NEW WORLD ORDER…

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Heidi Klum’s Old Mom Ass in a Bikini of the DAy

I try not to old bitch shame Heidi Klum – because she’s an old bitch – and it’s hard to not outline that basic fact, or that she’s got a banged out pussy, thanks to SEAL and her big pile of children….

We live in an era of whiners with this “inclusivity” anti-bullying, everyone is good, we all get the gold medal in a contest, we are all equals, don’t culturally appropriate, we can make babies with other races, we can be fat, but not skinny, topless and slutty because it is empowering, but not in wet t-shirt contests….so Heidi Klum should not be bullied for her age, mainly because she looks amazing…

There’s no way she wasn’t created in one of Hitler’s human genetically modification lab to make the super human, if this isn’t German engineering I would be surprised….so you probably shouldn’t fuck with her, or she’ll gas Chamber you….

Because ultimately, she looks amazing in a bikini…


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