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Hot Mexican Traffic Cops of the Day

Viva Mexico….the greatest country in the world despite the terrible marketing they get in America, where there people not only give you whites great gardens, great tacos, great cheap labor….and great drugs that they smuggle in…because you know it’s all Mexicos fault…not to mention great Volkswagens, great other cares made in Mexico…and great tits like Salma Hayek….

I’m half Mexican and fucking love all things Mexico…except maybe the cartels, the decapitations etc….but the music, the culture, that Mariachi, the fucking food, the beaches, the women…and the parking traffic enforcers…are fucking perfect…

Viva fucking Mexico…you Sombrero burrito eating white fucks…

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Rihanna Bikini Pictures from Last Week of the Day

I know why Rihanna is back with Chris Brown, because the whole thing was blown out of proportion and he didn’t lay a fucking hand on her. You know, because he’s a fucking pussy. I’d expect some kind of gangster to pistol whip his whore, or some feminist equal right chick to demand her boyfriend beat her up because preferential treatment for woman is unjust, but with some childhood tap dancing star like Chris Brown, I’m just surprised he’s got a girl…especially one I am down with and who wears see through bikinis….

I’m not allowed to post these because I don’t pay for bullshit, but I’ll keep them here as long as I can because I like sharing the wealth.

If the pics get taken down, you can find them by following this link….

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Rihanna’s Recovery Bikini Pictures of the Day

I know a guy at The Insider, it’s some celebrity gossip TV show like Access Hollywood and Entertainment Tonight and I asked him to leak these Rihanna’s Bikini pictures. They are of her recovery trip to Mexico, where she got some sun, showed off her body, made me cum, because I guess Chris Brown didn’t beat her properly, which is probably the reason she won’t press charges, will go back to him, and this whole incident will be swept under the rug like it should be. I am a firm believer that if you beat your wife, keep that shit to yourself, and keep her scared enough to keep her mouth shut. Ya know what I mean…

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Rihanna is in GQ Mexico of the Day

Normally getting anything “Mexico” stamped on anything you do is a pretty bad sign, you know since us Mexicans are looked down upon in America. We are seen as the bottom feeders who don’t belong there and our own country is seen as only worth the beaches and Spring Break parties, but it’s nice to see that Mexico has their own GQ magazine that showcases things that are more than just Donkey Shows, how to jump the border, how to work slower than any other human in the fucking world, or local talent like America Ferrira and Eva Longoria and have moved into the likes of Rihanna, who I want to fuck…..especially when Photoshopped in her bikini, cuz she looks better that way. Viva Mexico!

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Heidi Montag’s Got More Mexico Bikini Pictures of the Day

As hard as it is to not hate Heidi and Spencer and everyone from The Hills, it’s hard not to respect and get what they are doing. Sure they are total assholes in the way they act and in how they badly play up the cameras and play the pawns in some MTV scripted life, but they are still living the fucking life. I know that at the end of all this, they won’t know where to seperate the real Heidi and the on camera Heidi, but she’ll have so much fucking money to really fucking care and that’s all assuming she had any fucking substance before signing up to this shit. My theory is that she didn’t. She was just one of those plastic cunts, not the kind you hide under your bed so your mom doesn’t find it and realize that this “girlfriend” you’ve been talking about is just a rubber thing you fuck, but the kind of plastic cunts who really didn’t have any other opportunities, so if anything she won the lottery, she’s the one in Mexico, she’s the one fucking this cocksucker Pratt, and she’s not the one sitting at home watching re-runs of the show, following their every move and fantasizing about banging Pratt while gossiping about their fabricated lives. That’s not to say that all of humanity even knows what this shit, but the vapid little cunts who do, are no better than the vapid little cunt their obsessing over. So the show’s a joke, the concept is alright, the players are fucking clowns, but the real asshole in all this is the people who watch.

Not that you care, since you don’t watch this shit, and you aren’t a teenage girl, even though you wish you were so that you could feel your 15 year old vagina and not get arrested, you just like lookin at Montag’s body in a bikini and I am not judgin’ cuz she looks as good as most strippers I’ve paid 10 dollars to touch their tits and that’s gotta count for somethin’

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Paulina Rubio Rocks a Bikini For Mexico of the Day

I get emails all the time, which at my level of popularity is about once a month, asking me to give scoop and gossip on Mexican celebrities because I am Mexican. I feel like that’s the same kind of racial profiling that would ask Obama to freestyle rap, that would expect all arab people to suicide bomb things and I take offense to it. I haven’t been in Mexico since I was about 4 or 5 years old and I haven’t been back, so I really have no idea what the fuck is going on there but I do know that Paulina Rubio is from the mother country and here she is in a bikini.

Now, I’m kinda on the same kick as my black friend who turns his head on black strippers because he feels they are taking the wrong route to advance the race as a whole, he felt like seeing them objectify themselves like a group of sluts was disgusting and that they should have been doing other more respectful things with themselves because stripping was just perpetuating the stereotypes he had to live with. So he’d get all preachy on this shit when we would all make it rain on them hoes but had no problem getting lap dances and blowjobs in the booth with white girls, because he didn’t respect white chicks since they didn’t go to the same church as him. So I have some issues posting this shit, but that’s not because I see my mother in these pictures, but because I see a boxy corn tortilla and bean eating, short and thick Mexican hiding behind her relatively tight body because it’s just a matter of time before she looks like every other Mexican chick I’ve seen and that makes enjoying these shitty pics impossible.

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I am – The Uncensored Vanessa Minnillo Pictures of the Day


Do you remember when Nick Lachey and his girlfriend went to Mexico and frolicked around naked and fucked in the hot tub and it was all caught by some photographer that they had the Mexican government kill and forced all the pictures that were released off the internet so that in a couple months time it would be like they never happened because we would have all forgotten….it turns out that they weren’t forgotten and these pictures surfaced recently in some Spanish Magazine.

I am not an expert at spotting fakes, but these are pretty believable to me. I would assume that this Minnillo slut has a solid bush and I am okay with that because I am a fan of bush. I can never tell whether I am a legitimate fan of bush because I haven’t come face to face with one in years, not because waxing and shaving is what every 14 year old and her mother does now as scheduled as brushing their teeth, but because I am a married man who doesn’t ever look at his wife’s cunt. That said, I think girls with bush are breaking down the mainstream, they are saying no to the Chachi way of bald and owning their natural state and when some girls tell me over the internet that they have never shaved before, it reminds me of some kind of magical forest that the building developers haven’t started building on, or like a deserted island that no one has ever visited and that shit is hotter than razor burn.

Either way, I don’t want to get sued so I am going to just link this site that has the pictures loaded. Although I like seeing celebrities naked, I don’t like when they use some of the money in there huge bank accounts to get their revenge on me…..Even if they could be fake.

Vanessa Minnillo Full Nude Picture With Fat Tits Bush

Vanessa Minnillo Side Tit

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