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Toni Collette’s Nasty Small Tits in United States of Tara of the Day

The thing I like about small tits is that they are perky. You know small, firm, round, small nipples that are good to suck on and they age well.

So whenever I see hot chicks with nice little tits I get excited knowing that the nipples aim to the sky and will stay that way until they end up being too old to get jerked off on, if that’s even possible, considering I’d pretty much jerk off on tits of any age, but you get what I’m saying….

That was until today when Toni Collette decided to do a topless scene in her TV show that forced me to remember my small tit dreams are really just a dream, cuz every once in a while comes along a sloppy, National Geographic tribal small tits, that ruins all the fun for all the small tits that live up to my theory…

Thanks bitch. Now put your fucking shirt on….What do you think this is….Woodstock?….Fucking Hippie.

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Pam Anderson’s Old Ass for Some Gay Club Kids of the Day

I don’t know what it is with Pam Anderson, but she’s one of those girls that gay dudes seriously relate to. Maybe she’s a dirty fag hag, but I think it’s most likely got to do with the hope she brings them by being living proof that all you need is a lot of money for surgery to be an accepted sex symbol to straight men everywhere, that or because she brings all the coke to the party and free coke is the best kind of coke.

So when clubkid Richie Rich and his clothing line had their fashion show, I wasn’t surprised to see Pamela Anderson there, especially now that her ass hit menopause and is jacked with testosterone and slowly lookin like one you’d find on a tranny on estrogen therapy, seeing this bitch is like taking a human biology class and like I am just as confused as I was when I took it in the ninth grade because I don’t know if getting off to this makes me a faggot. Enjoy.

Tranny Amanda Lepore Showed Off Her Finally Better than Pam Anderson Body

Slut Aubrey O’Day Was There With No Pants On and Brought Her Playboy Cover So People Won’t Forget Her High Point….

Coco Kept the Whole Event Classy

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Heather Graham’s Saggy Tits of the Day

I remember loving Heather Graham’s tits, but like all big titties, they grow up and turn 30 something and don’t have the same fuckin draw they had when they were in their 20s, because the nipples aim to the ground like the chick was overweight, and the perky beautiful cleavage that once was, now looks like some kind of sloppy spread out mess. The skin that houses Heather Graham’s tits have been through a lot, you know holding up all that fatty tissue all these years, it was bound to reach a point where it just couldn’t do it anymore, you know like when you carry home your wife’s insanely heavy groceries for the week because she eats a lot and you feel like you just can’t make it up that last flight of stairs because your hands just can’t take the pressure,well,that’s pretty much what Heather Graham’s tits are going through and I guess all we can hope for is that her vagina hasn’t been through the same amount of strain and is hanging down somewhere mid-thigh.

I am sure it’s just one of those natural courses of life that makes us all remember that 20 year olds are pretty much better to look at naked than this shit.

Here she is doing us all a favor and covering up that shit….

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Patricia Heaton Doesn’t Have a Belly Button of the Day

Here are some recent pictures of old lady Patrica Heaton in a bikini, something I could have died without never seeing, but that’s just because you all know how I feel about a bitch in a bikini who has no business being in a bikini, even if you’ve jerked off to her a few time when the only show on late night TV was an Everybody Loves Raymond re-run, because we all know that was just an act of desperation.

I know you are used to just staring at a girls vagina when you see her in a bikini, so if you just take your eyes off whatever the fuck she’s hiding in her bikini bottoms that make her pussy-sag, you’ll see that bitch doesn’t have a fucking belly button. I have no idea what the hell that means, maybe she’s a robot or maybe it’s some tummy tuck bi-product but whatever the fuck it is, it scares me. I guess the unfortunate thing for her is that they couldn’t have had the same disappearing effect on the rest of her sloppy body….I guess those advancements in medicine haven’t been made yet….but I am sure these superficial celebrities are pumping all kinds of money into it, why bother finding the cure to cancer and aids when you could invest in finding a way to make your ass look good enough to fuck….

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I am – Michelle Williams is a Unisex Nymph of the Day

Michelle Williams

I am gonna tell you how you spent last night, virigins. You got home from your job at the video store where you play the playstation on the display console when your boss is drinking in the boiler room. You ate the broccoli you mom over-cooked as quick as possible so you could jump into your old childhood bed. You took your trusty flashlight beneath your 30 year old Spidey sheets, and re-read some fantasy Tolkien knock-off involving dragons, beasts, and fairies, and arrows. Your favorite character is the tiny elfin nymph whose sexuality is left ambiguous. You put the book down and proceded to jerk off to the thought of the warrior-hero fucking the unisex fairy. This unixes fairy looks exactly like Michelle Williams, a 13 year old boy with a striking resemblance to Mia Farrow. You have to keep telling yourself that the book is wrong and the nymph is a woman and so is Michelle Williams, so you are not a homo or a pedophile.

I am not knocking your life choices, come on, I was a fucking hooker and am currently on welfare healthcare. But at least my life choices have always involved having real sex and not virtual elfin book sex with a character that probably looks like Michelle Williams. Here is your favorite boy-girl nymph strolling around Brooklyn yesterday without her husband Heath Ledger.

Obediently yours,
Sugar Nell (ex-hooker, friend of Jesus)


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I am – Rosie Perez Big Stretch Marked Titties of the Day


Mom, is that you? I know that I am pretty slow moving today and that you’ve already left your shitty jobs to go home to spend you shitty weekend with your shitty friends and your shitty family and maybe if you’re lucky you’re shitty girlfriend will put out but reality is that you probably don’t have a shitty girlfriend you just have a shitty sex drive that isn’t shitty because it’s not raging, but shitty because you can’t do anything about it so that it hangs over your shitty head like a fucking demon you can’t get rid of because jerking off bored you and you already do it 3 times a day.

Rosie Perez was never a woman I wanted a piece of, I am only throwing this pictures up so you can see what aging does to a face as well as what it does to a set of big ol’ titties that are hanging so hard they are stretching the shit out of her skin leaving stretch marks, like a teenage girl who has grown up on genetically modified food who’ grew to a D-Cup overnight, only the opposite, because a teen with a new set of natural D’s is a beautiful thing, where as an older mexican slag with big fat tits hanging off her frame like an anorexic girl’s uterus hangs out of her box isn’t.

As the only mexican blogger, other than Perez, but he’s gay so he doesn’t count as a real person, I feel it’s my duty to properly represent my people. I know that won’t stop you from doing whatever it is you do to these pictures because you’re a pervert and these pics are the closest thing you can get to pussy.

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