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If You’re Wondering What’s Up With Sports Illustrated Swim Being Dog Shit – Here is Their Team to Explain It of the Day

To See Their LAUNCH EVENT with ALL their bargain basement models CLICK HERE

Make Swimsuit Modelling Great Again…..Men Haven’t Changed….the whining cunts of twitter just started getting LISTENED TO…..

While you’re at it, make cyber bullying great again…..bullying builds character or removes the WEAK fucks through SUICIDE…

AND REVENGE PORN make IT great again too!

If you shot it, you deserve to be punished and extorted with it if you sent it to the WRONG motherfucker.

Wise up whore!

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Bottom of the SI Barrel Girls in Staged Paparazzi Pics in Bikinis of the Day

Bottom of the SI Barrel

Here are 3 of the very bottom of the barrel SI Swimsuit girls in bikinis in a staged paparazzi photoshoot..Jasmine Sanders..Danielle Herrington..and some other girl I can’t name because she sent her lawyer after me over internet hate / cyber bully crimes for calling her out for what she looked like..

This is the battle of just how broken and weird we can get to polarize into being marketable…by pretending to be empowered when really they know they truth…and that is that they are just milking the fuck out of they hype that they have generated and the fact that able bodied people feel bad not viewing retardations as beautiful…so they package them as beautiful…

I don’t know, but these staged shit is terrifying, like some nightmare or horror version of Charrlie’s Angel….and I can’t imagine this being interesting to ANYONE…

Hailey Clauson was there too..
Bottom of the SI Barrel Hailey Clauson



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SI Swimsuit is Pointless of the Day

I have shitting on Sports Illustrated Swim for the last bunch of years…literally stealing a copy of the magazine from the local Korean grocery store in my neighborhood and SHITTING on it…a bloody and confused lack of pancreatic fluid, high in bile, thanks to alcoholism and parasites from drinking out of a fucking puddle most nights I get drunk…

Basically, my whole angle has been that they are obsolete, every girl everywhere can be a bikini model, they don’t need some dated brand like Sports Illustrated to give them the stamp, and often times, when Sports Illustrated runs after the influencers who are making them irrrelevant, it is ONLY to get their followers….

It’s like back in the day the models like Christie Brinkley needed SI to exist and to matter, they mooched off them to win at this model life…and now SI is mooching off these models who aren’t official models by letting them think they are….

It’s all just a big play for their old subscribers and advertisers as it generates buzz fo them, but unnecessary buzz, we can get this same pic with as hot girls on any beach anywhere or at least watch girls at any beach anywhere trying to capture this look and succeeding while you jerk off 20 feet out watcing…

It’s a pointless thing, but women love their egos stroked, being pampered or whatever, fawned over and part of something, mob mentality where they are the popular girls in the mob, stupid, vapid, sure…but so are most women that do this kind of thing…so it is expected.

Here is an uneventful round up – since Every Day is the Swimsuit Issue on Social media..

Tyra Banks
SI Swimsuit Tyra Banks

Paige VanZant
SI Swimsuit Paige VanZant

Olivia Culpo
Si Swimsuit Olivia Culpo

All the Sports Illustrated SWim Pics

Megan Rapinoe
SI Swimsuit Megan Rapinoe

Lais Riberio
SI Swimsuit Lais Ribeiro

Hayley Kalil
SI Swimsuit Hayley Kalil

All the Sports Illustrated SWim Pics

Crystal Dunn
SI Swimsuit Crystal Dunn

Camille Kostek
Si Swimsuit Camille Kostek

Barbara Palvin
SI Swimsuit Barbara Palvin

All the Sports Illustrated SWim Pics

Anne De Paula
SI Swimsuit Anne De Paula

Alex Morgan
SI Swimsuit ALex Morgan

Abby Dahlkemper
SI Swimsuit Abby Dahlkemper

All the Sports Illustrated SWim Pics

Simone Biles
SI Swimsuit Simone Biles

Samantha Hoopes
SI Swimsuit Samantha Hoopes

Robin Holzken
SI Swimsuit Robin Holzken

Hailey Clauson
SI Swimsuit Hailey Clauson 2

Lindsey Vonn
Si Swimsuit Lindsey Vonn

All the Sports Illustrated SWim Pics


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SI Swimwuit of the Day

Here’s some memory of a time when Sports Illustrated Swim mattered to more than just a handful of people who are in the magazine. Where there was some prestige in being selected. When we had no option but SI to see bikini pics before every girl started creating her own bikini pics in as good of places with as good a turn out using a fucking iphone and instagram….

Now SI swim is just a get whoever they can who has followers, in a bikini so people post it up on their feed and keeps them alive, so their ads don’t dry up and they can still exist…in an era where they literally don’t need to exist….

What was once fodder for the subscribers of the magazine, a reward they could jack off to, is now just a weird bottom feeding pile of shit…

ANd here are some of the pics they’ve produced…nothing revolutionary or life changing here….


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Sports Illustrated Breast Feeding “Bathing” Suit Model of the Day

I guess fat and ethnic girls are slowing down the viral appeal – so Sports Illustrated – trying to hold onto everything they’ve got – or everything they had as they are slowly getting more and more irrelevant and their models are getting more and more haggard – because girls can recreate more interesting pictures of themselves in bikinis for their instagram, so why bother needing a trophy like an SI feature to justify or validate your existence as a girl in a bikini.

But girls still want to live that Sports Illustrated Swimsuit model dream, and SI knows this, so they create casting calls and get people flying themselves to Miami to be part of their casting call, all while not paying anyone…just riding the person’s eagerness, exploiting their dream, and using their followers to get attention to themselves…it’s pretty evil….some Weinstein style “do this for me, and I’ll maybe get you a gig in a magazine”…

Point being, the inclusivity thing has gone too fucking far…the we are all equal, fat or skinny, ethnic, diseased, freckled, vitilagoed, old or young, amputated or not…and now breast feeding in public.

SI was a magazine for men, targeted to men, and the bikini issue was for men to jerk off to…meaning their inclusion of breast feeding is both exploitative to the kid who didn’t sign off on this…and more importantly targeting perverts who are into this kind of thing.

It’s not about inclusivity, women power, it’s a men’s magazine, that has gone down a very weird road…to avoid criticism by the women who protest outside the offices…and this is what their BIKINI modeling has come to…and the sick thing in all this is that they likely think it’s brilliant and wonderful…

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SI Swim Gone Porno with their Instagram Starring Samantha Hoopes Nipples of the Day

Here is some sports illustrated breaking all the rules of Instagram by posting up some nipples, something that should get their account deleted but won’t because they are a big company with influence, while us small guys get called Porno.

This is some corporate sponsored through advertising shoot, that pretends to be women empowering, when the audience is all dudes and we know is a tits get hits, even Samantha Hoopes bolt on tits…. because male audience following soft core porn accounts from sports magazines support freeing the nipple… its the pics We jerked off to back when SI swim was relevant….but at least they are trying cuz I am a nipple activist too and always have been….and support nipples on all tits, bolt on or Otherwise…because I am progressive like that..

I just hate that advertisers run ads on their nipples and not mine, it’s hypocrisy that is getting in the way of me buying a private jet..or even lunch…blogging doesn’t PAY.


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Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Does a 2012 Calendar of the Day

Here’s the line-up….

Poster/January: Julie Henderson
February: Anne V
March: Alyssa Miller
Left/April: Genevieve Morton
May: Irina Shayk
June: Chrissy Teigen
July: Kate Upton
August: Jessica White
Cover/September: Brooklyn Decker
October: Jessica Gomes
November: Hilary Rhoda
December: Esti Ginzburg

I’m sure you’ve probably seen all these pics before, they are likely from last year’s magazine, I’m too lazy to look into it, because let’s face it, it’s a bunch of pics of big tit s in bikini, even if some of the bitches look like they have Down’s Syndrome (Brooklyn Decker), they all airbrush nicely…….and here are the pics who are likely hotter than anything you’ve ever fucked or will ever fucked….lucky for me, being this internet celebrity, all the bitches I fuck are hotter than this…they just don’t need validation for it….they too busy sucking my dick homies…..

That said….who the fuck buys calendars now…it’s called computers, smart phones and ipads motherfucker…this shit is dated, and I know if I got one of these as a gift, the person giving it to me hates me….Seriously, even Mechanics and senior are off Calendars…what the fuck is the point of them….shit SI get a new product to peddle, like dirty worn bikinis by these bitches, that’s some shit I could get behind and put on my wall after jerking off to the shit til they don’t smell anymore….you know….

Here are the pics….drinking and blogging is great.

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Some More SI 2011 Bitches in Bikinis of the Day

I assume there’s a fuck of a lot more bikini pictures at SI.com, but I figured I might as well steal some of their pics, put them on my site, for those of you too lazy to go searching for the shit on your own. That’s just the kind of blogger I am. I risk lawsuits and alienation, criminal records and being hated, all to get you pics I didn’t take of girls I’ve never heard of in bikinis…I’m on some Robin Hood or Peter Pan shit…a hero, with no real cause or purpose..

Either way, SI delivers every year, girls who have big tits, hot bodies that I like to see half naked, body painted in the thickest paint that might as well be a bikini, erasing nipples in photoshop before putting the pics to press, but I’ve been onto this shit since 1989, and it doesn’t get boring like Victoria’s Secret does…It just gets better…They should be paying me for this positive plug…

Here are some bitches living the hot body dream, validated, with the SI stamp of approval….

Here’s Kate Upton, a model with big tits who likes showing them off who I’ve never heard of…but who I assume isn’t this Kate Upton

Genvieve Morton who must be tied in with the publisher, cuz she’s not that hot, but still half naked…and from South Africa, the home of Aids, Racism, Blood Diamonds and hot mixed up genetic pussy…

Cinta Dicker for people not scared of freckles and orange pubic hair….

Kenza Fourati

Julie Henderson

Esti Ginzburg for Israel……..

I am gonna stop posting this shit – It’s all available at SI.com, with exclusive video and shit. Me putting it up is a huge waste of time….

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Some SI Swimsuit Pictures of the Day

Here are some Sports Illustrated Swimsuit edition pictures for the sake of posting bitches who are married to athletes and like showing off their big tits posing in bikinis…cuz it validates their useless existance…

I hear if you slap make-up on a fit pig with big tits she looks good enough for magazines…at least that’s what these Brooklyn Decker for Andy Roddick pics are telling me…

Irina Shayk for Her Gay Soccer Playing Boyfriend …..

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Brooklyn Decker is the SI Swimsuit Covergirl of the Day

If you are like me, I am sure you don’t give a fuck who the covergirl, you just care about her half naked tits. You probably also don’t care about the politics behind this shit, like maybe the fact that she is married to a pro athlete with a lot of money who used to fuck Mandy Moore who could swindle a lot more shit that you know….but here is the cover…and some other pictures

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