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Marisa Miller in her Underwear for Something of the Day

Half naked bitches playing with fully naked dolls is some high concept fashion photography bullshit that is exactly that…bullshit…It’s like these people come togethere and say “let’s do something obscure” and another one says “OMG, let’s put a doll in the picture” and the other says “A doll huh, that’s genius, what would a doll be doing in a fashion shoot”, and the other says “Exactly, it’s art”….Sold.

I don’t know, I find Marissa Miller old, like a retired stripper. Sure she’s got her fair share of body, but it’s one of those older lady bodies that comes from working out hard to never become that old lady. She’s got the fake tits. The hard face. The fake hair. I just don’t really get excited about this kind of thing, but I’ll post it anyway cuz half naked models are still half naked models even if their ripped bodies remind me of male models with implants…

I guess what I’m saying is I like my women either doughy or skin and bones, weak from starvation, etc. This kickboxing body just makes me nervous to have rape fantasies about her…not that I have those…but you know what I mean

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Marisa Miller Showing Off her Workout of the Day

Marisa Miller did Shape magazine, because she’s a fantastic shape even if she has fake tits, which I fucking hate….

I also hate that she looks like a 40 year old french stripper with no lips and a hard face…..ready to chain smoke and give a lap dance for 8 dollars a song, even though the other girls charge 10 dollars a song…She’s a smar t marketer like that…..but I’m just being an asshole…because a body as fit as this is something worth staring at……

She’s peddling a line of signature surfboards and her interview made me hate her, but you’ll be down with her All-American marketing strategy…cuz that’s just the person you are….and I’ll just remain the person staring at the amazingly tight shit….

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Marisa Miller Tits on TV of the Day

The weird thing about this is that someone took the time to screen capture this bitche’s appearance on Conan. Was the video clip or PVR not enough? Did they really have to go to this extent to reference at a later date, it just doesn’t make sense to me, especially considering her tits are fake, and really anyone can see better shots of her using Google. It is fucking creepy, uncomfortable and awkward to think that someone would be so desperate, or such a huge fan of someone he never met, that he’d waste his time doing this, but then again, to him, this is probably not wasting time, this is his life work, his passion, and I just hope he isn’t someone’s fucking dad, husband, boyfriend, etc….but I have a feeling your pervert ass is happy he did this….cuz you’re just as creepy too…

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Marisa Miller for Some Magazine of the DAy

I get hate for hating on bitches everyone finds hot…and I am sure if more than one person read this site, I’d get more than one email a month about how offended a dude is cuz I called his favorite bitch who will never fuck him, fat, sloppy, boring, overrated, trashy, etc….

I guess people don’t understand that despite having no standards when it comes to getting my dick wet and sticking it in a warm, wet hole, that really doesn’t even have to be warm and wet, cuz I like the friction better, and it makes crying when I am done less embarrassing, or the shame a lot less for the bitch from lowering herself onto my cock, if the bitch is asleep or dead….

But when it comes to looking at pictures of these bitches who in Marisa Miller’s case look like the stripper who ran away from the stripclub and accidentally landed herself as an extra on some bikini volleyball movie, that lead to more low-level shit, until her 35th birthday when Victoria’s Secret decided to hire her cuz they were in need of a hard faced, middle aged, overrated, fake titty trashcan of a woman who looks all American cuz she is all American….only to have you followers jump up and down like a group of retards at the circus…thinking you were just exposed to something magnificent, when really it’s all just a big marketing lie…

Sure her body is good. Her face is alright. Her hair distracting…but she’s old and looks like a stripper…and I prefer strippers who know they are strippers, not ones who think they are important fixtures in the model world cuz they were in their underwear for Victoria’s Secret…cuz real strippers give a lot less attitude…

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Marisa Miller is the Earth’s Sexiest Woman of the DAy

I know people who work at these magazines and these lists and titles they come up with are all bullshit. There is no actual science, voting, logic behind this shit, they just write it and idiots believe it, but I don’t really care because I like seeing bitches doing any physical labor, especially when they have amazing bodies that, espeically when those amazing bodies are half naked, it is the kind of shit that just numbs me and makes me forget how annoying these asshole magazines are…and I guess they’ve figured out the magic formula to brainwash men everywhere and I’m pretty sure it didn’t take a team of experts for that…but I guess for today I’m glad it happened…especially since they photoshopped the fuck out of her face so that it didn’t look as haggard as a 40 year old ex stripper with a coke problem….like it normally does…

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Marisa Miller Video Game Ad from 2008 of the DAy

Here’s a commercial from 2008 of Marisa Miller when she was a little less haggard, showing off her hot supermodel body, playing out some Risky Business shit like she was Tom Cruise only with less dick sucking experience, which is saying a lot about Tom Cruise, because before Marisa Miller was a late bloomer Victoria’s Secret pussy, she was working low level modeling jobs and showing off her fake tits, a career that usually comes with random cocks down your throat to pay the rent.

I don’t know how legit this shit is, but I’ll post it anyway cuz it is doing the internet rounds and bitches in their underwear is always worth talking about as far as I’m concerned.

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Marisa Miller’s Tits at Some Bullshit Event of the Day

I hate stupid award shows. Mainly because I am never allowed at them…which puts a huge damper on me ever producing my own pictures and videos…..seriously I have spent 6 years applying for press passes to every low level and top level event in Hollywood and I have been rejected every single year…which almost pisses me off because I see substantially shittier sites get access, but then I remember that the substantially shittier sites play the bullshit suck up safe for work game that advertisers and event producers feel comfortable allowing in, because friendly sucking up is a lot better than anything I do and it’s just another example on how the world doesn’t like fun…but instead like boring, obvious shit…like Marisa Miller showing off some cleavage…we get it cunt…you’re a bikini model…you have big fake tits that look good enough to get you paid big fucking money…but maybe you should step it up a little and walk around with your pussy exposed…that’s what we really want to see…take it to the next level you aging, boring, all american, hot bodied cliche which I guess isn’t a cliche cuz hot bodies make me forget obvious stunts…I am a pervert and that’s how we work…

Pics via Bauer

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Marisa Miller in Her Short Shorts on a Motorbike of the Day

Marisa Miller’s got that All-American girl look….and despite looking a little old and a little haggard in her face cuz she got into this late in the game, her body is fucking spectacular, so I undestand why Harley decided to get her half-naked on their campaign, especially since haggard faces are usually the least of a biker’s concern when it comes to the pussy they ride with, or even the pussy they ride into town to pay to fuck fuck, cuz bikers, are pretty fucking roughneck, except maybe for that whole yuppie middle class doctor turned biker movement, that is far less interesting that gangs, crime, hookers and drugs, but they are the people actually buying the Harley’s and Marisa Miller is accessible to them and their tagalong wives thanks to Victoria’s Secret catalog they sneak to the bathroom and masturbate to thanks to marriage sucking….and Marisa Miller’s body not sucking….

Here are the ads…

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Marisa Miller and Her Husband Bore Me of the Day

I love when I come across people who make commentary about girls they jerk off to from movies, lingerie catalogs, bikini spreads in magazines being married or in a relationship. They see pictures of them living their everyday life and they get legitimately disappointed, like their fantasy is totally fucking ruined that the model is some pure virgin put on the earth to satsify their needs, despite not actually knowing the woman on a personal level, even when the bitch is Marisa Miller who looks like she’s taken more loads to her face to pay her rent than any other model, like she’s seriously haggard and washed up and she’s pretty much only been picked up by the majors recently and late in her career, when the only thing you should be mad about is the fact that she has the nerve to walk around in everyday clothes, like she’s not a fucking bikini model, who makes her money being half naked, and who needs or should have enough respect for her fanbase to give them what they fucking want, whether on duty or not, she’s got a commitment and we’ve all helped her make it very fucking rich and she shouldn’t be so smug about it. Cunt.

Pics via PacificCoastNews

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