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Shakira Shows Her Bra at the Voice of the Day

It is safe to say that The Voice was sent here from hell to brainwash the kids into liking Adam Levine and buying more of his records, because his songs aren’t on the radio enough as it is…his horrible demon songs that I think are the cause of school shootings and all bad in the world…

That said, when Christina is on a break losing weight, the blonde tits on the show are Shakira, and here she is showing her breasts that were once small and humble, that I am not confusing for mountains…

What a slut…


If that’s not enough THE VOICE marketing, here’s Christina Milian who at some point was on the Voice as their host or some shit…and now she’s naked in bed…

What a slut…

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Rihanna and Shakira’s Lesbianism of the Day

Rihanna and Shakira did some kind of Collab video…and it looks pretty lesbian because Rihanna is pretty lesbian…because being pretty lesbian gets people to notice…and getting people to notice makes Rihanna feel like she matters…especially now that she’s got hundreds of millions of dollars…all eyes on her is all that she cares about..and like a college girl who never went to college knows…cuddle up to a girl…and people fucking notice…Rihanna may not have it all figured out…but she’s doing something right…and I guess that’s what happens when you grow up a child hooker…

What it comes down to is that this video came out yesterday night and already has 4,000,000 views…that’s some heavy shit…powerful bitches….coming together to make you all come and to make them, and their team of execs a lot of money…leveraging each other’s fan base…

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Shakira for Self Magazine of the Day

Shakira went and got herself photoshopped for Self Magazine like all the mom celebrities who want to feel good about themselves do. One of those edit my mom gut so hard I look cut…make those stretch marks look like abs…talk about how great I’ve bounced back from my pregnancy…I don’t mind doing your low budget shit magazine…it’s good for my self esteem kind of thing…not to mention it makes all the Walmart shopping, white trash trailer park moms remember I exist now that I am not the crazy “mexican” on The Voice…and you don’t want that key demo to forget you, they are the only one still buy CDs…cuz they can’t afford them computer things…

Here are the pics

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Shakira’s Fat Ass in a Bikini on the Beach of the Day

You know what isn’t small and humble? Shakira’s belly…and ass… I mean I get it, she just had a kid, but that’s no fucking excuse to go down the Christina Aguilera route of sex appeal, if anything, the one thing she should have learned from Christina Aguilera, before taking her job on the voice, was to not do that…but these rich bitches never learn, and feel like they will be adorned even when obese, because their fans are latino and latino people are used to fat chicks, but more importantly, are loyal and passionate to their kind, like one massive fucking family, even though in that family, all Shakira wants out of them is their fucking money…it’s a scam…like her in a bikini…it should never have happened…not until she laid off the tacos and toned the fuck up…

To See the Rest of the Pics CLICK HERE

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Shakira’s Breasts Aren’t Small and Humble in Elle of the Day

Shakira is in the recent issue of Elle and it’s not all that eventful, but maybe I am just bias and don’t really like celebrating new moms, under any circumstance, and if I feel the need to look at Shakira pictures, I’ll go back to her booty shaking tweak videos from before she was a pregnant cow….

The only reason I am bothering with these is because she’s showing off cleavage, an new addition to her body thanks to being a pregnant cow, all full of milk, and I guess she made the point of saying her breasts were small and humble, that you can’t confuse them for mountains in one of her hit songs, well that’s still true, but they are bigger than they used to be, and she seems pretty happy about that…

If you need more reason to hate Shakira, you can tune into the Voice, where she plays a latino version of Christina Aguilera, even though Aguilera pretends she’s latino, only Shakira, is a few bra sizes smaller than that cow…but equally annoying.

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Shakira’s Offensive Pregnancy Pics of the Day

Shakira and her husband Gerard Pique, some soccer star who plays for FC Barcelona….posted these pics to promote her online baby shower…you probably heard about yesterday…but that I ignored because the whole pregnant thing has turned Shakira invisible to me…even if her breasts are small and humble and even if her hips don’t lie…I kinda wish that parasite inside her belly did…cuz looking at this shit freaks me out….in what I think is the most unnatural thing to do to yourself…even if it is the foundation of humanity and the one thing that is natural…I just can’t wrap my head around it…like I can’t wrap my head around these topless couple photoshoots people do….friends have sent me similar shit…and I have seen similar shit on facebook and it is the worst….and should be kept to themselves as a memento of what they find a beautiful thing…because they are the only one who find it a beautiful thing….

It is just on some fucking level of trailer park scrap booking…something I guess Shakira isn’t too far off from…cuz despite being rich…she’s still a latina….and latina’s notoriously do it tacky and loud….

Here are the pics if you’re into having a good laugh…

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Shakira Does the Beach of the Day

Yesterday there was a story of Shakira surviving a Sea Lion attack…resting and covered in bruises…after escaping death like the action figure she is….and today we have Shakira on the beach….proving yet again that celebrity gossip is a pile of shit…but it’s almost tolerable when the celebs are half naked….cuz good or bad looking……half naked is always good….

The again…these could be old pics…and I could have my time line all fucked up and these are just the trials and tribulations of a job that isn’t a job….it’s such hard work for something that doesn’t fucking matter..


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Shakira’s Ass and TItties At Some Event of the Day

I don’t know what Shakira was winning awards or presenting…and I’m too lazy to look it up…because I am only paying attention since she’s wearing a tight dress, showing off her “small, humble, but can move mountain”-Shakira, tits and the ass she likes to parade around like some kind of south american show girl booty dancing at Carnivale, cuz that South American angle is her hook….making you wonder what drug cartel her father, boyfriend, or Colombian management team was a part of to help her infiltrate the modern world with her songs….because I could use some of that Yay….it’ll likely get me laid…you know since girls love free coke…and will trade their vaginas for it more than you probably know…making that 40 dollar investment can save you 200 dollars on escort fees…not that has anything to do with this whore….but she gets enough attention…it’s time for local cokewhores everywhere to shine….

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Shakira’s Gold Underwear of the Day

I don’t think Shakira is as interesting, or amazing, or hot as all the perverts on Youtube….but I have POSTED ON HER ENOUGH to appreciate her ass shaking in video as much as I appreciate any bitch who makes ass shaking videos that go viral…whether hot, tight and South American….or big fat and black…shit always makes me happy….even when I go to strippers and I see the young bitches practicing their ass shaking in hopes of one day being a pro ass shaker I laugh to myself….cuz ass shaking is what life is fucking made of, too bad we’re all going to die this upcoming year…RIP us.

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