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Sienna Miller is Still Alive of the Day

Remember when Sienna Miller was all over the fucking place, topless in every movie, the hottest homewrecker in Hollywood….neither do I, but in my defense I have a pretty bad memory, I don’t even remember actual hot girls I’ve met drunk over the years when I bump into them, but usually that’s because I met them drunk, they aren’t as hot as I remember them being, and usually 10 years older, fatter and moms. I just know that there was at least one point in my life where I thought it’d be nice to replace my wife with Sienna Millerr, but then realized that Sienna Miller probably has Aids, and figure that’d be better off getting it from a streetwhore, because they’re less maintenance, less needy and faster to die because of their shitty immune systems…
So, she’s not dead, she did Letterman, and based on Letterman and her past she probably DID Letterman, and I guess who really cares, these pictures suck, kinda like her income the last 3 years…..

Pics via PacificCoastNews

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Some Sienna Miller Leaving American Apparel of the Day

I don’t now why I am putting these pictures of Sienna Miller up. They are boring. She’s not topless and she’s not showing her hipster, cokehead bush. She’s not what she used to be, maybe this is a premature RIP motherfucker for for sex appeal.

Pics via INF

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Sienna Miller’s Homewrecking Public Tits of the Day

The good thing about Sienna Miller is that she’s not one of those exclusive uptight girls you meet in the bar who claims she has a boyfriend before finding out you are rich, she’s more the kind of girl who has this modern day hippie attitude, who doesn’t mind sharing the wealth, where she gets naked pretty much every chance she gets giving all of us a glimpse into what we are missing, while bedding pretty much every man she crosses paths with in some kind of self-discovery bullshit that makes her pussy some kind of public park or adult jungle gym you’d find in the park and the only thing shitty about all that is the herpes, and I guess the fact that none of us will ever get a piece, because despite the diseases, she’s still easy on the eyes….

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Sienna Miller Grabbin’ and Spreading Her Ass of the Day

I realize I posted pictures of Sienna Miller wearing the same bikini the other day and despite the likely possiblity that she doesn’t shower or change her underwear because she looks like that kind of rich cokewhore, I am pretty sure these pictures were taken the same fuckin’ day and I am only really posting them because I liked the picture of her spreading her ass cheek like a slut beggin to get fucked…I guess the other reason I am posting these pics is because I used to be a fan of her work, mainly because her work consisted of getting topless in every movie she was in at a time when i was into small tits and hipster fashionista bush, but those times are long gone, give me big titties and a bald pussy anyday cuz I’ve moved on and so has about 15 men she’s dated since then, because she has the ability to wreck homes with her pussy in the first few months of dating, but has no staying power, a lot like her career….here are some pics of her in a bikini…

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Sienna Miller in her White Bikini of the Day

Sienna Miller was one of these actor bitches I wanted to fuck because she looked like she was laid back and knew what she was doing, but as time has gone on, she’s become the kind of girl who may have a little too much experience for me to want to go down on her and I can only assume the salt water is burning her broken down cooch like she was Naomi Campbell or some shit…..

What I am saying is that she’s a whore.

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Sienna Miller in a White Bikini of the Day

Sienna Miller is some home wrecking washed up party slut who managed to get a couple of movies and here she is in a white bikini trying to trick us all into thinking that she’s pure, but I’m pretty sure if you found those bottoms on your bedroom floor after fuckin her, you’d find a green stain that would make you regret what you did the night before. I don’t really know waht I am talking about, but I assume Sienna Miller’s fucked enough dudes that her pussy oozes space shit and that’s all I have to say about that cuz I have better things to do than this, like finger bang the girl sitting next to me at McDonald’s. Sure she’s 80, but that just means she will probably invite me over for some backed goods.
Fuck yourself.

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Sienna Miller’s Showin’ Off Her Dirty Bare Feet of the Day

I don’t know what it about Sienna Miller, but I do know I want to fuck her. Unfortunately, I feel like a lot of people have beat me to it and by a lot of people, I mean A LOT of fucking people. I feel like she’s had more cock than Chick-fil-a. You know the kind of girl who smokes hard, drinks hard, rips coke hard, and jumps on dick hard and often, and I guess that’s almost disgusting.

See, I am the kind of guy who likes my vagina’s like a luxurious shoe still on the shelf at the shoe store, you know the kind you aren’t too sure how many times they’ve been tried on, or if they’ve ever been tried on, because they are firm, the leather is tight and they are in pretty mint condition, you know something you’d spend a couple hundred dollars on.

Now I’ve got a feeling Sienna Miller’s vagina is more like the kind of shoe you’d pick up at the second hand store for 50 cents, you know mismatched, discolored and slowly turning grey, loose and falling apart, worn by many people and fucking stinks because of some infection that was left behind, with a weird rough patch near the toe and a hole in the sole…..if you know what I mean….

And here is Sienna Miller not wearing any shoes going through Airport security, showing off her dirty hippie, free spirited, fun loving, slut feet that I know at least one guy has cum all over…..

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Watch Sienna Miller Walk of the Day

There was a time whe I used to park myself outside random places, whether it was in the park watching girls walk with their families and friends, or on a busy downtown street watching girls go from store to store, or even stop for a coffee, or at a mall watching girls walk into various lingerie or bikini stores, or even outside an all girls school to see the girls walk by in their school girl outfits, and it was never as boring as posting pictures watching Sienna Miller in some dumpy jeans walking. I just wanted to make that clear, in the event you were wondering whether real life ass is better than pictures of real life ass.

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Sienna Miller Hides from the Paparazzi of the Day

Seeing Sienna Miller hiding from the paparazzi because she doesn’t like the press she’s getting for being a homewrecking slut and is ashamed of herself for being a homewrecking slut, but not ashamed enough to pursue a married man by throwing her drunk desperate vagina at him when they were working together, reminds me a lot of my sex life. Not because it involves these Hollywood stories of passion, but because everytime I ever woke up with a hard on next to a girl I brought home with me after a night of hard drinking, who I’d wake up by trying to shove my dick inside her ass and my fingers inside her mouth would scream, jump out of bed, run to the corner of the room in the fetal postion while covering her face and shaking in fear, but all those games never stopped me, sure maybe it wasn’t role playing, but if I told myself at the time I’d have to come to terms with the fact that I actually raped them and I slept a lot easier thinking that it was just an act on their part.

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