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AMA Award Round Up of the Day

The American Music Awards happened and no one cares….they are the most bootleg of award shows, not that an Award show is as high profile as they pretend it is, despite what they want you to think. It’s really just an advertising opportunity for brands to get involved in things that celebs go to because they are being honored….It’s an ego stroking nomination that’s basically a celebrity handjob to get them off….all fucking lies…

I know that award shows are basically a fail now, the ratings have proven that no one fucking cares about people who already won, being thrown up against each other in a meaningless contest, only to give the person who paid the most the trophy…it’s all just place holder shit…

If we were to have an award so that matters, they pit these celebs up against each other in a death match…..WINNER TAKES ALL…..

But yea, there was a time when people believed the award shows mattered and in that time I was able to get 2 tickets to the American Music Awards for the site, despite it being the blacklisted site no one fucks with, so clearly they were hurting then,…and now….but this is the round up of the SLUTS:

Bebe Rexha

To See More Bebe Rexha

Cara Delevingne

TO SEE MORE Cara Delevingne

Doja Cat

Dua Lipa



To See More Jennifer Lopez

Kristen Cavallari

To See Kristin Cavallari

Megan Thee Stallion

To See Megan Fox

The host – Taraji P Henson

To See More Taraji P. Henson

BONUS – TO SEE Becky G at the AMAs cuz I didn’t Update This Shit…


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American Music Award Round-Up of the Day

Screen Shot 2015-11-23 at 1.42.29 PM

I know the American Music Awards were on last night because people were posting about it on my facebook. Three or four stories from the American Music Awards actually were “trending” on facebook, meaning people actually still care about this shit, even in a time when we have Netflix and other options…

I read that ABC was going to livestream the event, knowing that without doing that, no one would watch, and if no one watched, advertisers wouldn’t pay millions to sponsor, so I guess companies are finally realizing, like they did in the 50s, that if you give TV to people for free, you can run ads…and that the 4 or 5 decades of cable providers were just scamming viewers double dipping. Saying “Hey Pay Us to See Ads from Us”…assholes…

But there was a time when Dick Clark, before he was Ryan Seacrest, created this show as an offshoot to his American Bandstand and people took the AMAs seriously…like a legit event…because these people love their egos massaged with bullshit awards that make them feel more important amongst themselves..and that time was so fucking long ago…

For as long as I can remember, the AMAs were the bootleg award show, that even invited me to attend once..in 2006…because clearly they were desperate…and like with women, I discount anyone who lets me in them….

Either way, it’s been a pile of shit forever, celebs still participate because they like excuses to party and celebrate their industry as they scam the public, who watch hoping for a scandal..

Like the tree trending stories of “the girl crying in the awful Celine tribute to france”…the “Alanis Morisette and Demi Lovato duet”….the “Nicki Minaj dirty Look to J.Lo dancing to her song”…

This is what our world is coming to….what the fuck..there are real fucking issues out there..which is why I refuse to watch or participate in any of this bullshit and encourage you to not participate either…unless it’s looking at the slutty pics the next day, because slutty pics, even associated with shitty awards or even shitty porn or even shitty clubs or strip clubs…are worth looking at…I mean even if it was the most terrible ISIS, terrorizing and murdering the west, much like the AMAS, I’d still watch the slutty pics associated with it…because I like slutty behavior..

Yes, I just said that American Music Awards are like ISIS…attacking our freedom..the real cultural terrorists…here are some of the pics..


Ciara, Elle Goulding, Hailee Steinfeld, Chirstina Milian, Gwen Stefani, Demi Lovato, Selena Gomez, Olivia Holt, Gigi Hadid, J.Lo…who gives a fuck…

We can all agree – these people are better on mute…


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I am – The American Music Awards Arrivals of the Day


I didn’t watch the American Music Awards because they are a waste of fucking time, even though every acceptance speech is about how shit changes lives, but unfortunately my life wasn’t one of those lives changed today, because I don’t own a TV, but if I did, I’d be living the fuckin’ dream and I am pretty sure I’d be watching scrambled porn, not because I like porn, but because distorted blue and green sex scenes excite me more than Dick Clark’s bullshit award show.

I tried getting someone in LA to crash red carpet for this event for stepTV, but I have no real pull, I couldn’t get press access and security’s a bitch, not to mention the dude I know in LA doesn’t have a camera and can barely speak english, but it still would have been better coverage than the actually award show, but that’s just like comparing a hot girl to some fat one night stand you once brought home when drunk because she was willing and you are an opportunist who doesn’t turn down a girl when she offers you creampie, unfortunately when you got back to her place, you realized that by creampie bitch actually meant a cream pie and you sat there eating whip cream and watching reruns of Seinfeld, because that’s all that was on at 4 am, until you sobered up and had to peace the fuck out because you realized that her elastic waistband on her sweat pants wasn’t something that could really get you off and for the record stepTV is that fat chick because it’s lower quality but makes for a better fuckin’ story.

I am recovering from binge drinking like a sorority girl during Homecoming week, and I don’t remember all that much of the last two nights, but I do know I laughed a lot so if you’re lucky I’ll bring some of that to you here, it happens sometimes, just not in this post.

Here are the arrival pictures from the AMAs.

Beyonce’s Got Some Insane Cleavage Going On….I Guess Someone’s Been Eating Her Fried Chicken

Alicia Keys Did Some Choreographed Dance Routine I Didn’t Understand

Amanda Bynes Got Some Fucking Legs

Ashley Tisdale is Hot Right Now, Like a Busted Old Pick-Up Truck In Your Front Lawn on a Hot Summer’s Day…

Avril Lavigne Dressed Like an Academy Award, If Academy Awards Had Stupid Hair

Some Carrie Underwood Wearing Curtains

Jennie Garth Dancing With Her Old Face…Which She Thinks is a Star…But Really Isn’t

Rihanna in Some Halloween Costume Shit Still Lookin’ Hot…

Vanessa Hudgens Because We’ve All Seen Her Naked and I Like to Show Love To Bitches Who Get Naked….

Fergie because Her Body is Too Good to be a Man

Nicole Scherzinger Because Her Dress Reminds Me of This Retarded Kids Art Project But Less Attractive….

Kellie Pickler Because We Like to Support Her Fake Tits

Miley Cyrus Because She’s Jailbait and has the Coolest Fuckin’ Father to Ever Grace the Radio With His Fucking Annoying Song….

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