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Nicole Eggert Hiking of the Day

When Baywatch is no more…and all you can see is the all you can eat buffet…

When you quit the speed to stay in shape and hit the bakery…

When you stop working out due to “injury”….and blow the fuck up…but not in the way you’d want your Baywatch career to take you…

When you blame it on your hormones, or your thyroid, but really you’re just drinking every night….because you’re a sad broken girl who looked like this…


Interesting, if you find hot chicks getting obese interesting, and not disgusting….when it is actually disgusting…terrifying….it may not be news that she’s fat…if you follow Nicole Eggert, but I don’t…and whenever I see pics of her, I laugh…reminded of all the hot chicks turned fat before her…


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Nicole Eggert’s Breast Reduction Show of the Day

This is a terrifying video clip from a show I guess is called Botched Plastic Surgery, where they go in and try to fix up shitty plastic surgery, but I could be wrong, I didn’t bother googling it..

I was too busy trying to understand Baywatch Babe Nicole Eggert’s tits that she wanted to have rebuilt, now that she’s 50 and built like a 50 year old, all broad backed and scary enough for me to never want to see her in a bikini, or really see her topless with her nipples censored…

So this show is on E!, who are known for their quality programming, and they creation of Ryan Seacrest…and it is 5 minutes of talk about fat old lady tits…showing fat old lady tits…that if you’re 40…you probably jerked off to on Saturday nights…

I see enough fat tits in my day to day…but this plastic surgeon is pretty awesome!

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Baywatch Bitches Old at the David Hasselhoff Roast of the Day

Apparently they roasted David Hasselhoff this past weekend because his life wasn’t enough of a fucking joke and they figured they had to drive the point home….and all his Baywatch pussy made an appearance….and since I was one of the many dudes who jerked off to this shit cuz we didn’t have internet at the time and it was enough to get us off…back before all the desensitization that lead to throat rape being the only way to our orgasm….and I thought it’d be nice to post this as a where are they now, throwback to pussy that once made us cum, and maybe if you’re really into it, pussy that can make you come again, cuz like a fine wine, shit gets better with age, but I doubt that’s the case….cuz masturbation isn’t like marriage and we don’t have to stay locked down to one whore…but I’ve been wrong before…

So here’s Traci Bingham, Pam Anderson, Angelica Bridges, Nicole Eggert, Gena Lee Nolin all old, botoxed and some even fat, but their fake stupid shoulda been pornstar tits haven’t aged a bit….

Pics via Bauer

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Nicole Eggert is Fat and in her Bathing Suit of the Day

So older and fatter Nicole Eggert made fun of herself by getting into a bikini for some Funny or Die bullshit that mocks her weight gain, because I guess her weight gain isn’t substantial enough to really laugh at, but in hollywood terms, it’s huge, even though she’s probably a lot more fit that girls you fuck, at least she’s a lot more fit that girls I fuck. IF she was really fat, she wouldn’t have survived the run to the water, she would have passed out or had an asthma attack, but I didn’t watch the whole thing, and expect that to be the joke behind the video, because let’s face it, that just the kind of obvious comedy Funny or Die produces.

The whole thing is stupid, and trust me, I am the first to shit on fat chicks, because I fucking hate fat chicks. I even hate on girls with eating disorders that just aren’t good enough at starving themselves to have a perfect skeletal body, but when someone who has little talent who was on Baywatch retires with all her Baywatch money, I expect her to spend it eating and not working out, because she’s hit her peak and now she’s ready to enjoy life. Just leave the bitch alone, focus on someone who is actually relevant, but more importantly, fat enough that we wouldn’t fuck ’em.

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