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Amy Winehouse Flashes Her Panties of the Day

I am kinda surprised to see Amy Winehouse wearing panties, I figured that her rotting vagina just kinda closed up on her and dried out meaning there wouldn’t really be a point. Maybe I just think like that because she’s pretty fucking busted looking and I like to pretend she doesn’t have female genitals because it helps keep me straight, but that’d be a lie, since I’d pay to fuck this bitch and bitches that look a hell of a lot worse than her, but I wouldn’t pay much.

That said, if you’re wondering why she went with black pair and not the white pair, it’s because before she put these on, they were white….bad joke, sure, but that doesn’t change the fact that I am really curious what shoving my face in her crotch would smell like, and what would happen if someone was to insert garden hose, PVC pipe, licorice or any tube into her, and I got the opportunity to take a hit of that pussy pipe.

I guess I’ll never know….

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Amy Winehouse Tits Go to Court of the Day

My grandma always used to say, you don’t get lap dances from faces so when a homely lookin’ bitch comes your way and strikes up conversation with you about what your name is, if it is my first time in the place, if I am from the city, if I like the show or if I’m having a good time, missing teeth with wonky eyes, acne and a weak chin, take a step back and look at her tits because that’s what is gonna be in your motherfucking hands in 5 minutes, so I’ve tried to carry that attitude thru life in having no standards…

That said, I was walking down the street at 5 in the morning and ran into some crackhead, almost as tight bodied as Amy Winehouse, but dressed way more fucking crazy. I am talking like a fucking juggling clown, with a haggard face, on her way to the fucking carnival, with strappy shit, and knee high socks and a top hat, and the whole thing was fucking surreal, until she pulled out her vagina and it was the hairiest fucking thing I ever saw, but could make out her grey labia out of the fuzzy pillow, and I had to walk it out because I was laughing too hard to try to fuck her.

Either way, Amy Winehouse is looking pretty fucking amazing at court, her tits look solid and sure she’s not pretty, but she healthy and showered, which just goes to show you, drugs aren’t as bad as they say they are, especially considering that drugs are the reason I saw dirty pussy last night.

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Depressing Amy Winehouse Pictures of the Day

Anyone who reads this site knows how I feel about crackwhores, and that is that I love them. They give pretty uninvolved blow jobs because they don’t charge very much and are focusing on their next fix while trying not to die, but their smell, toothless mouths, soiled pants and the fact they haven’t taken a shit in a month is a fuckin’ turn on, at least when I am really drunk and on a budget, so you can imagine how pissed off I am that the Caribbean vacation has made Winehouse look healthier than ever, because now I can’t jerk off to her pictures, maybe you can.

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Amy Winehouse Hangs with Tits of the Day

Amy Winehouse is living the fucking life. By the looks of these pictures of her hanging out with some hot chick’s tits, she’s still out in the Caribbean de-toxing after spending the last 2 years being fuckin’ wrecked and partying all the fucking time. It’s the kind of lifestyle I’d want to record a hit album to get, but unfortunately the only thing me and Winehouse have in common is our rotting mouths, poor health and addiction and not her angelic voice.

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Amy Winehouse is the New Nike Spokesperson of the Day

Word on the internet is that Amy Winehouse is the new spokesperson from Nike. I guess they liked that she had an emaciated body of a Kenyan runner and the lung capacity of a 75 year old chain smoker.

Sure, performance drugs are frowned upon in professional sports, but being able to pull crazy stunts, like having a professional music career, or doing cartwheels, while jacked on debilitating drugs, is considered stamina. Don’t believe what people tell you, because she is a fucking athlete, only her sport is getting high and she’s the Gold Medal winner.

I think it’s nice to see that Nike didn’t let her hard work, drive and passion to go above and beyond the average in getting high go unnoticed, but not as nice as her tits. Just do it.

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Amy Winehouse in a Couple More Topless Pics that Hit a Couple Days Ago of the Day

With a history of serious drug use, a bloated unmaintained body and sloppy deflated malnourished tits, I really wonder what Amy Winehouse’s pussy looks like. You know, how does she maintain her pubic hair. Is it like each individual pubic hair is a building of it’s own, creating what seems like an active cosmopolitan area….the bald patches that look like pussy Leukemia are the park, the rashes are the highways and the various smells, insects and things that live within, the people in the everyday hustle and bustle of downtown life, like a microcosm of a third world country, or is it a perfect little pussy, perfectly taken care of, unlike the rest of her. Maybe she’s artistic and shaves shapes in her bush, maybe her labia is battered and flaking from various ill advised injection sites, I just don’t know and probably will never know the components that make up her lady parts and that is one of my life’s great tragedies….

Sure you’ve seen these pictures, but there really such thing as too much Amy Winehouse nudity…..I don’t think so…in fact…I know there isn’t.

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Amy Winehouse Has a Jock Boyfriend of the Day

Amy Winehouse has a new boyfriend and it’s not her drug dealer. It’s some dude who plays rugby and who is an aspiring actor. I am sure his personal gain and getting his name out into the spotlight like he was DJ AM and she was Nicole Richie had nothing to do with lowering himself to have sex with a fucking corpse and embarrass himself enough to admit to the world that he’s into her….

I guess the only other explanation would be that he is like this Guido I know who loves alternative chicks, you know tattooed and pierced and dressed in fucking latex like a fucking lesbian goth because they aren’t like any girls he knows and has already fucked and because it pisses off his tradition Italian parents at family functions.

Or maybe he’s with Winehouse because jocks are usually gay, love showering and being naked with other men, but are too macho to accept that shit, so they either gang rape drunk cheerleaders, beat up their girlfriend or go for a repulsive chick no straight guy would ever lower themselves into, unless that straight guy is me and has no standards, self respect or fear of Aids, and he loves that her pussy smells like dirty man asshole in the locker room after a rough game, it is just fucking bonus.

Either way, he’s in it for the wrong reasons, not that fucking Winehouse could ever be for the right reasons and here are the pics of the happy couple together….

It Turns Out the Winehouse is Pretty Athletic….the Lung Disease Won’t Keep Her Down…Bitch is Built Like a Fucking Cockroach. Maybe that’s strength is all part of her appeal….

Here are some random other pics from the other day, with nipple.

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Amy Winehouse Dancing Topless of the Day

Everyone calls Amy Winehouse a drug addict and make it out to be this bad thing, but all I see is a girl who likes to have a good time. I mean other than the fact that she looks like she belongs in the fuckin’ zoo, or the morgue, or the fact that she probably smells like fucking rotting fish, cheese and feces, or she’s got no teeth, she’s seems like a lot of fun to hang out with. She is always down to dress up for halloween, get fucked up, dance around and take off her fucking clothes. I know my life would be substantially better if I had a Winehouse to hang out with and here she is dancing on her balcony topless like a girl who just wants to have fun….or someone who has done a few too many drugs and doesn’t realize the difference between right and wrong….but no matter what it is, she looks like the kind of girl who would not be uptight about anal, mainly because she would be convlusing in the corner in a puddle of piss and puke and that’s good enough for me. I’m easy.

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Amy Winehouse Topless on the Beach of the Day

I love Amy Winehouse. Mainly because she’s the only living celebrity I can actually imagine fucking because she looks like most of the whores I’ve been with. I also like that she’s down to get fucked up and have a good time, and most importantly, I like that she satisfies my necorphilia fetish by making me feel like I’m jerking off to a rotting dead person, without actually having to jerk off to a rotting dead person, because that would be weird, like all those lonely nights spent getting laid in the Coma ward at the hospital…

Not sure where I’m going with this, so go check out Winehouse’s Talented Jewish crack-tits because they are pretty jacked for someone who’s got an Ethiopian starving baby belly and a serious drug addicted-concentration camp – emaciated – self-destructed physique, which is a miracle just a little less impressive than the fact that she’s still alive.

To See the Rest of the Pics Because I Don’t Want to Get Sued Over this Slag…Follow This Link….

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