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Kelly Brook 1998 Photoshoot of the Day

Kelly Brook…wasn’t fat in 1998…

Just a heads up…and reminder that all girls with massive tits…grow into their tits by the time they are 40…like Kelly Brook…

Who’s Kelly Brook? I know…who cares…but here she is 1998…when she was hotter and fucking more strategically…

Here is some pics from her instagram…one pic…of her big Kelly Brook now fat and old – trying to make it in America….with her monster tits….but it’s not working out for her…but all the pro athletes she fucked in UK….still remember passing

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Kelly Brook’s Lookin’ Like Grimace of the Day


I like her version vs the paparazzi version

Kelly Brook is a fat chick, who is pretty much fatter than ever, but quite possibly as fat as she’s always been, I’ve only met one dude who either fucked her or knew people who fucked her and he was very vocal at how misleading her pictures are and how disgusting she actually is, or was, in her 20s, pretty much 20 years ago, when she was still in the UK fucking Rugby players…

I just find it interesting that in a plus sized model era, she finally come out as the plus sized she’s been struggling with her entire career, not that she’s a real model, just a Glamour titty model, the lower hanging fruit with big tits willing to show off her big tits….kind of model…and I don’t even think she’s worked as a titty model for years…she’s just been riding that wave like any dude who has fucked her has ridden her waves cuz she’s jiggly as fuck….

I find it interesting a how she knows her fucking angles hard, how to pose, the paparazzi versions of her versus her picture of herself are about 75 lbs heavier….making me question whats real anymore…everything is a lie…


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Fat Kelly Brook Gives Herself a Waist in her Bikini of the Day


Kelly Brook is a fat chick who people think is a hot chick because she’s made a career polarizing herself as a hot chick all thanks to having big tits, really big tits, but not necessarily great tits, but great enough to give her a career tits….but the entire time I’ve been saying “Why is this fat chick still being celebrated, especially since she’s around 40″…but no one listens to me, especially not Kelly Brook, except some of her fans who send me hate mail because I make fun of her for being fat and staging a miscarriage before launching her LA career that has been a failure, but luckily she still has a pile of money and a bunch of boyfriends from being naked…so she doesn’t even need to work.

But she does need to workout, she’s pulling her waistline in to give the illusion of shape – she knows all the tricks and her bikini bottoms know way too much as they are being sucked in by her fatness…deep into the abyss 40 year old men from the UK are very into…

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Kelly Brook – Filled Out of the Day

Kelly Brook is a big girl with big tits…she really doesn’t matter, she’s pushing 40, she never quite made it in mainstream despite her ego bringing her to LA to act, after a decade of TITTY Modeling in the UK, and she only did one movie no one cared about.

Young people don’t know she exists, old dudes who read this site really like her and I have no idea why, but I’ve been calling her fat since before she was this fat…the kind of photoshopped as fuck because massive tits usually come with massive everything else, it’s just science or biology and when bitch is pushing 40, probably pregnant with yet another boyfriend, she’s always got different boyfriends, it’s amazing that she’s not 400 pounds…you know still fat enough to starve herself a month for a shoot- but pushing that limit…

Kelly Brook doesn’t matter, but here I am posting on her, what does that say about me….oh that I try to leverage fat girls and their celebrity to get clicks that I can sell to advertisers instead of working a real job….that’s what…

I guess it’s the era of the fat chick and she’s finally giving into her metabolism…or she’s just old…or maybe it’s both…


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Big Girl Kelly Brook in a Bathing Suit of the Day


I am pretty mean to Kelly Brook, a lot of people would say that I am mean to all these bitches, and that instead of just letting them do their thing, I feel compelled to shit on them, and not because I have a feces / german scat fetish, but because I’m some angry impotent, small penis, loser who doesn’t leave my house and I am jealous girls like this won’t fuck me, or that girls in general won’t fuck me, even though I’m a miserably married man to an obese woman – and I think all I’m doing is calling out someone who makes a living, or barely a living but a living nonetheless, by putting herself out there, despite being 40, as a titty model like EMRata, who wants a legit career – you know take the tits to the mainstream or whatever…

I lacked empathy when she had announced she was pregnant – and engaged and so happy a bunch of years ago, then was no longer pregnant and moving to LA to take her titty modeling to hollywood….I laughed and laughed at the “miscarriage” and really rode that storyline I call the ABORTION years… for absolutely no reason….but then I met UK Rugby players who told me a bunch of them fucked her and laughed and laughed about how fat she was – and I felt like I wasn’t so bad…I mean people who actually no her think she’s the worst and make fun of her…I’m just pointing out the obvious – and I only point out the obvious because people don’t seem to care when these big tits are also fat – it’s like big tits erase all flaws and hypnotize you into seeing just tits – and tits – is all she has – so it works out for her – it must she’s always got new boyfriends….like the slut she likely is…

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Kelly Brook Naked and Tanning of the Day


Kelly Brook is fat – but like most fat girls if she lies on her stomach to hide her belly, that may even be a pregnant belly, I don’t know what she’s been sticking up inside her, since I Don’t give a fuck about Kelly Brook….but remember the miscarriage I am sure was an abortion that made her make the move to the USA to be Hollywood tits…that never made it…but had already made it in the UK as a titty model…

I just know when you take a titty model out of her titty element and cover up her tits – it’s hard to really figure out what she is, who she is, or if she even exists….

But I guess when your tits are as big as Kelly Brooke, you have to manage them with care, as to not disgust everyone who thinks they may or may not look good…because they are tits.

To See a Picture of her Snorting Butterfly at some event looking fat CLICK HERE

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Kelly Brook Big Tits Getting Out of Car of the Day


Kelly Brook is serious bottom feeding top heavy whichis conventient because she’s titty model who is really fucking old now…

She’s still got her tits, sure she’s fatter, but she’s always been fat, I met Rugby players in the UK who have fucked her and they laugh about how sloppy she was…at her prime…TRUE STORY…before she decided to move to AMerica…to try and make it by 40. It’s what happens when you get rich for very little and believe you have what it takes to really go for the gold….

She hasn’t been lurking around too much and she’s really not that exciting when she does, but she did bring her fat tits out of a car like she’s the Royal family, and there’s nothing really wrong with that – especially if you like your tits to be old and rich for no reason, but bottom feeding to try to get famous, with an accent…

She should go back to titty modeling…



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Kelly Brook Big Tits as Wonder Woman of the Day


Kelly Brook is serious bottom feeding titty model who is really fucking old now…

She’s still got her tits, sure she’s fatter now, but she’s always been fat, I know Rugby players in the UK who have fucked her and they laugh about how sloppy she is or was…even at her prime…TRUE STORY…

I guess she’s been trying to make it in Hollywood, since she moved to LA at 37 a few years ago, instead of just settling down and making babies despite being pregnant…in the UK…because of delusions that made her think she’s got talent, that she is important, that she can make it in the industry…because no man has ever said no to him due to her tits…

Well, that strategy probably didn’t work, at least based on these pics, not that I know anything Kelly Brook is up to, I don’t really pay attention to last weeks kitchen garbage until it starts to smell, and this is her smelling…in the form of “LETs TRY TO GET NERDS ON BOARD, THIS IS NEW MARKETING STRATEGY, SLUTTY PICS AREN’T ENOUGH”…and it’s boring to me, but I guess you read blogs, making you a pretty pathetic person, so you should fucking LOVE this…I do it for you, think of it as Charity since I don’t get paid to do this….

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Kelly Brook’s 2016 Calendar Because She’s Old of the Day


Kelly Brook is not quite amazing…she’s old, just look at her hands…and fat, just look at her tits, but like most fat girls with fat tits, you can see past the fat, especially since her 40 year old ass tries to thin down the month before a shoot, before going back to eating, as these fat girls do.

There’s a study that says you lose the weight where you last gained it first, and this Kelly Brook character who hasn’t quite made it in Hollywood as she wanted, but who was become a millionaire through titty modeling the last 2 decades, always retains her tits, meaning at 18 she was probably something special.

But according to pro Irish Rugby players I met who used to pass her around, she’s always been a porker…

This is her calendar shoot, I guess people in the UK are still old school chimney sweeper types who haven’t quite adopted the internet or technology and still operate like the middle ages…all dying of the plague and shit…Or maybe the British in their cold, conservative ways, are just bad a gifting so they give you some jellies or a Calendar….because these UK girls love producing Calendars…but no American I know has had a Calendar since smart phones….

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Kelly Brook is Back to Fat Panty Flash of the Day



Kelly Brook’s a titty model, glamour model, aspiring actress, from the UK, who is actually in her early 40s and not a titty model, or Glamour model at all anymore, but rather more of a chubby chick, with big tits, and an old, tired face, who sometimes starves herself when she has a job lined up, but for the most part, just matches her tits…

She was actually pregnant 4-5 years ago, but had a well planned miscarriage, because I guess her ego told her to leave the UK and hit LA to be famous…and by famous I mean in staged photoshoots, or at red carpet events, because she is known, that include but aren’t limited to armpit fat cleavage and panty flashes…

I’m not a Kelly Brooke fan, and I’m not a Kelly Brook hater, she’s sort of just there…and here she is..just there….look at those arms…Jesus…

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Kelly Brook in a 2016 Calendar at 40 of the Day

kelly 2016 05

I always feel awkward watching old ladies Glamour model….but not that awkward because I am a pervert and like wondering how all their battle wounds happen…

Sure, I prefer when the old ladies Glamour modeling are suburban wives, with kids, trying to add excitement to their marriages…and not some delusional titty model from the UK who still thinks she’s got it going on, despite being old, washed up and hardly interesting, all because she has big tits and a loyal fan base who like big tits..that gave her confidence to move to America…back when she was smart enough to have that “miscarriage” when she was at a turning point in her middle aged Glamour model career, where she could have settled down to be a mom, but that’s just a miserable existence…so instead, she’s still going at it….releasing calendars, which says a lot about her career, because if your fans still buy calendars…you’re pretty fucking old…

Here are some of the pics, because I guess she’s releasing them in instalments…to maximize people talking about her tits…no one actually cares about..

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Kelly Brook’s Massive Tit of the Day


Kelly Brook is the worst…

I have a love hate relationship with her, which in and of itself is fucking weird since I have never met her and will never met her, and really I am just having a relationship with pictures on a screen, which is probably not the weirdest thing I have had a relationship with, but it is up there…

She’s got these massive tits, that sometimes come with a massive everything else because she’s pushing 40 and like most girls with big tits she gets fat easily…but right now…she’s not at her fattest, I guess since she miracuously got a TV show…

So that love/hate relationship with her is that I love big tits, they are fun. I love desperation that makes a girl pull out her tits in photos to become a titty model…and I love when it works to a certain level…because it encourages other girls to show their tits…but I hate that when they make it, they forget they are a titty model, they forget their whore roots, and think they are actual talent…I also hate the hate mail I got for making fun of her miscarriage and referring to these pics as her doing a sacrifice for fame…

But I love the big tits…that I guess she still realizes are a big part of her appeal…because I mean…look at that instagram pic…that’s a fucking tit.

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Kelly Brook’s Nude Sunbathing of the Day


Kelly Brook was a nude model who was passed around the rugby leagues in Europe because of her huge tits, her willingness to show her tits, and rugby players being a different breed of human who like to fuck each other’s women together, because that’s how real men do it…

She moved to LA, I had no hope for her, she booked one movie…and it was a joke and I guess she has since sucked the right dick…because she’s on an actual TV show…which blows my mind, or would, if I cared about a nude model from the UK, who was fat but with fat came tits, tits she was willing to show…until pulling off a scam right before turning 40…

So now, she’s just teasing with this nude sunbathing pic…but I don’t think it is called teasing when she’s past her prime and we can just google her in her prime…actually naked…labia and everything…

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Kelly Brook and her Amazing Sloppy Tits of the Day


My only Kelly Brook story is from a professional rugny player who told me she was passed around the league like a rugny ball, only fatter than a rugby ball, because she’s fat…despite what her tits may be distracting you from…

He proceeded to show me pictures that the leage passed around of her, naked, since that’s what she was known for…nude modeling, while being the joke in the rugby league…

Now if you know Rugby players, they are the kind of lunatics who will run train on a girl giving each other high fives like a bunch of brutes…and I guess that means Kelly Brook was the one being run train on…

Not that I know that for a fact, what I do know is that she moved to LA a few years ago to become famous, leveraging that UK titty model fame, securing a work visa, and now on a TV show, or more importantly attending events like COachella…with her big tits in tow….pretty much looking better than ever, despite being in her late 30s…weird…

All this to say, I am in love with her roommate…

Now here she is in her Coachella Big Titty Cleavage Pics:

Here she is in Some Magazine Photoshooped…

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Kelly Brook Picture of the Day

Kelly Brook shopping at Victoria's Secret

If Kelly Brook knows that I exist, and she probably does thanks to googling herself all day, all these idiots do it….she probably isn’t a fan…

I know this because even her fans aren’t fans and that I’ve got so much hate mail for making fun of her abortion she called a miscarriage back when she was pregnant a few years ago, and that she decided to turn into moving to LA, where instead of fucking UK athletes, she’d get in a shitty movie, that has apparently becaome a shitty TV show, and that blows my fucking mind…

I guess no one found it funny to laugh at her nudes and say thatshe was preading abortion on herself in some tribal issue…

But maybe I’m wrong about people, because I don’t understand why anyone, especially Americans would even know Kelly Brook exists, or give her a chance…but she does have big tits, and therein lies the answer – I guess…tits get hits…even if they are UK and attached to a fat chick who is trying to lose weight since it is the American way…

That said, her roommate Natalie Loren is pretty interesting…

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