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Christina Ricci in a Bikini of the Day

I liked this bitch better when she had an eating disorder and cut off her tits to make the scale drop by 10 pounds and help her feel the success of her eating disorder more dramatically because having C-Cup tits just wasn’t conducive to skinny. Sure I find it a great tragedy to take away something so spectacular like breasts, that’s the main reason I’m not down with breast cancer, but I am down with girls with issues especially when they have money to go with those issues, it’s fun to partner up with them on their self-destructive path, because they usually don’t care enough to say no to any of your requests. Yes, I am talking about anal.

Here she is in a bikini.

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Christina Ricci’s Got Some Hard Breast Reduced Nipples of the Day

[ Images removed in compliance with DMCA Notice ]

I knew a girl who had her breast reduced because they were a sloppy mess that aimed to the ground like she was a fat chick, because she was a fat chick in her past and had lost a lot of weight doing coke, leaving her a couple empty potato sacks on her chest that when in clothes made her look like she was still that fat chick and like she never had an eating disorder or drug addiction and she wasn’t having that so she opted for the reduction.

Besides the anchor shaped scar that always reminded me of this dude named Bill who I used to drink with. He was in the Navy and had an anchor tattoo and would always tell me stories of getting busted jerkin off on the job and getting STDs when comin’ to port, only her tits were pretty much perfectly shaped, and when she would never wear bras and always have hard nipples. When I asked her why her nipples were always ready to cut boxes and hijack planes to fly into national monuments, she would always tell me how the doctor fucked up her shit and ever since the surgery they were ultra sensitive, like if played with proper, she could come from the shit.

I am not saying that Christina Ricci had the same nipple-fate as this slut I knew, but she did have a breast reduction and her nipples are hard and that’s more than enough evidence for me. I guess my lack of attention to detail is the reason I am not a CSI. Here are the pics.

[ Images removed in compliance with DMCA Notice ]

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Christina Ricci Feeds the Meter and Not Herself of the Day

So Christina Ricci is wearing spandex and by the looks of her sloppy skinny body, she looks like she’s still got her eating disorder. So the only feeding that goes on in her life is when she feeds her meter, because let’s face getting a parking ticket is a way worse fate than dying of starvation or an anorexic induced heart attack.

The truth is that I support eating disorders, despite not having one of my own, unless overeating shit counts and an eating disorder, which I think it does, but my kind of eating disorder makes slipping into a pair of leggings a really embarassing thing and not just becaue I have a small penis.

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Christina Ricci Breast Obituary of the Day

Image Removed due to Papparazzi

Christina Ricci looks like a cartoon character and I guess there’s nothing really wrong with that because we all grew up watching cartoons and it’s only natural that as we get older, and our bodies start changing, we turn that love for our favorite cartoons into something sexual. I guess that’s why all you weirdos get off to anime or cartoon erotica, which is something I will never understand but maybe it’s got something to do with having not being allowed to watch TV growing up, so I never got that same kinda passion for the shit that you do.

Either way, I was surfing the internet and came across an obituary to her tits, something that makes sense because she killed the fuckers for some stupid reason like trying to make herself look skinny, because let’s face it they weren’t even that big but anorexics are all confused when it comes to their body image. Here it is.

Christina Ricci’s Breasts
Murdered June 2, 2004

It comes with great sadness in our hearts to bring you the news of the death of Christina Ricci’s tits. There was nothing explicitly wrong with them, but due to vanity their life was prematurely ended. They will never have the chance to breast feed or sag and will always remembered by their role in such classic films as Opposite of Sex, Buffalo 66 and Pecker. Survived by a nation of perverts who are trying to get their hands on the breast tissue the doctors removed from her to staple on their wall next to their printed out and magazine cutout collection of Christina Ricci’s breasts.

They have brought so much love to our hearts and joy to our lives.

Memorial Donations may be made to Breast Cancer Research for women who want their breasts but have them rudely taken away and not because of the luxury of plastic surgery and vanity, but because of potentially fatal disease.

Here she is in a green dress.

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Christina Ricci Showing Off Her Prison Tattoo Tit of the Day

It turns out that the tattoo artist that did the Christina Ricci prison tattoo on her tit that posted earlier, released the pictures he took of her tits, I guess to draw attention to his studio or his amazing job of a pretty played out bird that he’s probably done 100 times before.

He probably convinced her to let him take the picture by being overly excited about the piece and showing her all the other girls who let him take headless shots of them for his book, claiming that no one will ever know it’s her, knowing perfectly well that pictures of her tits would be worth something for him one day and I guess he deserves a pat on the back for that kind of quick thinkin’.

Every time I try to manipulate girls into getting topless or showing me her tits or masturbating for me they always see past my scheme, but that’s usually because I bust my camera out and call all my friends to let them know what I am doing and how funny it is that the bitch is about to fall for it…right before she actually falls for it. I always jump the gun like that.

I just realized that the redhead in the pictures is a chick and not just a dude with a bad haircut. I have a bad habit of ignoring ugly people even when they are talking to me. It’s like some kind of superpower that just makes them invisible. So I guess that makes a lot more sense, because girls seem to love getting naked for each other with little convincing or manipulating, making this post pretty fucking useless, not unlike every single post I’ve ever written…

What isn’t useless is how good her plastic surgeon was, because bitch’s scars are barely there and all the fat chicks who I know who have had breast reductions all look like they had a meeting with a psycho pervert in a parking lot late at night and got shit done with a chainsaw in a back alley even 10 years after shit healed. So enjoy.

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Christina Ricci’s Tits Have Prison Tattoos of the Day

Here are some pictures of Christina Ricci’s wild tattooed past making an appearance at the premiere of Penelope, which is the gayest sounding name for a fucking movie that makes me want to take up ballet or sucking dick in back alley’s or something…

This is about as exciting as watching the girl in your office bend over at the water cooler revealing the tattoo on her lower back that you know she got in college when dudes had her bent on all fours and took it from behind over and over again the way you want to, but unfortunately she’s married and settled down now….I guess that’s assuming you actually work in an office and there’s an recovered slut who works there, but you know what I’m saying…but I don’t because I’ve never worked in an office and all the bitches I ever landed in my past were badly tattooed to shit because of ex-drug dealing boyfriends and their homemade tattoo guns that gave them hepatitis. I think my fat wife may have a tattoo on her ass too, but she got it when she wasn’t fat so shit just looks like one of her bed sores.

I guess the most unfortunate thing about these pictures of Christina Ricci is knowing the she had a breast reduction a couple of years back because if she hadn’t she probably would have had an easier time filling out this dress.

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I am – Celebrities Showing Off Their Tits at the Metropolitan Museum of Art Gala of the Day


I am all for girls rocking cleavage shirts because I am a pervert and this site has given me a keen eye for spotting nipple slips. I was standing outside a bar, hoping a drunk guy who came out for a cigarette and accidentally drop his wallet the other day, and a group of hot chicks walked out with low cut shirts on, I guess it’s in style to show off your rack and I am not really complaining. One of them conveniently dropped something and when she went to pick it up her shirt dropped and I saw full fucking massive tit, while the other guys next to me missed it. It reminded me of when I was 12 and my foster mother used to come give me talks about God before I went to bed. She’d be in her night gown while I’d be lying in bed. She’d bend over to tuck me in, full tit exposed and I’d totally get a boner and jerk off to it the second she walked out. I always got scared that God was watching me, then I realized that if he was, he was a total pedophile and I might as well give him a good performance, because let’s face it, if I get him to get off when I was 12 only good things would be coming to me….I was wrong…

I am guessing that these celebrities are thinking the same thing, they are advertising their tits at some exclusive black tie event I wasn’t invited to, so that people like us fall into their booby trap…get it..I am so witty and that is good enough for you to start your day to….you’re welcome…

Jessica Simpson May Be Busted But Her Tits are Fucking Huge

Lohan May Be Distracting Us From Her Cocaine Video, But At Least She’s Doing it Properly, this shit will even get Disney to Sign Her Again

Salma Hayek is Pregnant and Full of Milk and That’s Pretty Much What I Wish All My Diet Consisted Of…

Jennifer Garner is Post-Pregancy and Her Tits Have Dried Up, But I’d Still Try To Get the Last Drops Out of Her

Rose McGowan has Always Had Hot Tits

Christina Ricci May Look Old and Beat Up and Her Tits May Have Been Reduced But She’s Still Packin’ Heat.

Scarlett Johannson Still Has Tits and I am Still Lookin’ At Them

Julianne Moore is the First Fire Crotch I Ever Saw in a Movie and Will Always Hold a Warm Place in My Heart for Proving that Myth Isn’t a Myth….

Rosario Dawson’s Tits Look Small But Small Titis are Tits Too…

Juliette Lewis is a Crackhead and Crackheads Don’t Have Tits, But She’s Still Trying…

I Don’t Really Give a Fuck About Mischa Barton But Whatever This is Still Cleavage…

Alicia Keys Has a Hairy Chest, So I Don’t Know If She Counts, But Even Men With Tits Count in Your World, Cuz You Are Desperate…

A few new ones…

I think Ivanka Trump Looks Awesome….I’d wallet-fuck her…

Karolina Kurkova Models Bikinis and I like Bikinis, Especially when they are on me, I feel so pretty…

Gisele isn’t with Victoria’s Secret Anymore, She’s Not a Hot as She Used To Be, But She Has Done A Lot in Her Panties and That Pretty Much Redeems Her….

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I am – Shitty Christina Ricci Topless From Black Snake Moan Clips of the Day

Here are some Christina Ricci in Black Snake Moan Videos. I haven’t seen the movie, but will, I have a thing for naked white girls chained down by old black dudes in some southern shanty of a home. These are really shitty quality, but shitty quality is what I do. The TV I found in the garbage makes everything I watch look like scrambled porn, why would I change my standards for this shitty website. Asshole.

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