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The Super Bowl Happened For Katy Perry of the Day

I don’t watch sports. I find the whole thing insane. The idea of a laziness that involves spending your day sitting on a couch looking at a bunch of dudes trying to throw a ball over a line, based on stupid rules for no functional purpose, other than just a game….is insane enough of a concept…but then turn it into a billion dollar business and my brain just can’t process it. I mean, it’d be more interesting to spend your day jerking off to girls you sext at least there is some level of activity involved.

What really amazes me, is that people think that they have to watch the Super Bowl, like it is the event of the fucking year, and more importantly, non football fans get in on this bullshit too, and not just because they like free snacks and beer at a friend’s house, but because they get to see Katy Perry Perform:

She even got a tattoo to mark this moment in her career like a tween she pretends to be, despite what her cankles are telling us.

Here’s the highlight of the performance – The Creeper:


And they get to see the fucking ads, which is even more fucking crazy. How owned are we by these evil billion dollar corporations, we don’t just make them rich as fuck, we also anxiously await their marketing messages in their big budget ads, that they can only afford because we’re fucking idiots.

To see the rest of the Super Bowl CLICK HERE



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Kate Upton and Other Celebs at the Superbowl Parties of the DAy

As you know, it was the Superbowl, a time I like to lock myself in my house and sit in the dark waiting for the game to end, not out of excitement or anxiety of who is going to win, like Mayweather and his 10 million dollar losing bet, but because Football is boring, it attracts horrible fucking people, and represents all that is wrong with America…

That’s why I chose to appreciate that everyone was locked into a party somewhere, so that I could catch up on my Dirty Dancing watching…

I guess it also attracts a lot of celebrities who love any excuse to throw a party, or go to a party, to be seen…and it also attacks a lot of corporate sponsored events with open bar and celebrity guests…


Because you care what these assholes were doing last night, and really the last 4 nights…even if you pretend you don’t…


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Celebs Babes At Superbowl Parties of the Day

In case you didn’t know…it was the Superbowl yesterday…and with being the Superbowl…there was a whole weekend of Superbowl activities….from corporate sponsored parties….filled with celebrity pussy…taking over New Orleans like it was a hurricane…even though New Orleans doesn’t need a Superbowl to be the best city I’ve ever been to…but I guess it helps…cuz celeb pussy makes everything better…even sports…From Candice Swanepoel, to Maria Menounos….we’ve got them all in the stepFORUM…..because corporations don’t see me as a valid media outlet to bring out to these things to take pics of it myself….jerks.

Here is a Massive One Stop Link of All Superbowl Related Vagina

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Funny News Report of the Day

Some Guy Testicle for Superbowl Tickets Stunt. The story may be old news but I am posting it because the news report is pretty fucking funny…some dude offered his left testicle for superbowl tickets on Craigslist and they go into a description of his bullshit ad, something I wish I came up with because it is so fucking simple and really wasn’t genius at all, but an idea that got him serious publicity, but the highlight of video is when the bitch at the end of the report asks what is wrong with his “right” testicle…

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Bud Light Porn Ad that Didn’t Air on Superbowl of the Day

Here’s an ad, or what they claim is an actual Bud Light Ad about some dude buying porn at the convenience store. It reminded me of you but you don’t actually buy porn you freeloading asshole. I don’t know if it is actually an ad produced by them or some punks pretending to be Bud Light to be funny, but I am posting it anyway. I figure since Bud Light will never pay me to promote their shit, I might as well do it for free, because I am an idiot.

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Some Superbowl Trash of the Day

Call me gay, but I hate sluts. I mean don’t get me wrong, I love sluts. But I hate attention whore sluts, who go out in bodypaint, or strip, or give out samples or condoms at bars, because they have this false sense of purpose. They think they are more important than they are because they were hired to do the gig in the first place, making them think someone likes their bodies, but more importantly, because asshole frat boys as to take their pictures with them, like they are some kind of Britney fucking Spears, and not just some slag who doesn’t mind getting naked for 20 dollars an hour.

They end up with inflated egos, while the frat boys end up with pictures of a girl in body paint to show their friends because they are so crazy, or some shit. Making it a lot harder to convince them that they need me to help their career.

I prefer my sluts to be broken down girls with daddy issues who keep it together in public but the second you tell them the right thing they need to hear, it’s like a trigger that leaves them masturbating on webcam for you.

These tacky whores are just a waste of space, they don’t make parties better, except for leaving regular girls feeling insecure about not getting any of the attention, thus making them easier to hustle, so maybe they’re not as bad as I initial thought, at least when I am lookin’ at them body painted in pictures.

My inconsistency pretty much makes this post have pretty much no purpose so look at the pics.

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Porn Interrupts the Superbowl of the Day

So if you live in certain parts of the US, the Superbowl got interrupted with a clip from a porn. Finally, the Superbowl had a little fucking supstance.

Sure, I may not be into produced porn, I’ll take that shit over sports any fucking day, because naked girls getting fucked is more interesting to me than jacked men in tights rubbin’ up all over each other. Guys seem to never grasp what is wrong with me for thinking that people getting paid retarded amounts to do simple things like run a ball across a line by fooling other guys by making plays is a waste of time and the equivalent to watching two retarded kids banging rocks together, while watching girls get paid less than 1000 dollars a scene to get fucked every way like the whores that they are will always be worth my time, making this one of the best pranks or PR moves of all fucking time, you know since everyone in Arizona, where this happened, was watching the Superbowl last night. Amazing.

Here’s the story

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Paula Abdul Dance Like There’s No Tomorrow at the Superbowl of the Day

Here is Randy Jackson taking advantage of a mentally unstable Paula Abdul and convincing her to perform on his new record because he needs all the help he can get and Paula doesn’t really know what day it is so when Randy gave her the lyrics and showed her the dance moves her glazed over eyes lit up and this lip syncing kicked in and this is the miserable outcome.

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