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Nina Agdal Retard Face Has Nipples of the Day


Nina Agdal is Full Retard….

Forcing us to stare at her and wonder if she had DOWNS…or not…not I am agains DOWNS, some of the horniest people in the world are people with DOWNS…they are the ones chronically masturbating at the public pool…or disappearing for days at a time after escaping the home only to come back pregnant thanks to perverts like you who aren’t DOWNS fetishists but rather just into banging anything you can…

In fact, Nina Agdal’s whoring and sugar babying, gold digging and luxury travel digging, is an insult to people with DOWNS…even if she’d look better walking around with a bike helmet…with or without the see through shirt she’s wearing in these pics..


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Nina Agdal Cameltoe of the Day


Nina Agdal is the retard looking thanks to a big forehead gold digging sugar baby Sports Illustrated model which actually means nothing but it gives her a pretty good hustle…in getting rich guys to pay for her shit…rich guys that we can assume bang her out for their money…because why not get what you pay for when you’re sugar daddying…otherwise why would her vagina be so open to feed off her demin…right…

I know, that’s probably not how vaginas work, but I’ve only met a cameltoe I didn’t like, they have all been amazing, except the one that was on the mom of 6 white trash lunch monitor in jeans too tight…we called it frontal wedgie and it terrfied our early 80s minds…trying to eat a sandwich looking at when you’re 11 years old and unable to understand how hot a pussy eating pants, even when you’re a mom with a banged out pussy, can be…

But now…I appreciate them…even on girls like Nina Agdal, who other than her great ass, is pretty fucking garbage….I’ve seen her drunk in person walking around like the queen of the strip club and I just hate that attitude knowing she’s not that hot…interesting…talented…or deserving of what she has..which isn’t much, she doesn’t get paid to model, she does it for her escorting….

She’s boring – but camel toe saves the day !


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Nina Agdals’ Bikini Fitness of the Day


Nina Agdal is a bikini model, who has done very little beyond being in Sports Illustrated, except maybe a lot of dudes with a lot of money for either a by the hour or per orgasm rate, but then again, she’s a “published model”, they usually like their hooking to feel more like “casual dating” and their rent being paid is just gifts from the billionaires they let cum on their faces…

I am not a fan of Nina Agdal for a few reasons, the main one being she’s got this retard head or forehead that looks like it should be in a bike helmet at all times so that she doesn’t damage the little part of her brain that still works…you know like she’s got special needs and is doing this model thing due to a special work program or some affirmative action program where the media need to hire at least 1 retard per bikini magazine issue, 1/2 a black person, 3 fat chicks and a tranny to keep everyone happy…

We live in a world that panders to the offended person, instead of telling the offended person to fuck off and to stop being such a pussy bitch, people control and craft content around the offended person so not to offend, even if they are being totally irrational in being offended – so we need representation of all people to avoid controversy…bullshit..

We also live in a world where being in a magazine, celebrated by a magazine, that doesn’t even pay you, can boost your ego into some terrible unappreciative, brat from Denmark where she should be sent back because she’s done here…

But she’s got a nice tight body, not necessarily tight to penetrate, but tight due to fitness, since being fit is her one task she needs to maintain…

I guess this is her bullshit fitness routine…for her social media that she can sell to advertisers because a bikini model doesn’t have much more to share of any substance beyond monetizing and objectifying their bodies / ass / tits / vagina via boyfriends…

This is so basic and desperate…and you love it because I said you do.

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Nina Agdal’s Bikini Dance of the Day


Nina Agdal always reminded me of the dude I saw this past weekend wearing shorts in the middle of winter and a Helmet outside of the Apple store, screaming out of the side his mouth,, mainly words I didn’t understand, that were more of a mumble and scream, possibly drooling as he jumped up and down with excitement, you know FULL RETARD/ ACTUAL RETARD…it’s the forehead….

Only a hooker….A hot bodied, rich guy fucking, overrated, drunken hooker…and here she is twerking..

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Nina Agdal Promoting Bathing Suits of the Day


Nina Agdal is the worst forehead in bootleg modeling…

All SI Swimsuit models are bootleg…they aren’t real models and don’t really work…but they get rich boyfriends…

Nina Agdal happens to be the one who has special needs, at least I assume she does, she’s got Downs Syndrome mainly because she’s got this big Danish head….

She’s a sugar baby, which is code for prostitute, because that’s how all these Sports Illustrated models live the good life….rich guys love Sports Illustrated girls…

Really, all that matters is that I am all for affirmative action, you know hiring handicapped people from some organization, who get government subsidies to give retards work…and who you can get for cheap as fuck…

I am also into sex with retards for the same reasons…but that doesn’t matter….I’m just weird…so you can imagine…I’m into it..

If you don’t like that…here’s a slutty shoot of hers..


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Nina Agdal Trying to Ramp Up Nudity in 2016 of the Day


Nina Agdal is a model who I call Downs Syndrome most of the time, mainly because she’s got this big Danish head….and when I am not doing that, I am calling her a sugar baby, which is code for prostitute, because that’s how all these Sports Illustrated models live the good life….and if I am not talking about that…than I’m saying she’s a drunk asshole who thinks she’s more important than she actually is…a second rate model, high end escort, model who barely models…

But sometimes, usually when naked, in her instagram pics or not…I see the light and get why people pay to fuck her…

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Nina Agdal Holiday Campaign of the Day

Michael Kors is a Huge fucking brand….so I wonder why the hired such a bootleg model…or why they did such a shitty video…or why it only has 2,000 views…

Knowing they probably paid 250,000 dollars to 1,000,000 dollars for this…makes me want to hunt down the marketing person, lock them in my fucking basement, and let them die a long, drawn out, death…they deserve for being such fucking clowns, who lack creativity, vision, and even their “safe”…bullshit, fucking sucks…

If you use a hooker who makes 10,000 dollars a year like Nina Agdal, use her like the fucking hooker she is…

If you’re looking to build out your brand, do something interesting, even do something different…do something different..

It doesn’t mean “get naked girls shoving iphones in their assholes”…something we know Nina Agdal would do..

It does mean using your fucking money smarter and doing something interesting…

There is so much waste in the world…wasted money, wasted opportunity…and I am only posting this because it fucking sucks…not because Michael Kors paid me 100,000 dollars to post it…ya know…

Fuckers…and their downs syndrome looking models…

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Nina Agdal is Naked for Instagram of the Day


Speaking of retard face….

Here’s barely relevant Nina Agdal posing in fully nude instagram pictures, because getting naked is how you get noticed….especially on social media where everyone seems to be getting naked.

There was a time when girls, even models, would hold out on getting naked, they would just cock tease the fuck out of dudes for a long time, which made them seem much hotter than they were, then they’d get offered a movie role or Playboy cover for 100,000 dollars or more, and the world freaked the fuck out…

That doesn’t exist anymore, I think the last big Payout playboy made for a nude model with Kim K, who was already available in video getting fucked…a move that made no sense and that may be why they are struggling…

But since then, we’ve all realized…that if you tell a girl, any girl it is art, or for instagram fame, they’ll be spread open, so long as they aren’t masturbating or getting fucked…that’s the fine line of porn and fame-whoring..

Either way, I am a firm believer that Nina Agdal is pretty close to irrelevance, so crying for attention like instagram models makes perfect sense…

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Nina Agdal for Vogue Mexico of the Day


Bootleg model in a bootleg Vogue..

I’ve been making fun of Nina Agdal since her hard jaw and big forward hit the modeling scene. I am aware that she has a great ass in pictures, but that retard waterhead, straight from the Downs Syndrome ward, without the charm most kids with Downs Syndrome have, because she’s got a shitty attitude, acts like a fucking diva, thinks she’s a huge deal as she walks around Miami, when she’s probably made 100,000 dollars in her entire career as a model…she’s a virtual nobody…but I guess she doesn’t realize that as people celebrate her..

Vogue is premium……crucial to the fashion industry because in trying to stay relevant they are giving instagram models and the Kardashians covers..because they are lazy and think staying relevant is featuring garbage…even in their premium issues…

I figure Vogue Mexico, despite being a huge market, is more obscure and they don’t really care what they throw in it…because that would be the only explanation of this nonsense…that isn’t even hot..but that I am sure Nina will use for the rest of her life in conversation…when seducing John’s she meets on sugar daddy sites when she’s in her 40s…”i was once in Vogue”….”it was a magazine that went to shit because they tried to hard to be relevant by featuring people like me because we have instagram fans…that blowjob will be 1000 dollars…thanks”….

Boring..dumb fucking pics…goddamn mexicans..

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Nina Agdal’s Lingerie as Outerwear of the Day

Nina Agdal is one of the less interesting models around…

She’s hardly even a model, she’s don’t Sports Illustrated, who fucking cares…

I mean other than 1,000,000 lowest common denominators…

I am going to assume she’s made very little money for modelling, under 100k a year, yet she’s as famous as top models…while her real revenue stream, like all models, is rich guys…who don’t realize shes got Downs Syndrome because they’re high and drunk..

Well, she’s decided to draw attention to herself in underwear of outerwear..and I guess a retard would forget to put clothes on after being distracted by anything from a butterfly to rocks on the street corner it wants to smash together over and over while rocking back and forth…

Only it’s not that bad…and more a reminder that most girls should forget their clothes…it makes them matter more than they do..


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Nina Agdal’s Ass is Safe for Instagram of the Day

Screen Shot 2015-09-09 at 6.10.51 PM

Apparently…it’s okay….for Nina Agdal to show her ass on social media…

But based on her fitness gear….I don’t know if her ass is really that ok….

I am a Nina Agdal hater, I call her overrated and a bootleg model who looks like she’s got a mental disorder, like Downs…

I do not support her hard drinking, borderline prostituting herself to rich people, because I don’t like seeing this behavior work out for girls..

I don’t really care for any Sports Illustrated, 5/10 in terms of hotness, models…even though America still believes these girls represent something magica..

I am more into supporting instagram models, who have better attitudes…in their famewhoring…

That’s all I have to say about that…

Screen Shot 2015-09-09 at 6.12.07 PM


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Nina Agdal is Ok When She Crops Out Her Retard Forehead of the Day


Note to Nina Agdal…

Always crop out that forehead…

You look less Downs Syndrome….and more a body I would want to jerk off to, justifying her career as a bikini model, that up until this point I just assumed was part of a work program that companies needed to hire because she’s affordable, as her agency is government subsidized…and their goal is to get the retards work…but today..I see that body.

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Nina Agdal Polaroids of the Day


Nina Agdal is such a cheesy bitch. Just look at the lame poses she’s making for the camera…

Like some kind of “model”….because she’s tall as fuck, broad as fuck, and has a rockin’ body, despite being BIG…and I’m not just talking about her forehead…

I know she aspires to get paid, or rich from this, whether from clients who want her to “model”…or by clients who want a girlfriend experience…and I guess this is the way to do it…but any girl who poses for a camera, even when getting paid, MUST be aware of how dumb, lame, useless they are…

I posted the video HERE

Here are the pics…I don’t know why I’m posting them…but I am…

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Nina Agdal Lingerie Instagram Video of the Day

I like to shit on Nina Agdal…but I am not a Dubai rich person…so I can’t afford to actually do it, like they probably do it, only she’s smart enough to not publish those pics on her social media, she doesn’t need the world knowing her seedy “it makes me a million a year and that’s a lot of booze for my boozy immigrant ass”….strategies…

Cuz we know shes not making it with her modeling…but I guess I also know that this video of her, if you don’t look at her handicapped Danish head…is actually pretty hot…

I mean when you have a body like this, I don’t care how drunk, failed model turned hooker you are…not just because even successful models are hookers, but because her body is banging and that’s good enough for me…

To see Nina Agdal dumb Face Leave Gym CLICK HERE

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Nina Agdal Tits of the Day


I dislike Nina Agdal.

She just isn’t hot, but in her mind she thinks she’s a big deal, even though she barely makes money, unless you count the idiot rich guy who lacks social skills, that marries her ends up paying her in the divorce…because some rich guys are so caught up with work, not into really grasping what life is about, don’t care if a girl is a hooker, so long as they can show her off to their friends, in a “look at what I bought”…”she’s a model”….”she’s got lots of instagram followers, therefore she’s better than your sugarbaby you met at a club with an actual job”…

Useless, but she’s showing tits…and that counts for something, very little…but something…

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