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Miranda Kerr’s Pantyhose Ass in Some Photoshoot of the Day

Miranda Kerr was in a photoshoot that was designed for high fashion, but doubled as pretty alright for the pantyhose fetishists, except for the fact that all the pantyhose fetishists I know are more into wearing pantyhose and jerking off in front of the mirror, than fucking a bitch in a pair of pantyhose, so for them, this picture is to inspire you, you know, for you to get some new ideas on how you should be posing when you’re doing your creepy bullshit and for the rest of you, here’s some hot Australian pussy’s hot ass….

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Rihanna’s Pantyhose for Some New Video of the Day

Rihanna is pretty fucking cheesy. I know there was a time when I thought her futuristic dominatrix look was almost hot, but that was before she turned into a militant comic book lookin’ dyke, cuz that shit just doesn’t work for me.

Sure, a bitch who prances around in lingerie with no real shame to sell records shouldn’t be something I hate, but the truth is that to get from Barbados to the top of the music industry, getting into her lingerie hardly even scratches the surface of what she did to or is willing to do to sell records, so I want more for her.

What it comes down to is that the only eye she needs patched up is the one in her panties because there’s no way that tool to get her famous isn’t tainted, toxic or willing to stop anytime soon, when it probably should, because she is addicted to the fame and clearly wants more and more of it because being a whore is a small price to pay to get off a small island where you were still a whore, just a smalltime one. When now, you’re at the fuckin’ top…if you know what I mean….

Pics via Bauer

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Elvis’ Grandaughter in Knee High Stockings of the Day

Here is recently turned 20 Riley Keough. She’s a model who is better known as Elvis’ granddaughter and Lisa Marie’s daughter with Michael Jackson. I am an Elvis fan and like many Elvis fans, I’d get excited to be up inside and tickling something he created 25% of, but that’s really got nothing to do with why I’d be willing to spend a couple hours doing inappropriate things with her, and the fact that she has a vagina does, who cares who her family is, just show me the pink, ya know.

I don’t find her very good looking and I like to blame nepotism for her succcess, but she is slated to inherit big money and walks around in suggestive stockings like some kind of dirty secretary trying to get a raise for her stockin’ fetish boss and that’s good enough for me. I mean if you saw what I have been fucking the last decade you’d realize I have no business turning down any pussy, even if it was on a dead racoon I found in a dumpster that was warm thanks to the summer weather and moist thanks to the decomposing.

Here are those pics….

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Rihanna’s Rockin’ Some Fetish Gear of the Day

Here’s a fuckin’lie for you. Rihanna in fetish gear. The reason I know it’s a lie. Because she wouldn’t have been such a fucking whiner about getting punched in the fucking face by her boyfriend, because anyone who is really a dominatrix, knows that’s just his way of saying he wants his dick in her mouth, not that she sucks dick, according to my friend’s theory, Bajan’s aren’t Haitian when it comes to cocksuckin’ which is another reason why the rubber fishnets are just a fuckin’ lie. It’s upsetting, but I’d still be down to cum all over the shit.

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Lindsay Lohan Buys More Pantyhose of the Day

I guess Lohan didn’t prepare for her rushed, random trip to the UK by bringing enough pantyhose, who knows maybe she has a place there that has the best fucking pantyhose in the fucking world and was the whole reason for her trip to the UK, you know since that’s pretty much all this whore wears, but the reason for this is medical and not for fashion, because if she doesn’t wear them, her pussy will fall out. It’s just that rotten.

On a side note, she still hasn’t died, so the death watch goes on another day, but here are her crew having a Smokin’ Party and I wish I was invited…

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Miley Cyrus in Some Ripped Pantyhose of the Day

Miley Cyrus is really taking this teenage slut thing seriously. Here she is wearing a pair of pantyhose you’d expect to find on a dead hooker found in an alley in the seedy part of town after she was raped and killed, or even in a field an hour out of town for the more nature loving whore killers. Or maybe even something you’d see on a crackwhore who is on day 5 of a serious bender that’s left her curled up in the corner of a charge by the hour motel room, unshowered, in the same clothes she came in on, crying in the corner alone, but it’s definitely not something you’d expect a 15 year old to be wearing as if to advertise how her 21 year old ravages her so aggressively because the passion is so high that she can’t keep a pair of pantyhose for more than a couple hours before the crotch is ripped out and his fingers are scratching a record like he was Sam Ronson on her box, but I am probably jumping to conclusions, she probably got them at Hot Topic and they are probably part of the Perez Hilton clothing collection and her older fame hunting boyfriend is gay and just with her for the publicity knowing that she’ll never try to bang him since she’s a good little Christian who is totally sexually satisfied thanks to the execs at Disney. Sure, talking about a 15 year old sexually is considered wrong, maybe even illegal in the US, but I like to look at it as a practice that created your great culture…without pregnant 15 year olds in the 1600s, none of you white folk would be eating your McDonald’s or drinking your Coca Cola today, so hating on me for talking about a 15 year old having sex is like a black person hating on slavery, that shit just doesn’t happen….oh wait…maybe I’m wrong about that….but what I am not wrong about is that when I was 15 I was fucking and I’m sure you were too, and if you weren’t you would have been, if you found a girl retarded enough to let you, I’m talking Down’s Syndrome retarded not bad judgement retarded, because those in helmets usually have low standards. I think that’s enough of this post.

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Willa Holland is a Hipster Rich Kid I’d Fuck of the Day

Willa Holland is some LA hipster who I heard goes to all the hipster parties and is friends with all the rich hipster kids and when she’s not in the cocaine line for the bathroom, she’s acting. She played Micha Barton’s younger, hotter and sluttier sister on The O.C. and now it seems like she’s made the giant leap to Gossip Girl, which is the New York version of The O.C. for those of you who aren’t up to speed on these things.

I don’t know why she’s wearing mismatched shoes, I don’t know why she’s wearing elaborate hoisery and I guess I really don’t give a fuck because it’s the end of the fucking week and I want to fuck her.

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I am – Naomi Campbell’s Ass in Panties at Some 80s Party of the Day


I am all about washed up models wearing stupid costumes to 80s parties with other washed up models only because shit reminds me of every hipster party I’ve ever been too, where motherfuckers rape thrift shops and American Apparel only to act like everyday is Halloween. The difference is that Naomi Campbell is rich and doesn’t have to hide her cocaine from her other hipster friends for fear that they are going to want a bump that will bite into her stash that she won’t be able to replenish until her dad wires her the weekly stipend he has set up for her to go to University, because she’s a rich kid.

I am also all about the fact that bitch is insane and insane girls get me excited, except for this insane girl I once banged who was emotionally unstable. I used a condom even though I am anti condom because I didn’t know what gutter she crawled out of, but she smelled like it wasn’t a very clean one and half way into it, she was begging me to take off the condom and cum inside her because she wanted to feel what it’s like to have my baby….

That scared me enough to finish up fast and run to the bathroom to flush the condom because I didn’t want her to turn it inside out and try to knock herself up. In retrospect, I should have let her have my baby, she would have made a decent mother and has been the only woman to ever ask me to get her pregnant on the first date.

Bonus – Some Slag Named Jenny Frost I’ve Never Heard of at the Same Party

Another Bonus – Kate Moss and her Boyfriend at the Party

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I am – Mariah Carey's Cleavage of the Day


I don’t see enough of Mariah Carey, I don’t mean that literally, because bitch is big enough to fill the frame as successfully as her late 90s career, I meant in general, where the fuck did she go and what the fuck’s she been up to since her psychological meltdown. Reality is that I don’t really care, I was never a fan of anything more than her big tits.

I was at a party on Saturday and there was a girl there who I know. She pulled out her camera to show me a picture of her crotch. She was wearing pantyhose and underwear over the pantyhose. I was confuse, because I was always under the impression that pantyhose doubled as underwear and that’s why they have that weird vagina protector and if you’re going to wear underwear with pantyhose, wouldn’t it only make sense to wear them under the pantyhose? I was pretty drunk so instead of asking her, I just pinned her against the wall, lifted up her skirt and dry humped her with my limp dick. She wasn’t really vibing on my “I get drunk and molest you” ways, but she shoulda been expecting it coming from me. Her boyfriend on the otherhand gave me a high five, or what I thought was a high five before it slammed me in the face and gave me a nose bleed. I guess the lesson of the day is that when getting drunk and molesting a chick with underwear over her pantyhose, make sure her boyfriend isn’t right next to her.

Either way, here is Mariah Carey rockin’ some tight dress, pantyhose and a pair of fuck me boots for all you losers who used to jerk off to her music videos before the internet was invented.

On Some TRL Shit….

On the Street….

Bonus: Mariah Carey’s Cleavage on the Today Show…Today…

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