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Christina Aguilera Brings the Lingerie in the Hotel Hallway of the Day

Christina Aguilera is engaged to some rich dude from MASTERCLASS, who she apparently met when he was an assistant on set, but really secured her love for him when he became a billionaire and hit her up with a “Hey remember when I used to get your tampons for you on set, I’m rich now and I’d like to do that for you in life for free”…and who could blame him, Aguilera is one of those girls you can SIMP for and I won’t judge you, especially now that she’s not fat as fuck, which she was the last decade of her life, before realizing she’s got big hot titties that the world needs to see before they turn 50.

This is her Vegas costume, it’s hugging her cunt, like I’d want to hug her cunt, which is like a scared child listening to his parents fight under the bed with his blankie…

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Christina Aguilera is Skinny in Lingerie in Vegas of the Day

I only have one story when it comes to Christina Aguilera and that is that I was a committed fan during the Britney and Christina Rivalry of the Y2ks….

I wasn’t an actual fan of her music, or really anything about her, I was not very involved in any of that shit….I just thought she was the hotter looking popstsar with her big fake tits on her small frame crawling around. It appealed to me at the time.

I remember making a bet with my friend that I will fuck Christina Aguilera in my life time, it was more of a joke than anything, but for whatever reason I’ve kept it alive in my mind all these years because I feel like the bet is still on because we are both still alive, and really even she died, the bet would still be on because there was no clause in the bet saying she had to be alive when I had sex with her.

My theory was that maybe she’ll end up on the streets, desperate, a whore…her royalties dried up, a scamming manager takes her for everything, she turns to porn, prostitution….at the time, anything could have happened…

Well, the last 15 years of Aguilera have been really fat and I didn’t have any interest in pursuing that bet, you know trying to work my way into her heart with love letters and other tactics I’d use to seduce a celebrity into loving me…like starting a blog dedicated to my love for her…or a fan twitter chat bot that just tweets at her until she can’t ignore me. There are ways in this internet world to connect with these ladies…

But when they are fat, are they really worth the energy, even if you have a bet that you will fuck them…..

So I waited it out, she got skinny for her Vegas show and now I’m ready….to at least start thinking about the seduction process so that I deliver on my bet….maybe I’ll make a documentary about it…


In the meantime, here she is in action, in Vegas.

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Christina Ozempic Aguilera Dressed like Cher of the Day

Christina Aguilera was always the popstar I thought was worthy of a fuck, as a small penis owner, I appreciated her size, her big tits, her stripper approach to pop music, her bow-legged walk like she got anally raped, all while hating her over the top singing and fake tits, but they were bimbo enough on her small frame to enjoy…

Britney was too strong, Jessica Simpson to fat and the other popstars of the era didn’t really register for me because they weren’t fake blonde or because they were PINK all hard cocked and disgusting…

For the better part of the last 15 years, while Britney was being grinded the fuck down into the shell of a human that she is, X-TINA turned to a life of eating and that girl was fat as fuck…which is a terrible way to be, so her 30s were a total fucking write off, and that’s too bad because the 30s are old, but not nearly as old as the 40s.

Now middle-aged and ready to make some noise again, she’s decided to OZEMPIC herself skinny, but because she’s a mom in her 40s, she looks more like a drag queen doing an X-Tina impression of X-Tina dressed like Cher thank actual X-Tina…and that just because women age out….and get manlier through menopause because you are not supposed to want to fuck them…they are no longer fertile or breeding material…

Here’s her costume….looking hot for a 40 year old Christina Aguilera dressed like Cher sponsored by Ozempic…in an over the top production / comeback tour….the tits still big though…the calves a little water retaining…but other than that…it’s almost a welcome back popstar I always thought was worthy of a fuck…

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Christina Aguilera’s Gone Through a Time Machine Of the Day

About 20 years ago, I made a bet with a friend that in my lifetime I’d fuck Christina Aguilera, assuming that she was a one hit wonder who would be turning tricks after running out of money, or someone in an institution after being mentally beat up and traumatized in being a starlet at a young age…..I am no longer friends with that person, but I figure I’ll keep the bet going because there is a chance this will all still collapse for her and my bullshit plans will come to fruition…I’m not saying it’ll be a good time, or her at her prime, that’s long gone, it’s just to say it could happen….and it might…

About 15 years ago Christina Aguilera got fat, looked disgusting, basically a bloated monster version of herself….which was the last I saw of her because I hate fat chicks…but if I had to fuck one to win a bet I would….

And now, after all those years of obesity, she’s clearly got on the Diabetes weightloss drugs, or used some of her money for a chef and trainer, because bitch is looking like the big titty pin-up midget she clearly is trying to be….sure it’s a far cry from the tiny thing getting DIRRRTY, but the fake tits are still there, the ass has grown into it, and her big old mom gut is gone…like she’s met with a GENIE IN A BOTTLE who let her hit that time machine wish….cuz she rubbed it the right way…or maybe she just made a deal with the devil, the satanic symbolism on her dress would make me think that’s the more likely hustle..

She’s doing better than our girl DEAD BRITNEY

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X-Tina is the New Goth Tits of the Day

X-tina, also known as Christian Aguilera was a celebrity I was convinced I would have sex with before I died, since I am not dead, it’s possible that it could happen, you never know where life will take us, but I obviously didn’t WILL it hard enough when I used to use that as an opener line in 2003 at parties….I would bet people that I would fuck….clearly making me no friends and not impressing any of the girls I was trying to get drunk to have sex with…

Anyway, like all these celebs, she’s looking better than she did 10 years ago. I asked a friend of mine why he thinks that is, are they all on the injections, are they clones, are thee CGI, or are they just getting solid procedures that are not as invasive…you know sucking fat out of your belly instead of working out….

There was a time, basically in the last 10 years, where she was a fucking school bus sized woman, which was a shock for those of us who were there before she got her implants on her tiny frame…

Yet here she is now, looking good with the tits out, maybe she’s been doing some prayers to hr overlord who gave her what I’d call VERY annoying singing chops….or maybe it’s photoshop….or MAYBE it’s blood transfusions with baby blood…RIGHT…they do that….they just don’t want you to know it.

Either way, BIG tits are fun…so check out the cleavage on this whore…

To See the Rest of the Pics from the Paparazzi – CLICK HERE

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Christina Aguilera Got Them Tits On of the Day

I am old, so you can’t post a Britney Titty content without posting an Aguilera titty content, because those were the glory days in shitty pop music, where these two stars were the biggest names….it’s the kind of celebrity distraction, rivalry, storyline that hasn’t happened since…everyone is now a fucking cuck into influencers or TikTok losers when not jerking off on webcam for their fans.

Point being, it was simpler times and in those times I always sided for Aguilera….even though her music was shitty, her singing annoying, but her content rolling around in the mud for DIRTY was on fucking point….

She got the fake tits, wasn’t fat yet, and the whole thing was glorious….I even made a bet with a friend that I would fuck her in my lifetime, a bet that is long dead, but a challenge that I still believe could be won, just as soon as she ends up in a nursing home I casually get a job at so that I can stick it in while changing her diapers….the only issue is I am a good 10-15 years older than her, broke, unhealthy, an alcoholic…and even thinking there’s a chance of fucking her, even at the old folks home level, is probably early onslaught dementia…sad by true.

I will likely never fuck Aguilera….but I can look at her tits and remember the good days when she was not fat.


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Christina Aguilera Bath Tub of the Day

Christina Aguilera was a huge star, never quite a star shining as bright as Britney, but that’s probably why I liked her, I mean she also took a pretty aggressive approach to comepeting with Britney, involving a set of bolt on tits, which at the time was a big deal because she was about 90s pounds…so seeing her in panties, chaps and a bikini top, rolling around in the mud or whatever the DIRTY video anyone who used to jerk off to music videos since porn wasn’t readily available, will remember being a big deal..

Now she’s just huge…

She’s spent the better part of the last 15 years eating her feelings, spending her money because she was a huge star and thus rich enough to buy herself all the cake and pizza she wanted….and then there’s the whole having kids and turning 40 things…

For whatever reason, probably money, she’s on the mend, or at least on the hustle, where she’s dabbling with social media slutty content, where she’s cropped out all the good parts…but is still in the bath…

You’d think by 40, she’d know we need to see the nipple for it to count, but maybe being 40 and a popstar means she only got into internet around the same time your grandparents did, because she had staff to do that computer shit for her…

Either way, I apprecaite the effort, too little too late or not, she’s still X-Tina…so her bathtub pics are better than the average person’s bathtub pics thanks to being celebrity endorsed bathtub pics…

WHERE IS THE POURING BATH OIL ON YOUR ASSHOLE PIC? That’s the shit we want shared with us.


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Christina Aguilera Christmas Tits of the Day

Christina Aguilera is likely still owned by the Disney company, you know they created her and allowed her to live out this life in exchange for her freedoms, all while still being a child, the way the Walt Disney Company likes them to be when they put them under their umbrella of “performers”….or “talent”….that they train to understand media manipulation from the people who invented it….or maybe I am reading too much into her Minnie Mouse Santa hat….I probably am.

Anyway, the highlight of Christina Aguilera is probably that she was the raunchier version of Britney Spears back when she rebranded herself as X-Tina and god dirty rolling in the mud….it was around the time she first got tits and it made her my favorite of the three popstars…but then she got fat…and is still fat…but knows the importance of showing tit because she started out as someone without tit and knows the struggle of the titless trying to keep up with the less talented Britney Spears despite being a better singer…assuming you can handle listening to the horrible sounds that come out of her mouth in that forceful screeching that I hate…..but that people think is good singing…

If you’re into 40 year old fat chicks in bikini tops, because you were into 25 year olds with tight little bodies and fake tits rolling around in mud, this is a gift to you…I prefer looking at these bitches when they were hot..


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Christina Aguilera Cleavage of the Day

christina aguilera cleavage

I am not a queer, but during the popstar wars of Y2k, I was team Christina Aguilera and not Team Britney, because Aguilera was dirtier, even her song was dirty…she was a tiny thing with big bolt on fake tits that looked like a broken girl destined for porn if she didn’t have that big voice.

It was less of a popstar war and more conversations while drunk at dive bars that played top 40, I just think teen girls and gay dudes alike probably sided with either one of the popstars, so if you removed the fact that it was more a WHO WOULD YOUR RATHER…than a who has better style, or songs….it becomes a bit more normal but admittedly still weird.

I made a bet with someone that I would fuck Aguilera in my lifetime, more of a joke than anything, so when the day it actually happened…and I was one inch inside her and not just the tip…I was actually surprised…mainly because the girl I was inside was not actually Christina Aguilera but a street whore with platinum hair like Christina Aguilera…but close enough.

I didn’t anticipate that Aguilera would be the one to eat her feelings or end up fat as shit, but she did, and at 40…still out here sloppy tits out…looking 40….I’m glad I never got up in her like I bet I would…not to mention, I am not dead yet, so it could still happen…just a long drawn own dream playing out later in life…which is better than not playing out at all….there’s always that hope…even if dreams change and I don’t even want this shit anymore….but we had our moment when I did and that’s what matters.


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Christina Aguilera Demented Tits of the Day

Christina Aguilera Demented Tits

My only Christina Aguilera story is that I sided with her during the Britney and X-Tina wars, I just thought her petite body would outlast Britney’s clearly genetically predisposed to get fat body.

I even made a bet with a friend that in my lifetime, I would have sex with Christina Aguilera, it was more of a joke than anything, I didn’t actually believe it, but then one day it happened…and we had two kids and lived happily ever after in her mansion….where I continued the blog as a pervert in a basement apartment with a fat wife, because I did have a fat wife, it just happened that fat wife was X-tina….and the basement apartment was lounging by the pool..

Yes…this is me…

Obviously, that is not how thing panned out, but I didn’t think their careers would continue for as long as they have, 20 years later. Her singing always annoyed me…but the day she got fake tits for her tiny frame….I was like “all down hill from here…..I didn’t think that X-tina would eat her feelings, or fill her void from the trauma of being raised without a dad, after officially making it and securing herself. I did think she’d end up broke and working as a stripper somewhere, that you could hire her out for private parties, hence the whole making a bet that I would have sex with her….

Well, she’s still got the fake tits and they’ are doing some weirdness…and when it comes to tits…they can do whatever the hell they want, I’ll still stare.

Christina Aguilera Demented Tits




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