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Ireland Baldwin Cameltoe for St Patrick’s Day of the Day

Ireland Baldwin Jared Thomas Kocka 5

Her name is Ireland. It’s St Patrick’s Day. The tie in is obvious. It’s the only day of the year she’s barely relevant, despite how hard she tries, while watching her cousin who got into this rich kid famewhoring later than Ireland is actually booking jobs, since she’s not a 6 foot tall , identity crisis, broken and sad rich monster who does not like when I write about her, having blocked me on all social media and even having her dad go at me through his foundation once, but I still like to think we’re friends….but I guess her pictures still trickle out there for scum like me to stare at and sexualize, because she’s a feminist bi sexual who doesn’t want to be sexualized, that’s why she shoots in panties she jacks up her cunt.

Either way, you can take the fame away from her, you can take her dad away from her, you can never take away her being yelled at by him in that voicemail that went viral a decade ago during her parent’s divorce, or St Patrick’s Day…cuz her name is Ireland…right…

Ireland Baldwin Jared Thomas Kocka Photoshoot 1

Ireland Baldwin Jared Thomas Kocka Photoshoot 3

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Ireland Baldwin’s Nipple and Dick in Flaunt Photoshoot of the Day


Ireland Baldwin has been rumored to be a man since she first started making appearances in social media…

She entered the public world being called a pig by her father, but when she grew up to a free thinking teen, she decided to use her social media to celebrate her boyfriend, before that went sour, her hair went dark, and the rest of her followed suit, including and not limited to the thinks she started putting in her pussy, like her weird, abuse victim, angry, black rapper lesbain love…I don’t remember her name, but that was a weird phase…

Well, now, probably still an identity crisis, thanks to her family, her upbringing, the fact the media didn’t flock to her, the act that her modeling career despite being tall didn’t work out for the fact that her cousin stole her shine, Steve Baldwin’s daughter Hailey, or as her friends call her HAILZ, is running in the “it crowd”, with Kendall and Kylie, while fucking a Bieber, something she has been doing since she was underage, just not publicly and no one talked about it until this week, even though I’ve written about it and no one listens to me…underrated..


Well, Ireland did Flaunt decided to bend over in a way that her pussy mound looks more like a small dick, but maybe I’m reading too int this editorial shoot on her..in a world filled with a lot of chicks with dicks…


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Ireland Baldwin Ass Flash Beast Mode of the Day


Ireland Baldwin is a bit of a beast but at least she flashes her ass on instagram…not that I would know, she has blocked me on everything…what a little unappreciative jerk…or as her dad best described her…”A Rude Thoughtless Pig”..words that have put her into the broken girl status, much like refugee status, that has led to her being in rehab at least once…after being ready to marry to some surf dude, before going hardcore goth lesbian…with some molested black girl…

Weird…but now, she’s gone to showing her big thong ass on the internet…which is a natural step, when struggling with feeling inadequate as your cousin Hailey gets the life that you think you deserve because you’re the rich one…with more famous parents..who is actually model height..

Good ass though..

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Ireland Baldwin was Topless and Blocked Me On All Social Media of the Day


Ireland Baldwin is the fucking worst…and she was on snapchat flashing her tits for some instagram hooker, I don’t have the pics…because I hate Instagram hookers, and apparently no one cared enough to pull a screenshot…

I guess instagram hookers like other fame whores with famous parents, living the trust fund life…because it’s good for instagram hooker business…and she ended up blocking me off her social media…something she’s been doing since she’s been 17…but she didn’t count as 17…because she was 7 foot tall and pushing 250 pounds of pure “too big to be a model even if your parents are rich and famous and your mom was a goddess in her prime and still hotter than you’ll ever be…while your dad fucks yoga instructors”>…but let us use your cousin, she’s more marketable…you just go back to being an unstable little pig, in and out of rehab…and lesbian black girls…on her 19 year old self discovery…

I guess she doesn’t like being called the big monster…which is pretty fucking weak for something that looks so strong…

What makes little to no sense is that even the most useless celebrity kid gets work, I’m talking to you Dakota Johnson, like who gives a fuck about Don Johnson…and bitch is in 50 shades of grey, but then again despite being awkward and mousy, Ireland in 50 Shades would have never worked…because she’s Godzilla….and if you’ve ever tried to have S&M sex…you know a little BDSM…with Godzilla…that shit’s hard to dominate…it takes an army of men to restrain it…

Ok, enough about this blocking cunt…I’m over the rejection…

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Notice Ireland Baldwin Cuz Her Daddy Never Did of the Day


I like that Ireland Baldwin is this big, tall, tranny-like aspiring model with famous parents and access to the Hollywood life and a lot of money, yet she’s failing and the only invents she’s getting invited to, possibly paid 100 dollars to attend, are the opening night celebration for Knotts Scary Farm…Halloween themed theme park…

I am sure she’s got a fine relationship with her dad, I mean he’s actually aggressively tweeted at me from his Charity, that she probably runs the social media for, to feel like she’s working for her 10k a month allowance…you know where he lets her pretend to be him so she can tweet at herself as him and feel like he actually takes 5 minutes of time to take his head out of his ass and notice her amongst all his other kids…

But I like to think…she’s a product of the hollywood kid, tormented, weird, an outcast no one wants…because they only want her parents, even though so many of these other celeb kids are wanted, why can’t this one be wanted…it’s enough to give a person an identity crisis and go from straight to gay to goth to rehab to eating zombies….

It’s all so magical…


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Ireland Baldwin is Fun of the Day

Screen Shot 2015-10-02 at 10.49.58 AM

Ireland Baldwin is the broken, probably not because she’s from Alec Baldwin and Kim Bassinger’s failed marriage….and probably not because her dad’s phone conversation with her went viral when she was a kid…I mean being raised by actors, who double as egotistical, self destructive, sociopaths…doesn’t break a person…it probably makes them a lot of fun…

I just think she’s broken, because she wants so badly to be a hot, relevant model and she seems more interesting and compelling than all the other girls her age who are vapid little twats…who have far less significant parents…including BIEBER FUCKING COUSIN HAYLEY

Yet she can’t pull it off…

To make things worse, she’s 6 foot tall and actually built to model, while those other rich kids are short bitches…

She’s gone through being madly in love, to being a lesbian, to rehab…and she’s only 19….or 18…I mean she’s young…

But old enough for me to want to save her….with my mouth….18-20 is the fun years…for my mouth.

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Ireland Baldwin Attention Seeking of the Day

ib (1)

ib (2)

ireland (1)

Ireland Baldwin is great.

She’s this big enough to be a model rich kid, with very famous parents, who can’t pull off being a model, yet so many other girls who aren’t tall, and who are as rich, but have less famous parents are pulling it off….

She’s been producing random internet social media content for a while now, it’s been semi-intelligent, sometimes misguided, sometimes pornographic…all crying to be noticed…

She was dating some surfer, where they played the cute surf couple, practically banging on instagram, until they broke up, she spiraled into lesbianism…then rehab..now she’s going to clubs like a club id in the 90s tranny…up on some Michael Alig shit…

The whole thing is perfect, uncomfortable, weird, but perfect…

I am a fan…too bad she’s blocked me on everything…I thought we were friends…but at least I can still stare at her big ass she wants everyone to see to stand out from the other tween rich kids she’s affiliated with…

Good times…I like where this is headed…


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Ireland Baldwin is Fun and Topless of the Day


Ireland Baldwin is pretty fuckin solid…and I am not just saying that because she’s 6 foot 3 and 180 pounds, I am saying it because she just gives off this vibe of relatively intelligent, but still dumb enough to want the fame and fortune, to make it on her own, in the world of modeling, the most vapid of fucking professions…

It’s like her parents are rich as fuck actors, she has all the resources she needs to do anything in life, even produce great movies that she writes herself, because she’s in the circle…but instead…she wants to be a fucking model…

What’s wrong with instagram, or this world, that these girls all want to be fucking models…when did modeling become more than just demonstrating the clothing you are going to buy, and turn into the most coveted profession…

There are so many more interesting ways to spend your day, and let’s face it, acting isn’t that much different than modelling, is her issue that she’s too tall to get cast in movies? I don’t know…

What I do know is that in her 18 year old identity crisis, from surf wife to interracial lesbian with an angry lesbian lover, to this dark haired titty flasher, I think she’s great…

Here are some other pics from her instagram…the only modeling she’s done, but not the only modeling she’s ever do…

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Ireland Baldwin is Making Moves of the Day


Ireland Baldwin is kind of amazing…

Partially because she’s a massive woman, with massive tits, all big and probably a good time to wrestle, because I think I am into being smothered, especially by a girl who just wants love, and who takes it from anyone who comes her way, whether it’s some broken female rapper who was molested by family members and sings about it, because misery enjoys company, especially when misery can leverage the rich white girl to help launch her career…

But mainly becuase she’s some tormented, possibly too smart for her own good, I mean she reads books and stuff, in this world where people don’t read books, but rather just take pics of themselves, but then again, I guess she just takes pics of herself too, because she’s trying to fit in, in this confusing world, and when it’s topless, even without nipples, I care..when no one else in her family does, because they are all in for themselves..

I guess what I am trying to say is that I want to date Ireland Baldwin.

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Ireland Baldwin’s Yoga Erotica of the Day

Ireland Baldwin is some level of crazy….

There are so many moments I have taken for granted in this life due to my lack of presence. I have overlooked countless blessings and opportunities to start fresh, and I have neglected, manipulated, and lied to the people I hold dear to my heart, but more importantly, to myself. It hasn’t been until recent months that I relearned what it truly means and what it feels like to be fully present. For the longest time, I lost compassion towards almost everything i previously cared for and I was so lost in darkness, that I could hardly hold a real conversation with another human being long enough before I was due to have an anxiety attack and find my way out of it. Tonight, I found myself pausing, multiple times, to look to my right and left and I continuously asked myself… How the hell did I get lucky enough to end up here? Why me? Why the past couple of months have I had the chance to meet the most phenomenal souls? Why are all these people giving me a chance to begin again? After all my wrongdoings and heartbreaks and trauma and absence of self, how am I here today? I just wanted to take a moment to show gratitude to everyone who has continued to stand by my side through all that took place and through all that life will continue to throw at me. I’m proud to say I will not be knocked down and alone next time around. I have never been so supported and felt so loved in my life. I’m happy to say I feel like Ireland again and it’s amazing that I can actually say that because it’s been a really long time and I was starting to forget what she was like. I love my friends, I love this beautiful planet, and I love new beginnings. ??????? • and I love you all for making me feel beautiful and supported every single day!

I didn’t actually read it, but ranting about shit like this, with such intensity, is some level of unstable…

I wonder if it stems from being a bratty, spoiled, rich kid, with everything handed to her looking for problems, in a poor little rich girl, with an abusive angry emotional dad, because all these famous people are drunk idiots that are so into themselve…she also went lesbian after being super obsessed with her surf boyfriend…with some black, angry, molested girl…the whole thing crazy like that rant…

But here is her stepmother, and momma to her two half sisters, Yoga instructor Hilaria who made fucked her client, who was Ireland’s father, because he’s rich…

Screen Shot 2015-08-06 at 1.39.22 PM

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Ireland Baldwin’s Underwear for Instagram of the Day


Ireland Baldwin is a good friend of mine, so good that she blocked me on social media, after her dad told me off, because she couldn’t handle the love….you know these emotionally unavailable, damaged rich kids with celebrity parents, trying to figure out their way while being in the shadow of their parents, but in a world where people are judging her and her every move, while all other celebrity kids are booking modeling jobs, even the short ones, while she’s all tall but can’t seem to pull off shit, so instead ends up in rehab dealing with her confused teen angst and/or lesbianism with some abused black girl rapper who sings about being raped…dark…

So to speak to all the noise that is going on in her trust funded rich kid life and to all the people looking on judging, she’s done ver important things, like post these underwear pics…and I like them…even though I know I go up to her big girl shoulder…and even in my 300 pounds of disgusting, would look small compared to her…monster fetish…

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Ireland Baldwin Hard Nipples in the Rain of the Day


Ireland Baldwin was entertaining when she was 17 turning 18, because for some reason everyone became quickly obsessed with watching her on social media…but no one got obsessed with giving her modeling jobs, something that should probably be as hurtful as your dad screaming at you on an nationally played answering machine message calling you a troll, or whatever he called her…

It’s like every celebrity daughter gets a modeling contract and work, why can’t she…

But at least the rain is on her side, that dark cloud in her soul isn’t memeories of young love with her surfer boyfriend, or her black angry molested lesbian girlfriend, or even her celebrity upbringing, living in her family shadow, or more importantly, with a Baldwin head, never quite establishing herself, even though she was working it hard for a while…

This dark cloud, is one that surprises her with rain, perfect for paparazzi pics, like the stars aligned…

As a pervert, I fucking love surprise showers and the nipples they bring…and for that…it should carry us into the weekend…let’s hope for some flash storms on tight t-shirts…

Here’s Hailey Baldwin and Red Carpet with some Dude… CLICK HERE

Here’s one of them tonguing..
Screen Shot 2015-07-31 at 11.16.17 PM

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Ireland Baldwin Does Rehab of the Day


Ireland Baldwin checked herself into rehab….

As much as you want to laugh at rich girls and theri silly problems….you know for being spoiled brats in their spoiled world…the fact is that money or access only really excites people who don’t have it…when you do have it, you don’t know anything but that…so your expensive problems…in your mind..are actual problems…and these idiots medicate….

So as a poor little rich girl, with a hot mom…and hot yoga stepmom…and a narcissist dad she’s on a stage, without really asking to be put on a stage, even though everyone seems to want to be on a stage…thanks to social media and narcissism…and I guess it all just broke her down…

It’s like for a minute she was in love with some surf dude, then she wanted to be a model, but was too fat for Sports Illustrated, turning her to fitness….opening the door for all her little LA rich kid friends…like Kendall, and Gigi, and even her Cousin Hailey…to move in on the Bieber train and basically get everything she wanted….

Blogs and sites mocked her, called her names, I am sure haters hated on her social media…at one point in time she blocked me, turned into a lesbian who dated some rape victim rapper and things went dark…

But through it all…she has maintained her tits..and tits..is really all it is about…

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Ireland Baldwin is Naked of the Day


I creeped on Ireland Baldwin’s instagram, because I hadn’t heard anything about her, and there was a time the media was all over her for being the girl Alec Baldwin told off in that voice mail, and there was a time we were interacting on Social media, before her dad went nuts on me on Social Media, and she blocked me off Social Media…even though I thought we were friends…

She has since become a Lesbian, who dates some hipster black lesbian, who is pretty dark…but more importanlty, she has sat on the sidelines while Kendall and Gigi get all the model work, and she’s the one who is actually tall enough to be a fucking model, despite being fat…so she fell off…where I guess she decided to spend time burning calories and watching her calories by eating choclate pussy instead of chocolate cake…and now she’s back…and she’s doing the racy nudity because that’s what everyone does, it’s the lesbian feminist movement, and I am all about whatever the fuck is going on here….she looks amazing and I would let her sit on my face like I had a pussy, because techinically I don’t’….but it kinda looks like I do..

ALl this to say, Ireland, I love you, come back…after going black…

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Ireland Baldwin in Lingrie for Instagram of the Day


I lost interest in Ireland Baldwin when she turned 18….and a lesbian…but not just any kind of lesbian…one in an interracial relationship with a girl who sings about being raped by her relatives until her asshole bleeds..and she couldn’t walk….no joke…

I guess I always knew she had enough testosterone to carry a dyke relationship, and being dyke is trendy as fuck now, especially when you’re a little rich girl with daddy issues…it fits in perfect at Coachella and with your ambien, adderall and medical marijuana license…

All this to say, she’s half naked, I guess she still wants to be a model…and that’s ok…because half naked is fun…even on big scary lesbians…as long as the strap on isn’t pointed at me…for rape until my asshole bleeds and I can’t walk…I’m not urban enough to make music about that hurt….that leads to weak celebrity daughters to take over the minds of…ya know…

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