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Drew Barrymore and Rat Cow and Karlie Kloss Nude for CR Fashion Book of the Day

Drew Barrymore naked goddess for CR Fashion Book

Drew Barrymore, Rat Cow, Karlie Kloss and other people I assume got naked for CR Fashion Book….

CR Fashion Book is some well respected, trendy, fashion magazine that produces racy content with models because it is well respected and that’s what makes “art” exist…you need the people everyone respect like CR Fashion Book to perpetuate the lie so the follower drones by into it….

So I have no idea how Em Rat Cow weaseled her way into it, I guess they are looking for clickbait on social media and like her mass following, or she’s the spawn of the devil, is evil incarnate, and she has the power to win over people with her bullshit tits..which for the record are great tits…but tits that should have been left in the strip club or casting couch. The reason she exists or that people buy into her…is just fucking weird or lazy….

That said…Karlie Kloss topless in some Taylor Swift erotica and Drew Barrymore nudes even though she’s 100 years old…make sense to me, and sure Rat Cow tits are always worth looking at…but depressing to look at when they are in a “credible” and I use that term loosely…publications…the tits, although great belong in the F-List they crawled out of before fucking weak yet powerful decision making men…

TITS everywhere..

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Cameron Diaz, Drew Barrymore and Reese Witherspoon Together in Bikinis of the Day

I am not even going to bother posting the pics of Drew Barrymore and Reese Witherspoon in their bathing suits…Cameron Diaz is looking horrible enough for the group and she’s the fucking babe of the party….

I mean the idea of middle aged chicks in bikinis to being with is offensive as shit…keep you fucking bathrobe on bitches…no one wants to see this shit…not even your husbands…they are just with you cuz you’re famous…and allow them to fuck younger girls cuz you don’t want the public divorce….

I mean shit…just click the link…it’s that fucking bad…worse than showing up to a Caribbean resort in Blackface and expecting to get a laugh from the black locals…their behavior, thinking they can pull this off, is just as fucking offensive….it’s like say behind your rich person gated pool that security keeps the paparazzi away from….

Long are the days that they had sex appeal….not that I ever though doughy Barrymore ever had sex appeal…like you did that first time you saw ET…..and I never thought Witherspoon the vagina that trapped Ryan Philippe from fun with 12 kids was sexy….but jesus christ they looked a hell of a lot better than this….

Where they are now…is horrible…and the real sad thing in all this…is I would eat all their asses right after they took a shit and didn’t wipe…cuz I am a sick motherfucker…but that doesn’t mean I don’t think they look like shit….


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Drew Barrymore Does Harper’s Bazaar of the Day

Here are some pictures of Drew Barrymore in Harper’s Bazaar barely looking like Drew Barrymore, which is a good thing cuz she’s ugly…and so is my hangover…I blame you addiction, it is all your fault…

I am posting these to encourage ugly girls to make moves to make themselves look worth fucking, because not that long ago, Drew Barrymore was an inbred lookin’ fat chick with a lesbian haircut…and now, thanks to photoshop, some botox, a wig and a diet, she’s an older lady you wouldn’t be ashamed of slamming when she picks you up in the bar…not that you”re every ashamed of slamming anyone, since when that miracle happens in your life, it’s the other party dealing with the shame…

Pics…Look at them…

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Drew Barrymore Doggy Style for Elle of the Day

I never found Drew Barrymore hot…but I have met a few people who did…unfortunately some of those people thought she looked really fucking hot in ET, while other people were into her other inbred looking face roles…where she was actually legal to be into her…but for some reason, I never bought into the hype, I could always see through her celebrity and see a shitty looking body and weird looking face, so seeing her on all fours does nothing for me, but then again, I’ve never seen her appeal, but maybe you do and this is the picture your weird taste in women ass has been waiting for….

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Someone Threw Up on Drew Barrymore of the Day

There is nothing hot about Drew Barrymore….I mean other than to perverts child molesters who haven’t got over her role in E.T….but seriously she has got to be one of the most over-hyped girls in Hollywood and I guess it is all thanks to a long line of generations of famous actors and a her Godparents being Steven Spielberg and Sophia Loren Hollywood in her family….but that doesn’t mean anything…I’m sure anyone with the raw talent she possesses could have been the great mind behind Beverly Hills Chihuahua and all the other bullshit she’s produced, wrote, directed and acted in…while everyone around her, who encourages her like some blind kid riding a bike for the first time or some shit…..ignores the fact that she is ugly as fucking shit….

Here are some pictures of her at her new movie “Everyone’s Fine” premiere and she’s dressed like someone threw up all over her dress because I guess it only comes natural since she’s lived her entire life lookin like someone threw up on her face…..

Pics via INF

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Drew Barrymore Unfortunately in a Fetish Lookin Dress of the Day

Drew Barrymore premiered her Charlie’s Angel 4-The Rollerskate Years movie staring the cunt I can’t stand from Juno because Drew Barrymore milks this whole Girl Power bullshit that gives girls everywhere the wrong idea about their place in the world, fucking up the whole balanace of the world and more importantly works against all the hard work men have put into keeping their bitches their bitches, if you know what I mean. When the reality is that roller derby chicks, like suicide girl chicks, are fat, lesbian, rockers with tattoos who no one really wants to see naked, except maybe other roller derby chicks, you know after they finish beating each other up oin the rink.

She wore some fetish dress that would look great with my cum dripping off it, provided it was on another chick, we’ll just leave this pig-face for the Mac guy.

Pics via PacificCoastNews

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Drew Barrymore’s Bikini Top and Bow Tow Weirdness of the Day

I like Drew Barrymore’s strategy to distract us from her face by wearing a fuckin’ bow tie like she’s Porky Pig in a bikini top. I’ve never found her hot, I mean other than when she was in ET but whenever I saw that now I get creepy fucking looks, because people don’t get that I was only a couple years older than her at the time and I didn’t wanna bang her, I just thought she’d grow into something I’d want to fuck when we both hit puberty and not something that looks like a fuckin’ pig in a fuckin’ bow tie

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Drew Barrymore Tries to be Glamorous for Grey Gardens

I spent an entire night watching Grey Gardens, the original documentary is pretty amazing. You know seeing these crazy ladies in this run down house, living with raccoons and a million cats, totally droppin out of the society life they were raised in and the whole story fascinates me.

What doesn’t fascinate me is Drew Barrymore, sure based on her look, or lack there of, I don’t quite get why she has a career, but then I remember that her entire family is in the entertainment industry and that she was thrown onto the screen when she was 4, before she grew up to be an ugly, piggish, annoying actor.

Based on Drew Barrymore’s teeth, it looks like the Garden isn’t the only Grey thing at the event, what a fucking mess.

Go on Youtube and Search Grey Gardens, it is 11 parts but worth watching. Do it.

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Drew Barrymore has a Soft On for Clinton of the Day

Girls are so predictible, you put them in a room with someone with power, and their panties slowly disolve with the excitement they are excreeting from their vaginas, and Drew Barrymore is no exception….

It looks like her left wing, hippie, big bush, democratic self is already 3/4 of the way to cumming as she poses in a picture with Bill Clinton. The good news for her is that he has proven that he has no standards and as long as she’s willing to put his dick in her mouth, he’s down. The truth is that she is a ste up from that Lewinsky slut, a very small step up, but a step up nonetheless and when you are an aging man with a heart problem, it’s against the rules to turn that kind of opportunity down….

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Drew Barrymore and the Mac Guy on the Beach of the Day

These pictures hit the internet last week when my website was being hacked and I couldn’t update it, not that I would have, because I kinda hate all you fuckers for trying to bring me down, even if you didn’t have anything to do with it. I still feel like my English teacher who we all hated because she was a cunt and figured the best revenge we could get on her is convince the weird got chick before got existed to dump some chemical we stole in chemistry class into her cranberry juice. If you’re wondering why she was drinking cranberry juice, it was probably because she had a UTI from doin’ some ass to pussy fuckin’. The juice ended up having a chemical reaction with whatever the goth chick dumped in her drink and when the teacher went for a sip, she noticed it had turned green and chunky, so she didn’t drink it and reality is, I probably wouldn’t have let her. I am more into bitches on all fours naked then poisoned, call me crazy.

Speakin of all fours, here’s Drew Barrymore in a bikini, when she really should be wearing more clothes. Bitch has no business showing off her uneven tits and when I look at these pictures all I see is cunt and not the kind I like, more like the kind I would convince a goth girl to drop some mystery powder in her expensive cocktail, but that’s just because she annoys me and likes getting high. I guess the good news is that 2 people destined to die alone because everyone hates them because they are ugly, found each other and can now frolic in the surf so in love, like starring in their very own shitty love story no one cares to watch.

I guess the good news for you is that a Zach Braff muppet lookin’ mac guy can still get laid, because let’s face it, Drew Barrymore may not be hot but a lot of guys will still fuck her tattooed ass, while Mac Guy is just one ugly fucker who, like you spent most of his 20s not getting laid from anyone. These pictures bring hope….

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