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Possibly Brie Larson’s Hottest Nude Pics of the Day

I don’t know if this is actually Brie Larson naked, but there was a time when Brie Larson was a third or fourth tier celebrity, you know on the z-list, working as an actor but totally not memorable as an actor….

Then she won the Oscar, got her name on the map, and is hired in all the Hollywood blockbuster superhero movies, which is where all the money is going into the movies, pushing technology and making international successes because the asian market, a huge market, fucking love them

We are not in the era of filmmakers making meaningful movies and watching Brie Larson become Captain Marvel, whatever that nerd shit is, has been pretty text book…

I never found her hot, but I guess she’s got awesome fucking tits…if these are actually her…which we’ll find out as soon as Disney’s lawyers hit us up to remove em.

Which they shouldn’t do, because after seeing her like this, if it is even her, she’s far more fucking interesting.

I call it the Jennifer Lawrence effect, where an average at best woman suddenly becomes hot to me cuz she’s got hot tits that I get to see in pics.

I mean this could really be anyone…

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Isabelle Cornish Topless on Instagram

Free the Nipple lives..

Her name is Isabelle Cornish. She’s an actor…from Australia. A land of criminals where the hot girls are drunken disasters who put out..because they like to have a lot of fun.

Her caption for the pic was:

“I don’t know if I can caption this photograph. If perfect was a real thing this would be my perfect place. Oh how I miss you.”

It should have been something like:

“The women’s body, my body, is worth celebrating, equality for all, stop sexualizing my nipple, but tell all your friends I posted it, cuz I want to generate as much buzz as I can and I don’t really care if you jerk off to it..that was kind of the point…but I’m a woman and can do what I want…I’m not a slut…even being a slut”…

Instagram has a selective some tits are ok, some tits aren’t ok, it’s porn or it’s not porn and I’ve learned this by flagging every single topless pic I see and none get deleted, yet my entire account has been deleted not showing tits…inconsistencies EVERYWHERE.

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Susan Lucci in a Bathing Suit of the Day

We live in a world where headlines include “Kylie Jenner Tries Cereal with Milk for the First Time”….

So seeing the media celebrate 71 year old Susan Lucci in a bathing suit is not that surprising, because the easiest people to manipulate with the media are the people who read the tabloids and who watch the soap operas because they are on disability and don’t have actual jobs…

I don’t see how saying “look at this hot plastic old as fuck lady in a bathing suit being empowered and a boss after 50 years of soap opera acting” is ok…

I thought people were supposed to hate skinny women and yell at them for giving into the patriarchy, and giving unrealistic body norms for the youth..

Where are the other 71 year old women throwing shade and side eye and hating on this bitch slutting out in her one piece at the aquafitness class.

Why is there this inconsistency on what is ok to say “look at that bod”…and what is “rape”…or bad for the fat people who are jealous…

Is it ok cuz she’s old? Clearly plastic surgeried like she always has been…but celebrated….

This is for Harper’s Bazaar. They need to figure out there stance and stick to it….an article strictly based on celebrating an old ladies physical looks…crazy in this era of inclusion…but the people are into it…confusing me even more.

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Kendall Jenner Mirror Selfie of the Day

One of the common instagram poses…the Mirror Selfie….was properly executed by Kendall Jenner recently…

There are only so many ways to whore out on the internet, the human species has limited capacity to find clever and original ways to whore out on the internet…and really why bother. If you have a system that works, that people understand, stick to it.

I assume this is Kendall trying to distract a shoot that her legal team made me remove…featuring her topless and riding a horse in a thong that they photoshopped out…badly….to make her look like she’s got a bald pussy…when really she was just wearing nude panties…or what I’d call skin color panties…which in and of itself makes for RACIST panties…

Or maybe it’s just Kendall being Kendall…She’s a Kardashian/Jenner and it’s all tactical to make more money.

Here she is in a see through shirt for the paparazzi – because nipples are nipples…


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Eniko Mihalik Modeling Shoes on the Instagram of the Day

Eniko Mihalik is old…but she’s my kind of Hungarian model…cuz she’s busty and always shows off her Cold War, Iron Curtain, Built on Communist Values, Down with the USSR, Rationed Bread line, Fall of Communism, hard working, Sex Trade avoiding, but the fashion industry is really the sex trade in tits own right…tits…

I didn’t realize I follow her on instagram, because I follow 7500 whores on instagram, and I’d follow 7500 more whores on instagram if facebook didn’t censor the internet and force you to only follow 7500 people.

But I do…and last night she was showing off her shoes, something I figure you weirdos would be into…high heels for the stiletto fuckers out there…long legs cuz she’s a model…but none of her tits that made her career…because I guess she’s diverse and diversity is in.

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Sara Underwood’s Youtube Porn of the Day

Sara Underwood for Playboy doing Yoga, because you know when Playboy was dying off, before they decided to take out nudity from their magazine, in an attempt to re-class it up, and make it something people were into, whether they bought it for the articles or not…

They used their Playmates like Sara Underwood to teach the men who were into Playboy at the time, mainly fat white trash, how to do Yoga…in some cheesy erotica…which at the time was what Playboy was about.

It wasn’t interesting, it wasn’t educational, it wasn’t good..it was just cheesy naked chicks about to get cheesier….and they did…because Hef had all these gutter hookers pretending to be his girlfriends in his ear…white trash WWE looking bitches…not hot model bitches…the kind of girls anyone could buy for 500 dollars a week…seriously…

But the point is that the purpose of their Naked Sara Underwood Yoga is not to teach people to do Yoga…it’s to get people to jack the fuck off….

THAT SAID…it’s fetish videos…its intent fetish video…it’s existence fetish video.

Yet it has been up on YOUTUBE, with PLAYBOY branding and all, and Youtube has generated 150,000 views, which in Youtube Terms, they make about 5 dollars per 1000 views, so that’s about so 750 dollars – assuming the people didn’t dig for more videos…since the average time a user spends on Youtube is an hour – so bait them with this…and push them to other content and next thing you know…one person has watched 1000 videos…times 150…and boom lots of money…

YET this site by google standards is porn, and videos I post on Youtube that aren’t nude are considered porn and that alone…makes me angry….

The hypocrisy of these big businesses and what they think is porn or not porn makes me mad, while clearly NAKED Sara Underwood Sex Worker is porn….or NSFW….but Google hasn’t flagged it.

Maybe it’s because it is per-fake tits…..

That said:

Fuck you YOUTUBE / GOOGLE and all your controlling of the media like Zuckerberg.

WHO MADE YOU BOSS you oppressive fucks…

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Hot Dance and Other Videos of the Day

Woman Asian Driver

Insane ATV Crash

Flasher of the Day

Weird Knife Fight

Magic Trick Fail….

Man VS Pelican

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