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Katy Perry Tucks her Titties in her Boxers of the Day

Katy Perry has always been one of those celebrities who has made me sad….or who would make me sad because she’s a victim of her own success, a viral stunt with Kissed a Girl who became a money making pop icon machine for 20 fucking years, which is crazy and she knows it.

When I see her in any content, I stare at the tits, because that’s her only redeeming quality, then I think about how even if all the yes-men around her tell her how great she is and even with all the fans telling her how great she is and even with Taylor Swift becoming a billionaire inspiring her to do the same, which she will likely manage to do, since she’s Katy Perry…she knows in her soul she’s a fucking hack…

Anyway, these pictures of her tits in a sweater were going viral the other day and I thought that was A LOT of chest between neck and nipples, reminding me of a meme of a fat man being told to tuck his titties in his boxers…

I know tits, but this seems to be on the lower hanging fruit, which is arguably what Katy Perry’s creative vision has been to get her where she’s got…BOTTOM FEED TO THE SURFACE baby….

In other Katy Perry News since I’ve got you here:

Here she is in a dress that she can’t get herself out of, to excite you Katy Perry fans enough to pull out your white boards and map all the ways you’d strip her out of her dress, including but not limited to TORCHING it off of her with your pressure hose semen.

Oh, and she attended an event in her underwear or a bathing suit because someone on her team got confused and told her it was a beach party, not a party of bitches like Ryan Seacrest and TAYLOR SWIFT , Avril Lavigne and Tate McRae

She’s about 400 years old…

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Megan Fox Titties Going Viral of the Day

The Megan Fox comeback has been pretty fucking boring. I don’t think I was ever a Megan Fox fan who bought into the Megan Fox being the hottest chick in the world hype from her original career, but she was far better looking that she is now.

She’s gone the route of instagram whore from 2014, with the shitty tattoos, the shitty plastic surgeries, the shitty tits…

I guess you could argue that it’s better than most 45 year old women who age gracefully, or who bow the fuck out, but at the same time, it’s fucking weird, unnatural, creepy, face injected with shit, turned into a muppet….

She recently listed all her surgeries for some interview since people are interested in Megan Fox again thanks to her trying so fucking hard to get noticed after being forgotten…

She didn’t mention her sex change, because there are rumors she’s trans, which would explain why she looks like this and why Machine Gun Kelly is so into her, you know since he’s a fag…but if she is actually born a woman and her kids with David from 90210 are actually hers, she didn’t mention her vaginaplasty either….but we know with a face like that, her pussy’s been reworked too.

Point of the story is she is an icon, whether she looks like a drag queen, a muppet or a weathered sex doll your pervert neighbor threw out in the dumpster behind your building because he fucked it til it broke, doesn’t matter.

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Dua Lipa Doing Ballerina Shit of the Day

Dua Lipa is one of the bigger pop stars on the international level, which would be more impressive if I didn’t know that her dad ran a digital marketing agency that worked with seriously huge brands over her lifetime, allowing him to be on the forefront of social media at the time, realizing that with the right strategic moves, he could produce a star out of his daughter, which he clearly did. It worked.

That’s not to say that Dua Lipa’s tits and abilities as a popstar in this fake robot music era didn’t help the process, just because a motherfucker knows how to game the internet doesn’t mean that he can have all those wins he deserves….there’s an element of chance, luck, timing that goes into it….but it’s still enough to ruin the vision.

I always assumed she was a rich kid, just because poor kids are busy being poor to become huge stars, but that doesn’t mean that I didn’t also appreciate that idea that she was a refugee. Rich people can be refugees too, the poor people stay in those countries getting killed off, while the rich get on the lifeboat out of there….

So the whole refugee from a communist country who managed to make it in a new country, now on an international level of stardom, was great fantasy….

Which is why seeing her in her communist ballerina outfit speaks to my soul….you know like a Russian Ballerina forced to train all day until her toenails fall off, all to impress the ruling class…or be killed off…

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Tight Pant Tuesday of the Day

Tight Pants keep the dream alive. I am not sure what dream it is, but now that girls in my area aren’t wearing their oversized clothes and their insulated pants, they’ve started walking around with their fat winter asses in leggings, fat winter asses that they are clearly trying to shrink down, because that’s why they are out there walking….

Which works out nicely for me, because fat winter asses are still fun to look at, especially when you can see the pussy through the tight pants they are wearing for comfort and to appear athletic in their quest to reduce that fat winter ass…

So any outfit that lets me see cunt in public is an outfit I’ll endorse….it’s just unfortunate no one wants me to endorse those things…because even when I cheerlead the girls who walk by me in those pants, sometimes even slowing down to let them in order to get that whole experience, my excitement gets treated like creepiness and that hurts my heart….I thought we were in this tight pants thing together, you being the tight pant wearer and me being the tight pant observer….jerks.

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Giana Ramos is the Instagram Of The Day

Giana Ramos is a Miami based OnlyFans model, which is a funny concept, since OnlyFans is a self produced thing, meaning being cast to be an OnlyFans model isn’t really as important as being cast for a job modeling products, where the models are put up against each other and one is selected as being the best one for the job, which kinda takes out all the third party validation that people like me appreciate.

It’s not that I think brands or talent agencies or casting agents have a real grasp on the best available talent, or that I need them to tell me what to like or what to be into, I just think having some sort of barrier of entry makes women a little more humble because there are losses along the way, so that the one who is getting celebrated has reason to be celebrated, rather than just a bunch of international losers signing up to their self produced smut.

So this girl takes scandalous pics of herself, monetizes it through more scandalous pics, while looking like every other Kardashian with all the fake everything, and it’s pretty fucking boring, especially since it’s all just a cash grab scam against suckers.

Image Credit – Instagram

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Sabrina Carpenter Strips Down for SKIMS of the Day

I am always suspicious of celebrities that the system collectively rallies behind, because it seems like it’s all part of a calculated plan run by a small group of people, who decide who they want to be the leaders or tastemakers of tomorrow.

It may be some sort of conspiracy theory, but this girl is opening for Taylor Swift, no marketing Kim Kardashian clothing, which are two of the biggest indicators of the conspiracy existing, since neither should be where they are but are where they are because someone had to have positioned them there.

Taylor Swift is average at everything, yet brain washed multiple generations to buy into her….Kim Kardashian is just that sex tape pig that unlike other sex tape pigs, became a billionaire….they don’t make any real sense…

So looking at Sabrina Carpenter’s life, you’ll see that the official story is she was home schooled (made in a cloning lab), released on Youtube at 10 years old (seems inappropriate for a 10 year old to be uploading to the internet, where were these parents who were homeschooling her, in a don’t mingle with the public school system, but let creeps watch your dance videos)…bullshit…

But when they strip down I don’t really care about the back story, the authenticity in this fake and contrived world, whether it’s part of the social collapse, or even if it profits Kim Kardashina…

I just care that they are stripped down, turning all that bullshit into the good kind of bullshit, because we can see famous blonde bitches in sexy, probably cheaply made underwear….

I am old as shit, so any young blonde in her underwear speaks to my soul….I’m easy to please…

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Old Lady Candice Swanepoel Still Does Bikini Modeling of the Day

Victoria’s Secret may have created Candice Swanepoel, but they also fired her after the WOKE MOB came after them, in what was probably just a public firing and not an actual firing, because she got her own bikini brand out of the whole thing and I doubt it’s not affiliated with the BIG UNDERWEAR GIANTS who now make EXTRA BIG UNDERWEAR to appease of the fat whining pigs out there who hate hot chicks.

Well, I don’t hate hot chicks and this Aryan South African hot chick is still hot, even with her tits removed, even after all her kids, even when old, and despite probably deserving to be cancelled for her WHITE SOUTH AFRICAN racism that’s ingrained in her DNA thanks to being a WHITE SOUTH AFRICAN farm owner family…..but she didn’t deserve to be cancelled for being a hot chick…unless you’re into racism, which would make sense since it’s self preservation and oftentimes hysterical….

So for that reason alone, you should jerk off to her bikini pics..

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Jojo’s Fat Ass in Leggings of the Day

Jojo is the big sloppy tits that were not always big and sloppy, but they were once marketed as jailbait because of the evil entertainment industry she is in does that to the girls who get sold to them by their eager fucking parents with a dream.

This one bowed out of her celebrity life for a while, but with social media, was able to weasel her way back into the minds of her fans and through it all we discovered that she grew a big set of sloppy tits….tits that Rihanna decided to sponsor and strip down, providing us with consistent titty content and we were all better for it.

I forgot about Jojo and her comeback tour, because these people are all fuicking boring, but her celebration of Christ this Easter involved painting her railing in a pair of leggings.

She’s got a big fat girl square ass that when she bends over the leggings become sheer, it happens a lot in the world of fat ass girls not accepting their legging size….

It’s not quite the kind of easter egg hunt you’d want to go on, it inspires a different kind of reaching in to find the chocolate….you sick heathen fucks…

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Karreuche Tran’s Feet Fetish Content of the Day

I guess I missed this story because I don’t give a fuck about Karreuche Tran. I don’t even really know who she is, besides possibly having had sex with Chris Brown after he beat up Rihanna, which seems to have been a whole staged stunt that elevated Rihanna to great heights as a pop star and that basically allowed Chris Brown to go on living because he probably got a kickback on Rihanna’s earnings after that whole thing.

She’s a 35 year old fame whore who doesn’t fear men who beat women up in the most public way, because it’s probably good for her career or was at the time….

Well, she’s recently launched a foot fetish OF account because she wants in on the OF money, but realizes that she can’t go full whore with it because she’s a serious person in the industry, but she can appeal to the FEET dudes out there, who in a lot of ways paved the way for ONLYFANS to exist, because they’d beg normies for feet pics, offering them money for feet pics, normalizing feet pic selling, because to a normie who doesn’t have a foot fetish, sending feet pics isn’t sending pussy pics, even though the dudes buying the feet pics, are being weirder with the feet pics than a normal dude would be with a pussy pic.

So when Karreuche was called out for being a whore selling whore content, she positioned it as a smart play due to foot fetish content being a big money maker, not because she’s broke but because she likes money and NOTHING sexual will be on her page, even though it’s a FOOT FETISH page for FOOT FETISH people which means it is SEXUAL….

She also defends her OF hustle because she’s hired a team to manage it for her and they’ll all be making full-time wages with it, and she’s even going to give some of the earnings to local charities, which may include diabetes organizations to help save feet from being amputated….

What it comes down to is they are all a bunch of whores…

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Full Back Panties Friday of the Day

It may be Monday, but that doesn’t mean that we can’t relive or celebrate the past, by revisiting a Full Back Panty post.

In the event you visit this site, you’ll be happy to know that I’ve decided to bring back those insane average people getting named galleries that take hours to put together for thankless fucks like you who don’t subscribe to my substack. I don’t have a substack, but all these fucks are out here getting rich as I eat dirt and I can only blame you.

So in revisiting the galleries, here are some full back panties, which are making a comeback after they went through a genocidal event in the late 90s, where people collectively torched their full back panties because they were seen as out of date, for old ladies and not something a hot chick in her prime should wear.

The full back panty, killed by the female hive mind forgetting that men everywhere used to LOVE staring at Panty Lines through pants because we got to SEE panty lines…and if we didn’t see panty lines we wouldn’t know if she was wearing panties and the mysteriousness of it all was THRILLING….only to be taken away from us and sent to thongs.

Anyway, everything makes a comeback, even DrunkenStepfather.com so here’s some pantyline generating panties for your excitement on EASTER MONDAY!

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