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90210 Nipple Slip of the Day

With credits like “Car Jacking Girl”, “Hot Girl”, “Tard’s Date” you know you’re dealing with a huge star in the making. She’s also the new girl on 90210, who plays the outrageously rich Paris Hilton type of the show that I hope burns up in flames as fast as the sexual appeal of the middle-aged women and fat chicks who will be watching this shit in hopes of seeing a Brandon Walsh or Luke Perry cameo to get their vagina’s jump started and ready for their husbands . I think the whole 90210 revival is a fuckin’ joke, but it’s good to see that they are casting people who look way too old for high school like they did the last time around, it just wouldn’t be the same seeing girls who actually look 18 playing an 18 year old, we like our high school girls lookin’ 30 because makes jerking off to teenagers less shameful.

Either way, these pics are from yesterday, I am slow, I blame my shitty site and computer as much as my laziness and alcoholism.

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Elsa Zylberstein Has a Useless Nipple Slip of the Day

Her name is Elsa Zylberstein and she’s someone you probably haven’t heard of because she’s from France and not from America. As you’d expect with a name like Zylberstein, has a Jewish father, but since dude realized that Jewish Woman aren’t the prettiest things out there, married a Catholic girl and had her. She considered herself a Jew because I assume it was good for business when you want to work in entertainment, since Jews like the help other Jews, but the Jewish religion never acepted her as a Jew because her mom was a Gentile. Now she has moved onto Buddhism, and this is a whole lot of information you don’t give a fuck about, but what you should give a fuck about is the fact that she’s having a pretty amazing nipple slip, because seeing nipples fall out of dresses is what going to bars and hanging out by the dancefloor in hopes a bitch in a tube top who decided to not wear a bra that day is all about when you’re a creep like me.

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Whitney Port from The Hills Stars in Some Nipple Slip of the Day

These pics have been floating around the last couple of days but I decided to post the shit regardless because that’s how irresponsible I am when it comes to bringing you the latest and greatest of the world of famous and no so famous sluts. I am also irresponsible in every other aspect of my life so don’t think you’re special.

What is special is the concept of not wearing a bra, because let’s face it, not every chick needs one and it is a little presumptuous of some girls who wear bras when they don’t need them, that’s like me buying extra large condoms, provided I wore condoms, but prefer the fear induced by not knowing whether I am dying of a horrible virus, it’s just hard to find street whores willing to do that, you always have to offer an extra 20 and sometimes that just doesn’t make fiscal sense and you have to go for the bareback blowjob instead which is a lot less exciting because the changes of contracting shit is substantially less, even with their open crackwhore sores in their mouth. I like to think I live on the wild side.

Speaking of wild, this girl I’ve never heard of is important enough to have pictures taken of her by the paparazzi and you aren’t, I am not sure what that says about you, but it says something about fame in America and how useless you can be to get it.

Enough writing, look at her nipple while she eats, it kinda grosses me out, but that’s just because the only time I’ve seen my wife naked is when she’s naked, she thinks it makes her favorite thing a more spiritual experience, I guess like someone who likes skinny dipping instead of swimming, or like a naked baby being baptized. She just wants nothing to stand between her and her food, it pollutes the experience between her and her god. Enjoy.

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Bai Ling’s Manhandled Nipple Slip of the Day

It turns out that I am not much of a people person. I was walking by a hair salon earlier today and saw some 18 year old crying in the entrance. I asked her what the problem was and she told me that she was being ripped off by the owner of the hair salon, who told her the dye job would cost 100 dollars and the last time she got it done it cost 80 but was willing to pay the difference.

When she went to pay he dropped a 200 dollar bill on her and she couldn’t pay it because she only had the 100 dollars and he wasn’t letting her leave. I decided to try my hand at negotiation by pretending I was her dad and that I wasn’t going to stand for them ripping her off. I figured if I played the hero she would invite me to her teenage sex parties so that I could see what Oprah was talking about.

Either way, I tell the dude she’s only got 100 dollars on her, she was told it was 100 dollars and now they are demanding more out of her and she’s just not going to pay because it’s unethical. I told the dude that he was a con artist and even 100 dollars for a hair dye job was fuckin’ crazy and I should have expected it from a Moroccan snake oil salesman. Dude got fuckin’ mad, raised his voice, banned me from his hair salon and said if he was a conartist why would have such a strong clientele. To which I responded that he caters to his mother’s Moroccan synagogue group who support him to save face and have too much disposable income because their husbands give it to them to keep themselves occupied since they have nothing better to do and think it makes their ugly Moroccan faces look better all while they are out fuckin’ younger non-Morrocan bitches because everyone knows Moroccans are the scum of the earth.

He was still not willing to change the price on the poor girl and called the police or fake called the police like a little bitch who puts more importance on money than on being a good person. I always heard that Moroccan’s were the sleaziest money grubbing motherfuckers out there but thought that a Moroccan Jew who sucks penis would be different. I was wrong. Either way, the girls friend came and paid the difference for her, we all went our separate ways, and I wasn’t the hero.

I figured these pictures of Bai Ling were appropriate since they are of a big brown man – man-handling her even as her tit falls out of her bikini like he just doesn’t give a fuck about her, because he doesn’t, he just cares about the money.

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Colin Farrel’s Sex Tape Partner Nicole Narain Has a Nipple Slip of the Day

Her name is Nicole Narain and she’s some chick from Playboy who was the co-star in the Colin Farrel sex tape. I remember posting that video a long fuckin’ time ago and Colin Farrel ran after all of us for posting it with lawyers and shit because he’s a huge fuckin’ baby. The reality is that he made gay dudes everywhere happy because they got to see his dick and that was a lot more interesting to them than just always wondering what kinda heat he was packing and put an end to debates in gay clubs everywhere as to whether he was stacked or not. If anything, he did the gay community a favor and gave them something better to worry about like how they should use condoms when they have sex with strangers because it can prevent HIV. Before the sex tape hit, I am pretty sure Colin Farrel’s penis or the mystery of his penis caused so much confusion after getting hot and bothered watching one of his movies on a gay date with the guy they met in a bar that people died because of it.

Either way, I am on a black girl kick right now and think she’s hot enough, I guess Playboy and Farrel already confirmed that for me, in reality the fact she has a vagina confirmed that for me, so here she is showing her nipple.

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Juliette Lewis Has a Nipple Slip of the Day

Seeing Juliette Lewis having a nipple slip reminds me of a time this time crack whore who always refused to have sex with me had a drug overdose in her living room. I took the opportunity to pull her tit out to check out what she was packing because she never would do it intentionally. I am not all bad, I called 911 before I took advantage of her. What kind of guy do you think I am?

Here is that nipple slip pictures:

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I am – Some Britney Spears Upskirt Action of the Day


I guess Britney’s so desensitized to the paparazzi that she don’t mind flashing them her panties or nipples, because they have pretty much raped her life the last few years and she’s in a position of no privacy. I guess it could also be because she’s medicated, attention craving, or just a trashy bitch that doesn’t know how to keep her vagina in her dirty pants, but I like to think it’s the same reason why you’ve made the move to tranny porn. Sure you were always into chicks but you watched so much normal porn that shit just doesn’t do it for you and seeing a tranny getting her titties sucked just gets you going. I could be wrong, it does happen you know, probably a lot more than me being right, but I’ll never admit that to anyone cuz that would show weakness.

Here are those Britney Upskirt and Nipple pics:

Bonus –
Watch Jamie Lynn Spears Bitching Out the Paparazzi

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I am – Charlie Uchea Nip Slip of the Day


I am not posting this shit because I know who this slut is, I am posting it because she’s rocking a double tit slip in the same fucking night with the same shit, like a little left tit and a little right tit but not at the same time making me feel like she’s keeping

The reality is that Big Brother cast whores, because whores getting ratings, and without a bitch who is willing to fuck, get naked or whatever else they do on the show, they don’t have much of a fucking show. No one wants to watch a show about a bunch of people who get along, help each other out, spend their days reading, they want smut….and I do too…

I am wondering if It’s one of those chicken or egg situations, like was this bitch a whore before the show, or did the show strip her of all her dignity making her not give a fuck about being naked in public because she’s already been seen naked by the world and by world I mean the UK because that’s where this shit is from. If that’s the case, then we can only hope to seeing her sucking dick in public, masturbating in public, taking a dirty shit in public in the months to come…..she’s just getting warmed up with this tit slip shit.

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I am – Bai Ling's Nipple Slip of the Day


Bai Ling is one of those people I don’t really understand…she’s been around longer than this site has and I still have no fucking idea what she does. She gets invited to events, has nipple slips and she was in Playboy and here she is having another nipple slip at the ESPY awards, which are for sports and I hate sports but I like nipples so I will post them.

I was talking to a cab driver I met while smoking a cigar at the taxi stand the other day and it was hot out. Every girl who walked by us was half naked and this Iranian dude was freaking the fuck out. He said that every year girls where less and less clothes. He said that it’s dangerous. Automatically assuming that he meant that he wanted to rape girls, I felt a little uncomfortable but he made it clear that he thought it was dangerous because it will cause accidents on the road and not in the back alley. I asked him how often he looks in his rearview mirror to look up girl’s skirts and he blew off the question because I guess he is a professional but I could tell by the glimmer in his eye and the way he smiled hat he did and that he has seen more pantyless pussies in the last year than he has in his career.

Either way, here’s Bai Ling’s Nipple. She’s like the Asian Paris Hilton and her nipples are bigger than your dick…and I know if you had you’re way you’d love for her to fuck you in the ass with it and although that may not make you gay, you’re still a fucking Homo to me, now touch your toes sweetheart.

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