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Rihanna Needs to Change her Fucking Outfit of the Day

I hope they hose down this shit cuz this is the third week I’ve seen this peach colored leotard rubbing up against Rihanna pussy harder than Jay-Z did before getting tricked into giving her a record deal for fear that she’d go to the media about how he slammed a 16 year old, or maybe that she’d go to Beyonce and try to ruin the beautiful black royal family they’ve become. I just know that for every 10 daring dudes who would pay to sniff this rubber pussy cover and smear it on their face after her show, there’s 1 would would probably throw up to the miserable garbage man daughter with by hygeiene stench, I’m pretty sure where I fall into those statistics and my weak lack of will power humiliates me, because rationally I’m totally disgusted by this pig, but instinctively I want to taste her…and I guess that’s what makes men fucked up.

Pics via Fame

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Katy Perry Does the Lady Gaga During the Day of the Day

Katy Perry should always put more effort on her tits than on her ass because her tits are decent to look at and her ass is average at best which is more than we can say for her face…but still not quite good enough to not wear pants….

So here she is doing the Lady Gaga, rockin’ the leotard in public, only she’s decided to add some lace leggings like an Asian Rub and Tug employee, that I may not understand, but trashy hookers everywhere do. In her defense, I know trying to keep up with Lady Gaga is a challenge that haunts her. It is always hard on your self esteem when people who start up something after you become far more famous than you, especially when there was a month period you were equally relevant before bitch blew you out of the water….but copying her moves isn’t the fuckin answer and celebrating the fact that you even got famous in the first place should be enough reason to give up…please give up…

I remember a time a few years ago when leotards drove me bananas and now I’m bored of the shit, ugly popstars ruined the shit, but I’m sure some of you aren’t so here are the pics….If you look close enough you can see the pussy shaped like an empty ballsack that homo Russell Brand does Puppetry of the Penis with….

Pics via Fame

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Lohan Behind the Scenes of her Muse Photoshoot of the Day

I have not seen a celebrity milk a photoshoot as much as Lohan has with this Muse hipster art fag bullshit. This shit seems to come up every week, whether it’s the published pics, the outtakes or the video, it just never seems to go away. Maybe it is because it is the only thing she has done with her career in the last few years, I mean other than making a shitty lesbian DJ famous and fake saving babies in Africa, both things totally uninteresting when all we want to see is her tits in a sheer outfit, crawling around and whoring out and here are some pictures from the behind the scenes….unless this is from an unrelated waste of time event where lohan wore a sheer leotard….

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Rihanna and Her Leotard of the Day

Rihanna’s shirt is touching her pussy, asshole and tits all at the same fucking time and it is really not that exciting because I hate this bitch and think it’s time for her to be retired back in Barbados to spend the rest of her life giving tours of the Rum Distillery or changing bed sheets some shit where she belongs. I just hope her label is exploiting her like the illegal immigrant she is and that they are making a fuck of a lot more money that her because it would not be fair for someone not from America to make stupid money thanks to America and their love for garbage shit that the media shoves down their drone throats.

Pics via INF

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Lady Gaga’s Sloppy Pussy in her Nude Leotard of the Day

Either Lady Gaga has a meaty external pussy like many women in need of vagina reconstruction surgery, who don’t get it cuz they are under the impression that the burger in their fuckin’ pants is normal, because no dude’s every complained about the shit, because he wanted to get laid, and a meaty pussy still feels good, it’s just kinda scary to look at, especially when pulsating under a leotard.

Or she is as I predicted a gender confused girl who isn’t sure if she’s a gay male or an overcompensating fag hag, cuz she hasn’t got enough dick to fuck a dude up the ass or even to get her dick sucked, but she does have a great stage show the gay community can respect because she addresses all their superficial, stereotypical needs, like fame, money and sex, and thanks the Gays and award shows because she isn’t just trying to market to them, she is them.

The whole thing is bullshit and I hate her, but my feelings have nothing to do with how much of a cunt she is, she does a good enough job of showing the world that daily and anyone who falls into her bullshit trap is a fuckin’ idiot.

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Kim Kardashian and Her Leotard of the Day

Here are Kelly Osbourne and Kim Kardashian giving each other a hug the other day at some roller skating bullshit event because I guess they haven’t seen each other at the “all you can eat” buffet’s dessert spread since Kardashian decided to try to fool the world in making a workout DVD.

You see, to put things into perspective, I think I called Kelly Osbourne a Sea Pig a couple of weeks ago, so when you pit them up against each other, only to discover that Kelly Osbourne looks like Kim Kardashian can eat her and when Kelly Osborne invites you out somewhere to make her look skinny, you know your workout DVD is nothing more than a fucking joke.

That said, I still have a leotard fetish because I like clothing that touches tits and pussy at the same time like it ain’t a thing. I won’t let Kardashian change that, because even with all her lies, with all the flaws, with all the masculine features, she’s still a better catch than pretty much every girl I’ve slept with. So I can’t pretend to have standards…..

Keep it black Kim, this roller skating shit is like that Bow Wow movie.

Holly Madison and Her Shorts Were at the Same Event….and no one cared….because she was overshadowed by Kardashian….literally…I hate literally jokes…

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Lady Gaga Forgot Her Pants Cuz She’s a Lil’ Baby….of the Day

Lady Gaga was out without pants again. I guess it’s her new fashion statement or some shit because of all the hype she got from her stunt on Leno. Maybe she’s been doing this all along and I just didn’t notice because I don’t usually keep on top of Lady Gaga clothing choices since I find her ugly, or only started to bother recently because I have no fucking standards and her ass is pretty fat making it worth making fun of, or jerking off to, depending on your taste.

I met a girl with a crazy body at the bus station the other day. We didn’t actually meet, but her ass was ridiculous in a pair of spandex pants and white gogo boots. It was pretty clear that whatever it was that she did in life, it involved stripping and that she was probably in town to make some more money than she used to in her small town where she’s from. You know, a stripper with a hustle in her step and a crazy fucking body in her spandex. The problem was that like Lady Gaga her face looked like it was mutilated by an angry exboyfriend with a shovel, and despite that not mattering all too much in my enjoyment, I knew it would make all the difference in her attempt to climb the porn industry bed post. I knew that she was going to be the bottom feeder, underpaid and doing the dirtiest fucking scenes possible and I almost felt bad for her, until reminding myself that I should never feel bad for sluts, and should get in line to take advantage of them.

Either way, here’s Lady Gaga with no pants.

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Kristin Cavallari’s Cameltoe for her 22nd 80s Party of the Day

I have said it before and I will say it again. I love the idea of leotards. It is the one piece of clothing that grabs pussy, tits and ass at the same fucking time and that’s just something I don’t have the skill to do because I only have 2 hands. Sure, I could always throw in my feet, but I’m just not that flexible and sure, one-piece bathing suits and a few other clothes do the same fucking thing, but they just make me think of my fat wife at the waterpark or laying in the park like a pile of fucking shit that she is and this cotton shit reminds me of dance class, or the month I spent in an aerobics class back in the late 80s when I was running low on jerk off material and tired of fucking girls in bars.

I find the whole 80s party pretty fucking played out, I mean she could have come up with a better theme, like maybe famous for being the idiot who turned down a high paying job on the hugely successful spinoff of the show that made her relevant, but then everyone would just dress like her and there’s no fun in that.

Either way, here is her leotard huggin her cunt because it doesn’t judge her for the mistakes she’s made in her career like everyone else who hugs her.

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Rihanna On Set For Her “Rehab” Video of the Day

Rihanna breaks down boundaries in her new video, that she’s wearing a leotard and showing off her big black ass in and that’s bringing some interracial sexual tension to the table like we were in the south and she was a plantation owner’s daughter trying to rebel. I really have nothing against IRCs (interracial couples), I think it’s all in good fun, and I am actually in an interracial relationship right now, unfortunately, so I never understood why the Jews always got so worked up about their sons marrying outside their faith, I guess it’s gotta do with them thinking they are the chosen ones or some shit, but seriously we should fuck whoever the fuck we want to fuck or whoever the fuck is willing to fuck us, and sometimes we don’t really have the choice of what color skin they have, or what god they prey to, or whether they even have female gentials. Desperate times call for desperate measures and is the reason why I always keep a wig in close proximity, in the even I need to make that 5 dollar blowjob feel less gay….

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Heidi Montag and Her Tranny Work Out Music Video of the Day

I was planning on banning MTV from the site, but forgot about that ban when uploading these pictures of Heidi Montag in some workout gear leotards from American Apparel for her new video that reminds me of some kind of themed Frat Party where all the brothers of the fraternity get dressed up like they were Olivia Newton John in some kind of lame attempt to get laid that ends up working because girls are idiots.

By the looks of these pictures, this sluts biggest lie isn’t her entire life or the fact that she’s into Jesus and a virgin, or that she’s actually famous, it’s that she’s actually got a fuckin’ dick and her birth name is really Charlie.

I was the biggest fan of the American Apparel leotard and it’s ability to touch pussy, ass and tits at the same time, but over the course of time, shit’s become too fuckin’ popular and played out and when bitches like Heidi Montag start rockin’ the shit, you know that it’s pretty much over. RIP Motherfucker.

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I am – Beyonce in a Leotard of the Day


I have said it before and I will say it again because I think that this message needs to get across to the public more than it already has and that is that I love leotards. They are one of the few pieces of clothing that touch the tits, ass and pussy at the same time and that’s more skills than you have. I know that isn’t saying much but it’s saying something.

I remember when I first got with a girl in the 90s who was wearing a bodysuit and since I never really spent all that much time with ballerinas and gymnasts, I didn’t know what the fuck to do when trying to get into her panties. I was like reaching down her pants and couldn’t find an entry point. Eventually I figured out that shit had snaps in the crotch and I worked my way in, too bad she was asleep, I am sure she would have loved it as much as I did.

That doesn’t change the fact that Beyonce is thick as fuck and should be running on the treadmill a little more than emotionally eating every time her boyfriend goes on tour with the younger/hotter model, but I still think she’s worth wallet fucking because this bitch is rich, even if her time to shine has left us and her future takes more of the shape of a fat Gospel singer. At least she’ll always have God on her side.

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I am – Pink is a Man in a Leotard of the Day


There was a time when I was really into leotards. I am not talking about when my stepdaughters were five and taking dance classes because that’s not the kind of guy I am, I am talking about when they started to hit the scene in the last couple of years. I remember in the 90s girls would wear these things called body suits that had snaps in the crotch and would pretty much be these tight fucking shirts that made a nice change in scenery from bitches in over-sized t-shirts. I was always fascinated by an article of clothing that touched the ass, pussy and tits all at the same time and I guess I carried that over into my life today. I remember convincing my stepdaughters to wear leotards and walk around the house in them because despite not being able to get hard, my love for clothing that touched tits, ass and pussy at the same time never changed…and as American Apparel started pumping more and more of them out and girls from all walks of life started wearing them daily, I became a happy man….

That was until today, when these pictures of Pink wearing a leotard pretty much disgusted me. Her broad manly shoulders and the penis bulge that I can only imagine she’s hiding behind that skirt thing of hers is about as sexy as prison rape and that is why I am posting them for you, because I know you have a fantasy for prison rape. Don’t worry, it doesn’t make you a fag if no one knows you get off to men shoving their dicks in you violently….well, maybe it does…but just a little.

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Madonna at the Grammys: Leotard

I watched the Grammys, I had no choice. I have 2 channels and I live with 3 girls. I guess it wasn’t so bad because I had a bottle of Vodka by my side. I don’t really remember much about the actual awards, my wife’s fat breathing muffled the sound of the TV. I do remember watching Madonna open up the show in a body suit/leotard thing. Now I don’t know why, but for the last 7 months, this kind of outfit is the biggest turn on for me. They sell them at american apparel and hipster bitches everywhere rock them, and they are the new booty short for me. They remind me of my 20s when bodysuits were the biggest shirt product of 1993, They remind me of my flashdance and aerobic fetish. I think it’s because I get to watch the vagina in all it’s glory, like watching a girl in her underwear, only the underwear’s got suspenders ensuring snugness, and people say I am a pervert. Either way, I am glad hipsters and little Jewish girls wear these now, cuz motherfucker, this is one thing that may bring me out of my bout with impotence, if that is possible, I am not a doctor. Madonna didn’t get me hard, and all I could thing about was that babies have filtered through that cooter, which surprisingly remained pretty well contained. Here’s to bitches in leotards…that dance…for me… when I am drunk.

Watch Madonna’s Performance Here

American Apparel Leotard (turns me on)

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