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Nadine Velazquez Instagram Erotica of the Day

nv (2)

Nadine Velazquez is pushing 40, she knows she’s expiring, and has a few hours left of sex appeal… something that we can assume she used to get an acting career in the first place…it’s a rough world out there for a slut trying to stand out amongst the other sluts…by being the biggest slut she can be…so that she outshines all the other sluts…so that sluts everywhere can envy her slut….because it made its way into movies…the SLUT dream…

Maybe it’s because she’s hispanic an Hollywood needs hispanic…maybe it’s because she’s just good at being a slut…and maybe – just maybe nude, attention seeking images isn’t even slutty at all..it’s art..high concept…not shameless…because she doesn’t give a fuck, is not shy…at 40…it’s almost over…right…

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Bella and Gigi Hadid in Some Sisters for Fashion Erotica of the Day


No, this isn’t a creepy family photoshoot – put together by the Hadid mom – or the Hadid sugar daddy dad – who loves models and wanted to pay “model shoot” for his girls to really understand his fetish.

You know, telling them as they grow up that all that matters is looking good enough to pose on camera – because it feels good on his testicles that ejaculated them out 20 years ago – and his wallet that has since paid lots of money to ensure a good life…

It’s not the mom having a play day, because she was a model and she wanted the kids to understand her struggles – that landed her a rich arab man….who probably shit on her chest…shit that may have seeped into her uterus creating these monsters…

YOu know, cuz housewives, especially rich and vapid ones….need things to do beyond shopping, redecorating and fucking the help…or tennis coach..

This is an actual campaign, for an actual brand, because both girls are considered actual models, they are tall, they are rich, they have followers…good marketing..

But I’d be more impressed if a fashion brand like Fendi hired interesting people, using Bella and Gigi Hadid is just basic, lazy, boring, played out garbage….

There are so many interesting personalities you can endorse, support, empower…hire…change the life of…you know women who are working, or trying to make it, who have great stories….

But they choose buying into this superficial, spoiled brat, crap…for followers….

I find it disgusting…and not very innovative, artistic, clever….

But here are the pics…

Here’s some Gigi Hadid Boxing for Reebok…because people love throwing money at this cunt…

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Taylor Hill Suggestive Photoshoot for Sunday Times of the Day


Taylor Hill is the most basic, boring recent Victoria’s Secret recruit…I mean she’s hot, she looks good, she takes a good pic, she’s fine…but she’s overhyped, would be a good bartender or cocktail waitress, the kind of girl you creepily obsess over and go sit next to her entire shift every shift…but instead, some dude decided “That’s Our Girl”….I’m thinking she must have family in the scene, why her…why is she the Margot Robbie of promo modeling for billion dollar brands…why does she get the gig while so many girls don’t get the gig….what makes her the one…cuz I don’t fucking know..

Maybe she’s Lauren Hill’s daughter, or maybe the family King of the Hill is based on, or maybe her family invented HILLS…there are HILLS everywhere…right? There’s gotta be something going on here…I don’t know what that something is though…

She’s topless-ish for some Sunday Times fashion insert….slutttty promo model..

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Serena Williams Dancing of the Day

I don’t know what’s more erotic….Serene Williams doing a dance routine….the reminds me of that John Voight’s dancing, not not the night he molested Angelina Jolie before he knew she was her daughter after she seduced him, because she’s dark….from the music video where he’s dancing like this…but I am going with John Voight because it has less testosterone…

I also don’t know why Serena Williams is now seen as a dancer. She twerked in a Beyonce video, she’s twerked for some Shape or Self Magazine, which was disturbing, despite her awesomely huge ass….

I do know that she’s marrying the founder of Reddit, no not the dead one, and that this site has been banned off reddit since reddit was a link dump not a community, but if it wasn’t…it’d be nice to have it front page…I need the relevance…do it to celebrate big, fit, athletic women..that anyone who fucks…we know has some really interesting…fetishes…and not interesting in a “let’s discuss why you like this”…interesting in “what happened to you in your youth, did you jerk off to pancake boxes and National Geographic”….because this is a uniquely shaped woman…sure, she’s accomplished, probably bright, fit…charismatic, rich and all the other good things that come with being a champion….but that body is some thickness that requires 10 inch dicks just to penetrate the pussy hole…

Fascinating….I’m actually staring at the screenshot…and loving it…so maybe this isn’t a farm animal fetish…but a fertility fetish…I’m seeing the appeal…but I am also a disturbed pervert so I should see the appeal.

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Iris Law – Jude Law’s Daughter – In a Campaign of the DAy


Iris Law is Jude Law’s 16 year old daughter – who is taking the route of all the other children of celebrities from the late 90s, early 2000s, but using their last name and their status as the celebrity daughter…coupled with their better than average looks…because they are from good looking people…because why the fuck now, get those followers, make that stupid money, keep the family legacy of laziness that gets money thrown at them going, because your parents worked too hard not working, but pretending to work, in a scene that is so lame….but so relevant….cashing in….to let it go to waste…..it’s the best scam ever

So here she is at 16…for Burberry…step one in building her 48,000 followers to the Hadid, Baldwin, Depp, Crawford-Gerber level…

Personally, I don’t like nepotism, royalty, legacy…I like new blood…there’s so many hot girls everywhere, who’s parents are as rich as Jude Law, but for legitimate business, and even girls who are hot, poor, but thirsty….who can afford to be bums who get in front of cameras. once in a while to pretend to work…so let’s give them a chance…not this “her dad and mom act, she must be worth looking at, because she is, but why let her know that”…

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Ashley Graham’s Fat Ass for Fashion of the DAy


The biggest movement Ashley Graham is part of is not this new girls don’t need to be skinny to make a lot of money modeling with their not as disgusting as it should features….because America is Fat…

It’s her bowel movement…because she is fat…

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Margot Robbie as Tonya Harding is the Least Erotic thing You’ll See Ever


I have not been a huge fan of Margot Robbie. I get that she was hot in Wolf of Wall Street, but there are a lot of hot girls in the world, and she wasn’t even that hot…at least not hot enough to generate this career she’s pulled off..

Not to mention, since Wolf of Wall Street, she’s been not very hot in anything she does, yet she’s getting this crazy high paying roles.

A fucking Australian – taking your damn jobs – playing the hot chick – when she’s not even that hot..

Who’s fucking dick did she suck to created that situation…

We’ve seen her in the paparazzi in her bikinis, we’ve seen her in photoshoots, we’ve probably seen her naked somewhere – or maybe that was just Wolf of Wall Street…and now she’s in a role more fitting for her married, overrated ass..

Tonya Harding…

Pictures from set…are about as hot as you’d expect them to be…more importantly – they are as hot as Margot Robbie is in everything but Wolf of Wall Street..

I don’t get it, but I do find these pics hilarious and sometimes laughter is a good thing…it outweighs hot…which is a good thing for these mom jeans…

VIA Click Here

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Daniela Lopez Osorio in Bathing Suits of the DAy


No idea who Daniela Lopez Osorio – but I’ll assume she’s some instagram whore on the rise- trying to make it in a world of so many instagram whores – not needing to be real models because modeling agencies will sign and promote anyone with some level of following – and luckily for all these girls – modeling requires no talent – just an ability to not feel like an asshole while posing like an asshole because you’re an asshole with an asshole I’d like to stick my tongue inside to try to eat whatever she had for dinner the previous night – not because I am into shit – but because I’m into hot girls trying to make it who look like this…

So Daniela Lopez Osorio is alright

This shoot is fucking cheese….cheese I’m into eating cuz of this ass..


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Bella THorne and Sister for Nike of the Day

Screen Shot 2017-01-16 at 1.53.49 PM

Bella Thorne is a little narcissist who loves posting slutty pics of herself for attention – because her parents taught her how important that is for her to do…

I remember when being a vain narcissist was something you were told you couldn’t openly show the world…that you’d be slaughtered and destroyed…and when people were self hating, destined for failure, self medicating, disasters who didn’t feel as hot as the models in the magazines…yet now…everyone seems to think they are hot enough for the magazines because all these ugly fat people are famous and magazines are now instagram…it’s super fucking weird….but now it’s celebrated and gets these people paid…

People that are so annoying to be around because they think they are important…when really they are just shit..

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Anastasia Ashley’s Surfer Ass in Iceland of the Day

Here’s a little video of Anastasia Ashley…a professional surfer with a professional ass that has taken over the internet..thanks to perverts liking fit booty….to masturbate to…because who gives a fuck about surfing in icy waters…or being fucking crazy on big waves…that’s not relatable to our fat asses sitting on our couches all day – thanks to our wive’s disability checks…

What is relatable…booty…in bikinis…that are more like thongs…for a dude like me who rememebers the early 90s…when bikinis were ill fitting one pieces and masturbating to bikinis only happened thanks to Sports Illustrated…as magazine this booty…in Iceland…has been in…

Here’s the longer version…

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Kristin Cavallari is Selfie-ing herself in a Bikini Because She’s a Self Indulgent Cunt of the Day

KC (1)

I get that when you’re a low level reality show starlet – who didn’t make the move to the actual reality show that made all those laguna beach rich kids really matter – despite all being totally irrelevant today – you see because this one quit The Hills after doing Laguna Beach thinking she had a shot at acting….LOL….

Probably already rich, spoiled and annoying…go to Laguna Beach and see for yourself…not to mention she was able to get herself a pro athlete to maintain that lifestyle…that you have to take show off to your social following who remember you from TV…so that you can monetize too…

So you gotta take that bikini selfie…mom in a bikini…vagina probably shattered…but we’ll never know thanks to smoke and mirrors….as she lives the life a bunch of lonely 35 year olds who remember her…envy…if only they could be as useless and self indulgent as this…if only they had a following they maintain…to get paid…for bullshit…thanks to the world being bullshit…

Well…it was her 30th birthday, her husband surprised her with mexico..where she had bikini opportunities to share…and it is all so dull..but happened…and her body looks good…but you can still hate her…I do…


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Adriana Lima’s Crotch Shot VS Deliverables of the Day

Screen Shot 2017-01-16 at 12.02.24 PM

There is no doubt that in her multi million dollar contract that she’s had for over a decade – because she’s old – with Victoria’s Secret….Adriana Lima, their den mother, the grandma of the catalog, who they’ve milked harder than any Brazilian prostitute has ever been milked, including but not limited to the trannies that they’ve used in American tranny porn…..because this tranny prostitute is a “model”…and as a model…for a brand that cultivated or abducted her from her home town…is all well paid, famous and luxurious and owes her life to said brand…so that she doesn’t have to prostitute herself…at least not to anyone else…because there is no way this isn’t a crotch shot in fitness gear wearing VS..to appease her handlers…

You see sex work and model work…is the same fucking thing…agents / clients…dirty biz…where all that matters is how hot and willing the pussy is…

So here’s a selfie crotch shot…pretty eager…

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Sasha Obama Tits in a Bikini of the Day


I wonder if the secret service come after you when you post pictures of the President (but just for a few days) daughter in a bikini top – for the paparazzi…who after googling…is 15 fucking years old…so stop looking at her you fucking creeps…

She is but a child, a child in a bikini, but that’s the trend now. All these young girls showing off their bodies harder than their media idols…the Jenners…

The only interesting thing about this, unless you like young girls in bikinis, and you probably do, because the hormones in the food…and the way they dress…and the fact they grew up on porn…makes them a lot more like 18 year olds from when I was 18….hell she’s probably had more sex than me…I mean probably not, her freedom hasn’t really been dropped from being a target the last 8 years of her life…thanks to her dad holding the most important position in American politics that Trump miraculously won from him…

I just wonder how powerful media she was probably forced to stare at growing up will be on her. She’s got two brilliant parents, all the opportunity in the world, probably colleges begging to get her to join their faculty when she graduates high school in 3 years…YOU FUCKING PERVERTS STOP LOOKING AT HER BIKINI TOP…

Or will she become a novelty, a Kardashian, and instagram whore who plays it up for the cameras…will the Obama sisters have a TV show…one already smokes weed on the internet at music festivals…it’s not like anyone wouldn’t let them hang…I mean Obamas are cool as fuck…

Is this the first of many “beach days”….and “fitness” videos…who fucking knows…it’s just the whole world is ratchet…you might as well take her in before Friday and the decent begins…or maybe this is the decent beginning…who knows.

She’s 15…leave her the fuck alone asshole..

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Sofia Richie is Out There Getting it Done of the Day

Sofia Richie spotted as she leaves her hotel

Sofia Richie is the trashy, slutty, mini Nicole Richie who actually has biological parents she takes her name from – which probably makes her more spoiled than her adopted sister – because every parent prefers their bio child – especially later in life, when not touring, and involved in their upbrining – but that doesn’t mean she doesn’t have daddy issues, or rich girl problems – because they all do….it just means that she gets to go to bed thinking “at least I’m not adopted like my annoying sister, who isn’t even my sister, she’s more my inheritance thief, I hate her”…

It seems like she’s doing what 18 year olds in the LA scene – and really any scene – but in the LA scene it is way more irritating because they are rich and rubbing shoulders with the famous people they’ve always been around…


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Marloes Horst is Softly Lit Lingerie Campaign Photos of the Day


I find lingerie photoshoots the fucking worst…not because I am anti-lingerie, girls in lingerie can be hot, it’s just that are so fucking cheesy, like a Glamour model shoot, or a shoot a fat wife gets done at the mall for her 25th wedding anniversary…all posed, and contrived, and non pornographic…all photoshopped to give some bullshit effect…or sell some bullshit story…I am not buying into….but yet these brands still produce this bullshit and I still post this bullshit…but mainly because I am glad it’s not the evil empire…it’s just featuring one of their models….because all this shit is cross pollinating incest nonsense…

Let’s use all the same asses…even though there is a world filled with asses out there…and they are all on instagram…

Marloes Horst is amazing. She probably only dates rich guys but she’s still the kind of girl I would sing love songs to….with my penis…to her vagina….not that it would be that eventful because my penis is a horrible singer, his voice raspy….he’s also bad at playing the piano and doing all everyday tasks…because he’s an inny not an outty…not that you care about my penis…or his failures and special oympic needs…but maybe you care about Marloes Horst getting paid to cocktease the fuck out you…in what I call a campaign to lure rich guys who like models..

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