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Taylor Hills Victoria’s Secret Promo Pics of the Day


Who the fuck is Taylor Hills….

No one knows…

She’s the new Victoria’s Secret model…you’ve never heard of. One of the girls…they pulled out of who the fuck knows where…who they probably hold a seriously aggressive contract over her head…where they own her and her first born…because without them…she’s just another instagram model…where they are all the fucking same, but don’t realize it…because their heads are so far up their own self involved asses that they don’t know all the pics they are posting are the fucking same…..

But now she’s got a big brand behind her and America fucking loves anyone who has a stamp of approval..it makes them feel like she matters more than she does…and all I’m thinking is she’s be better suited for throat fucking porn…but then again who isn’t…even though she doens’t have that much sex appeal…we call it Anne Hathaway sex appeal…it doesn’t exist…but I would still watch her get her throat fucked..

Here’s more “instagrammy” vibe because that’s the mainstream now..

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Sophie Simmons See Through Shirt of the Day

Sophie Simmons is a model…and she goes to events in see through shirts..for the paparazzi…because she’s got huge tits, and huge tits are meant to be seen…

Apparently, she’s also overweight, and has always been overweight, but seeing as she’s Gene Simmons the billionaire from KISS’ daughter, which has nothing to do with her ability to become a model…as people would totally hire her without her being from KISS…right….all these celebrity rich kids who were on TV because of their family…establish themselves on their own…without their connections…or their last name…

It’s all them…and in Sophie’s case…ALL OF HER….is A LOT of her…but I think there’s something lovely about her,


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Hilary Duff Fitness Tongue of the Day


If you’ve seen any pictures of Hilary Duff and her post pregnancy body…one sturdy enough to handle the whole hockey team railing her for her husband to jerk off to in the corner…you’d assume she’d spend her days doing squats…and I guess she wanted to give you a glimpse into how she gets those thighs…and the funny thing is that she’s still got her pervert fanbase that used to jerk off to her when she was under 18 and her parents had sold her to the entertainment industry…it’s like they’ve all watched her grow up and they’ve aged with her and still have that buring desire to eat her asshole while she chokes them out with those thighs…you know watermelon crushers….

The whole thing is creepy…but not as creepy as her egging it on…instead of just sitting on top of her money and chilling…she wants you jerk off…

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Izabel Goulart Works It Hard of the Day

A couple of weeks ago, Izabel Goulart did a staged paparazzi shoot because I guess she wanted to get into the media, all these people do, it’s all about following and media hit, that’s how these girls get paid…that’s how these girls get paid…especially when they are old as fuck…

I guess if it’s not doing slow motion half naked fitness videos with zero relevance and zero fitness tips..but an amazing, tight, fit, magical body being exploited by herself because it’s all she knows….

I mean this pouring a bottle of water on herself is just ridiculous, she’s mocking us…sure she’s in a bikini…but she’s mocking us!!!! This is not real…


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Pro Rape Activist at Amber Rose Slut Walk As She Acts Her Way Through a Speech of the Day

Thick, disgusting, gold digging stripper from philly who doesn’t need to strip now that she’s gold dug with rappers…she’s taken her fame whoring to getting knocked up by rappers…set with solid child support for the next 18 years….

Amber Rose….

The entity that exists, but that barely exists, who has a bit of a fan base, because people are just that aggressively into “celebrity”…that they’ll even follow and identify with their talentless fat ass..as if she matters…all because rappers fucked her…That’s fucked….

But not as fucked as her…literally and figurative, who cleverly tried to embrace the “slut” she’s shamed for being, by doing a campaign, or event , or walk that I guess the LA radio promoted aggressively….because LA is ridiculous….and is basically run by the idea of raging teen girls fans…and the want to fuck them and take their money…so anyone will suck onto anything….even aspiring actors responding to a casting call…in a free performance as “Amber Rose’s Audience”….

The premise of the event:

“Outrage Toward Issues of Sexual Violence, Gender Inequality, Derogatory labeling and Victim Blaming”.

The reality, people call me a whore and always have, people call porn chicks and strippers whore, because they always have, we should unite as sex workers, and just girls who fuck rappers, which I guess she’s saying is like sex work, and celebrate our sexual identity, because cyber bullying is wrong…slut shaming is wrong…

But EVERYONE is a fucking slut, especially this young generation, and the idea of it being empowering to get fucked aggressively by random dudes who don’t respect you, is not accurate and really just misogynistic ideals…”get banged out, it’s cool, we’re empowered, we’re girls! No man will marry you, but they’ll fuck you, they just won’t cum inside you, but they may spit on you, but don’t worry, abuse porn is totally normal kids, it’s what you need to cum, since you’ve all been masturbating to porn since you were 7, thanks Internet”….

So this generation of half retards who all want to be activists, but are also more interested in getting that selfie, and herpes, while showing their tits because it gets like, leading and running with to a bunch of flimsy politics, like “fat shaming, cyber bullying, trolling, slut shaming, etc”…..

Sometimes people are fucking sluts, sometimes heroin addicts are fucking addicts…it’s not that complicated…and I’ll tell you every slut I’ve known, and I love sluts, so I’ve known alot, I just try not to stick my dick in them…always end up sad at the end of the slut train…this goes for porn people, strippers and everyday girls who fuck a a lot…they are always sad when they are honest to themselves…

Also, why can’t people just be themselves, why can’t they fuck who they want, dress how they want, be teased but not listen to it, by men who apparently “LOVED” her but really just told her lies to get her to be a slut for them….why do they need to stage walks, and campaigns…accepting broken behavior…

I know why Amber Rose did it, she saw opportunity, as her pussy does, in her pussy to create a publicity stunt around herself,”let’s milk these idiot kids with the fact that I fuck and get pregnant by rappers, and make it a cause”…By doing a “walk”….

Here’s the stupidity…with her talking about loving porn and that porn sluts aren’t sluts…but rather girls doing what they love…even though I’ve met pornstars and they are all sluts…and will admit to being sluts and just pretend it is empowering…to live with themselves…

I hate that people need to justify their actions, instead of just dealing with people commenting on the content they put out on social media, if you put it out there, you can instil negative opinions, and the fact that you put it out there, means we can react to it, if she just kept shit to herself, and didn’t use social media for money and ego, no one would be “slut shaming her’…no one would rememberher…

I hate that nothing can just be, everything needs to be rationalized, explained, justified, defended…like fuck off, live your life..

Here she is breaking down about dating Kanye, about how she did it for love because that’s what her heart and his level of fame and fortune told her and Whiz her husband who came in her life…and who she is friends with because she signed a contract to get paid out to not talk shit on him…because whores can be bought…all for calling her a stripper in one of his songs because she’s a stripper…and about some dude named Darnell who got her 14 year old ass on her knees and shoved his dick in her face…This bitch seems like the kind of girl who just doesn’t shut the fuck up…

All this to say, I know these signs were handed out to the crowd…I know she’s still milking her past relationships….to get attention…it’s all she has, it’s all she’s worth, and her past relationships are the only reason she exists…

“I do this for you, I do all This For You”

Why do people buy into this shit. Shut the fuck up…slut…creating problems out of nothing…

Amber’s mom….is the best one…holding a sign in reference to Kanye saying he needed 30 showers after Amber to fuck Kim, who had 30 golden showers from every black guy she’s ever fucked before Kanye, but he can’t say Kim’s as big a whore as Amber, it’s bad for his home life…

Screen Shot 2015-10-05 at 11.04.34 AM

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Demi Lovato Keeps Getting More and More Naked of the Day

Screen Shot 2015-10-02 at 10.17.02 PM

Demi Lovato is getting naked for attention….slutty…

I love girls who hate being called slutty..especailly when they are sluts…because slut, like Faggot and fat are words that should never be mentioned…or said..

While Demi Lovato is living all three, who you know before being fake diagnosed bi-polar when she was “out of control” Disney star, was fucking all kinds of people during her manic episodes…how else would she be able to lockdown womanizing Wilmer Valderammma…

I think I just analyzed Demi Lovato’s sex life…I can die now, not because this has completed my quest on earth, but because it’s the fucking worst…Well, not quite as bad as this Latina pig half naked..which is the worst..but close…

She’s really milking this…”love your body”…thing…no retouching…no make-up….not cute…but “real”…because that’s where the market is..that is what people want to see. She’s milked mental health prior to this, why wouldn’t she find some new cause to justify her existence and make excuses…..

I think she probably thinks she’s doing a great things for girls…a great thing for society…making a real difference…and I assume the media will eat this angle up…but remember..she’s a money grubber..never trust a money grubber…especially when she says she’s worked on her spirituality…she’s full of shit and just finding a markeitng hook…serioulsy..I’m onto puppet…

If you look close enough, you can see her asshole…no not Wilmer Valderammmmma..but yes…her smug face lying to you…but really believing her bullshit..

Here are all the pics for VANITY FAIR CLICK HERE

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Bella Thorne Big Teen Tits are Autumnal of the Day


So Bella Thorne turns 18 in the next couple of days…so she’s given the general public, her fans, the gang of perverts who love busty redheads especially when they are underage…a solid Autumn inspired turtleneck, that may remind you of the 80s, when you were in high school, and the best tit days were turtle neck tit days, because if you’re a fan of Bella Thorne and a male, I am going to assume you were in high school in the 80s, she’s just that kind of character…

Either way, she’s dressed autumnal for you to try to auto felate yourself before realizing your belly is too big and sitting all day makes you lack the flexibility you need to reach your micro penis…or you could just auto-asphyxiate yourself while staring at this…because you’re sexual predator ass doesn’t need to live…

6 Days left to maximize her underage appeal…and I assume she’ll milk it as much as her parents milked her to live the family fame dream they tried running through with their kids, because I guess they didn’t like work…and this one stuck…so October 8, may be their most dreaded day…because they won’t be collecting her paycheck anymore, unless they’ve manipulated her properly, and I’m sure they have….all stage parents do…

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Kendall Jenner Cameltoe of the Day

Kendall Jenner’s pants are jacked up into her pussy…which is pretty impressive…because as a Kardashian, you’d expect anything black jacked up in her pussy to be a signed rapper…

But I guess she’s the one they are marketing to white people, through “fashion” modeling, even though she’s really just an instagram model getting work because she has a following, who I assume has fucked Bieber…and probably a lot of people, becuase young people are sluts addicted to sex and cumming thanks to being raised on porn….but that no one has really cared about enough to delve into her personal life…because seriously…who fucking cares…

I just care about cameltoes…they always turn me on, I mean except when they are on old ladies and moms with fat gunt’s because I just think of how broken down that old pick up truck / mini van / large vagina is…but on an 18 year old, even if she’s probably been fisted many times in her sexual “doesn’t have a daddy” encounters…you know the biggest vagina an 18 year old has ever had…it’s still more appealing to want to suffocate on…thanks to youth..

That’s it…oh, here she is modeling…as a hobby…even though she gets paid…and these are real companies she’s modeling for…and it is a real Fashion week…but the whole industry is a joke…this shit is a joke….fuck everybody…we’re all doomed…thanks to these jokes that have become real life…


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Candice Swanepoel Has a Personality of the Day


Candice Swanepoel is one of Victoria’s Secret key girls, who’s career has strictly been about being a Victoria’s Secret model, sure she’s done a few things, but the majority of her work and relevance has been the Victoria’s Secret generic catalog pose that she’s mastered…

Sure they are preparing to put her to pasture, they’ve paid her too much the last decade, they’ve done good for her, and I guess as a gesture, despite being the only reason she exists…like this brand OWNS this bitch…they’ve allowed her to show some personality, because I guess she’s paid her dues, and they realize that if they give her the chance to show some personality, maybe she’ll be able to get some TV work down the line…TV work they’ll probably get 20% or more off any money she makes, you know seeing as they created her….

So here’s Candice Swanepoel, fun, half naked, being cute…and take it in, she’s on the outs and is already being replaced by the younger pussy…because as anyone with a wife knows…younger pussy is better pussy…

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Emily Didonato Porter of the Day


Emily DiDonato, a model who has been tainted by Jack Gyllenhaal, enemy of the site, because he’s a faggot…in every sense of the term…and not in an PC, faggot is the confederate flag of words, but a faggot in that he’s a faggot..I think they call faggots FUCKBOYs now…either way, she’s probably fucked him up that ass…during one of his tantrums…because rich kids have tantrums…I’ve witnessed one of his tantrums…faggot…and I should have ripped out his throat when I had the chance….because it would have been the best way to handle him…making him unable to speak…and more importantly, unable to do his favorite activity…sucking dick…

I can’t hold her fame-whoring, trying to advance her career, dating an asshole, by fucking his asshole with her male friends…to keep his rich ass happy…girls are dumb, they want the good life, they want the celebrity life, it’s just the way they are…especially when this is their life…”Modeling”….

But I can stare at her tit and I will…even if it’s not as nude as her tits usually are…I don’t need nipple to appreciate tit…but I’d expect more tit, being a bottom feeding model that she is..but I guess she’s old and Hollywood now…

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Selena Gomez Creepy Announcement of the Day

A video posted by Selena Gomez (@selenagomez) on

Selena Gomez released this video of how excited she is to announce her North American tour for her shitty new album that I assume she just released, when she found the time, since she’s been busy sucking Taylor Swift’s dick…because as Taylor Swift’s career will prove…she’s a master manipulator…and as Selena Gomez’s recent interview in some magazine where she was quoted saying she idolizes Taylor Swift…because I guess Taylor Swift made it without being a product of Disney…and is her new Walt…or Mickey to idolize and to follow….to get through this hard, entertainer life…because she’s a puppet and every puppet needs a puppet master…

Speaking of Puppet Master, this video would be so good if it was the opening scene of a horror movie..where’t the masked dude who creeps up on her to slit her throat when she spews her garbage self promotion shit all over us…like the little self promoting pig she is…or her belly would imply she is…

In more interesting videos – here’s Selena Gomez giving a fan who tried extorting her for concert tickets by stealing her sunglasses – returning her sunglasses – at the 3:08 mark.

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George Clooney’s Possible Boner of the Day

I know what you’re thinking, this site doesn’t have enough talk or images or videos of George Clooney’s boner….but his male friends from his “sex parties” are all too familiar with it…

Maybe, you’re not not thinking it at all, because why would a bi-sexual, recently married, overrated actor and producer from ER who only really exists because his Aunt was a Hollywood icon, something people tend to forget…when talking about him like he matters…

The reality is that as an actor, he’s forced to be on Testosterone, and becuase of his old as fuck Botox wife, he’s probably forced to take Viagra type drugs to fuck her, sometimes hours before “sex night’…and not because his Botox wife isn’t hot for an old lady..but becuase she’s a lady..and that’s not really his preference when it comes to things to fuck..at least that’s the rumor…

All this to say..I’ve spent too much time on Clooney’s boner, but I guess you’re the one reading it…and that makes you the weird one, not me..and guess what…it may not even be a boner…

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Ellie Goulding Big Tits of the Day

ellie (1)

In fascinating, Ellie Goulding news….who is Ellie Goulding…I don’t fucking know, but she’s worth 26 million dollars…but lives off 10 dollars a day…at least in her mind…

The reality is that she probably has a mansion, a business, a staff, an everything is just handled…

There is food in the fridge, her clothes are all given to her for free…and like all famous people…doesn’t need to spend money…

I would argue that no celebrity spends more than 10 dollars of cash a day…I would argue that everyone who is famous has leeches who like surrounding these famous people…and paying for everything for those famous people..

I am pretty sure Lohan has never even felt a dollar bill and not because her family rapes her…and not because she’s not working…but because she’s just never had it in her hand….I don’t know why I made this about Lohan….but I guess all I do is Lohan…

Here she is in a Magazine…with tits…who is Ellie Goulding again?

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Pam Anderson’s Laying in Bed and It’s Amazing of the Day


I guess this picture proves a very important thing you’ve probably never thought about, never considered, never debated, never questioned, never cared about…because she’s Pam Anderson…and she’s practically dead….

Because you can’t teach an old, dying of hepatitis Pam Anderson, divorced 100 times, original sex tape porn star…who isn’t a pornstar…but who looks like a pornstar…and who is pretty much a pornstar…but old and dried up…but still alive..and that in and of itself..is pretty amazing…but not really amazing at all..

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Miley Cyrus Hick Voice on Fallon of the Day

Screen Shot 2015-10-02 at 1.25.54 PM

Miley Cyrus is doing Saturday night live…

A video posted by Miley Cyrus (@mileycyrus) on

I guess in part of her promo, she’s doing the most irritating of TV shows…Jimmy Fallon that I find remarkable is still on TV in this internet era, but I guess America is stupid and likes half retard, school yard, interviews….instead of getting any real substance out of these idiots…but maybe I’m just angry at everything…and it’s not Jimmy Fallon, but rather me…

So Miley , was on the show…talking about her Vegan Pig….with her hick accent…despite being a Disney trained actress and serious phoney, that you’d know probably wouldn’t have a hick accent since she moved to LA at 10…but who has it because she’s either lazy, sheltered, or full of hick shit…

She also did an Emotional improv interview with Fallon…as part of his Bullshit school yard antics…

She also was talking about how bad she wanted to smoke Leo’s Vape Pen….while Jimmy sucked up to her..


This wasn’t paid for by Jimmy Fallon…

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